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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Twisting the Hellmouth is a fan fiction archive of over 15,000 Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel crossover stories. TtH hosts all genres of cross over fanfic as well as non-crossover stories from both BtVS and other fandoms by writers who archive their cross-over fan fiction here. See the site rules for details.

Fan Fiction Archive - Categories

Anime [557, 27 Aug] Anita Blake [650, 4 Aug] BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover [1733, 24 Aug]
Cartoons [353, 17 Aug] Charmed [270, 27 Aug] Comics [151, 14 Aug]
CSI [191, 7 Jul] DC Universe [570, 27 Aug] Dr. Who/Torchwood [599, 26 Aug]
Firefly [352, 19 Jul] Games [503, 10 Aug] Harry Potter [2909, 27 Aug]
Highlander [416, 23 Aug] Literature [1036, 23 Aug] Lord of the Rings [435, 22 Aug]
Marvel Universe [872, 23 Aug] Miscellaneous [269, 26 Aug] Movies [1439, 25 Aug]
Multiple Crossings [1847, 27 Aug] NCIS [310, 10 Aug] Smallville [260, 22 Aug]
Star Trek [242, 26 Aug] Star Wars [298, 27 Aug] Stargate [1647, 27 Aug]
Supernatural [1525, 17 Aug] Television [3121, 26 Aug] Twilight [160, 15 Jul]

Twisting the Hellmouth - Latest News

For those of you who are new to Twisting the Hellmouth every year a LiveJournal community that is affiliated with TtH, TwistedShorts, hosts a short story challenge. The challenge is to write 31 short stories (300 to 3,000 words in length) in 31 days. One story to be posted each day of the month.

Every year in the month of August most of the LiveJournal members cross post to TtH and that tends to overrun the Latest Page. The moderating team is contemplating implementing a rule in an attempt to curb that influx.

If a TtH member is participating in the Fic-A-Day challenge then all stories posted to TtH must be posted as a ficlet collection rather than as 31 standalone stories. The only exception to this rule would be if a writer is adding to an existing series.

If you would have an objection to this rule being implemented, or support it, now is the time to voice that opinion. Please see the comments link located below to join in the discussion.
Posted 24 Jul 14 • (Moderator)Ava • Comments
It’s almost that time of year again. The International Day of Femslash is July 19th and this year we have a site challenge to coincide with this joyous occasion.

Stories for this challenge should be posted on July 19th, 2014, your local time.

The “2014 International Day of Femslash Crossover First Meeting Challenge” can be located here.

If you have any questions, or just wish to chat about it all day, the forum discussion can be located here.
Posted 20 Jun 14 • (Moderator)Ava • Comments
Have you changed your primary email address since you signed up for an account? If so, please review your account settings and check we have the correct address - if in future, you forget your login name or password, you won't be able to regain access to your account unless the email address is still working.
Posted 13 May 13 • (Moderator)jrabbit
If you're on the hunt for our annual stunt,
Thursday this week, is the day that you seek.
Not a rhyme-lover? I suggest you take cover,
for thick and fast will verses fly past.
So arouse your muse and write rhyming reviews!
Posted 11 Mar 13 • (Moderator)jrabbit
As 2012 comes to a close and a new year approaches, I encourage our authors to look to the future... and where the characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: the Series might fit into that future.

Assuming you're one of the people who doesn't ignore the Buffy Season 8/9 comics and their Angel counterparts, the present day in the universe is roughly 2006. For those of us who don't accept the comics, that rolls back to 2004. Either way, you're looking at a significant gap in time between the end of canon and the present. But the point of this event isn't to bridge the gap. No, my brave authors, I am asking you to leap that gap… and return to the world of today.

Almost a decade after the fall of Sunnydale, where are the Scoobies? The core Scoobies and those around them are now in their early thirties or so; a few are a bit younger while others are a bit older. What has become of them in middle age? Are they still together? Are they still on the front lines of the good fight, or have they ceded that to a younger generation while falling back into an advisory capacity? Are they all even still alive? Furthermore… where are the Slayers they have called? Are they depowered as per the end of Season 8's comics, or is there a small army of superpowered girls roaming the world? If it's the former, how have they dealt with their sudden ascension to superhuman status and return to mediocrity? If it's the latter, how is the world dealing with them?

While the primary objective of this site is to encourage crossovers, it is not a requirement for this event. However - and this is important - these stories will not be exempt from Rule 8. If you have a brilliant idea but it's a non-crossover and you don't have the ratio room for it? I suggest writing a new crossover story or posting more of an existing crossover to make room. Because I bet it's a really cool idea and I want to read it… but I can't play favorites. Sorry, folks.

Oh, and one more thing. Nobody's saying you have to go it alone. Grab a few friends and split the story between you; one person can write the brave new world from Satsu's perspective, while another takes Dawn's and another takes Andrew's. I'll be available to help any newer users - or older users who've never touched them before - figure out our special private round robin feature.

There are endless possibilities here. Who's up for exploring them with me?
Posted 4 Dec 12 • (Moderator)JoeHundredaire • Comments
A few years back we had the rather popular To Boldly Go challenge, where we asked you to write in a fandom where no-one had written before.

This time around, we're going to narrow the field a little, and your challenge is to write a fic that crosses over with one of the IMDb Top 250 Movies of all time, but one with which we don't already have a crossover fic posted to the site.

Add your responses to the challenge
Posted 21 Sep 12 • (Moderator)jrabbit
Once again it's almost that time.

The annual August Fic-A-Day Challenge over at Twisted Shorts is about to start.

The Rules:

1. Write one fic per day during August. Stories must be complete and stand alone, but series are more than welcome, and they should be BtVS/Angel Crossovers of any rating with any fandom, minimum 300 words, maximum 3000 words.
2. Entries must be posted in the Twisted Shorts Livejournal to be counted.
3. Post more than one a day if you want, but only one fic per 24 hours counts toward the challenge. Backdating fics are not allowed for getting a fic to count within a 24 hour period.
4. There's no 'miss a day and you're out'. If you can't post one day that doesn't mean you're out of the running. Keep posting when you get a chance.
5. Winners will be decided by who has posted on the most days during the month. I.E. If Author A posts 28 fics on 28 days, Author B posts 31 fics on 31 days, and Author C posts 35 fics on 25 days, then Author B wins.
6. Regular posting rules apply: proper header, fic behind cut, adult rated fic comm-locked, disclaimer, etc.

Remember to have fun and don’t forget to check out the suggestions post on TwistedShorts to make posting easier for readers and writers.
Posted 23 Jul 12 • (Moderator)Ava

A challenge from (Recent Donor)liz

This might have been done before, but I looked through 16 pages worth and did not see any incarnation of it, so here goes:

How does AI get out of the mess in the last moments of Not Fade Away?

Any Fandom Xover acceptable (see below for musts and must nots) :)

*Does Veiny-Willow or Willow the White show up?
*Faith decides enough is enough and brings her own army of mini-slayers?
*Harry Potter, Draco and/or the Hogwarts crew?
*Clark and his somewhat evil-genius pal Lex?
*SG1 with a bunch of Deathgliders?
*Maybe Aragorn and Legolas talked the ...
Multiple Crossings • Responses [0] • Date Added [20 Dec 05] • Date Updated [17 Jan 10]

Madmiles recommends

Kate thought she'd never see her again once she left the Secret Service.
Only the author can add chapters to this story NCIS > Buffy-Centered • grundy • FR13 • Chapters [1] • Completed
COMPLETE: An escaped Goa'uld, and rather sadistic Powers to Be, bring Xander out of the dubious security of his quaint little demon filled world, and into a not so quaint alien filled star system.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Friendship • Kei • FR15 • Chapters [47] • Completed
A terrible incident becomes ‘The straw that broke the camel’s back’ and leads Xander to take off the kid gloves and ensure that everyone remembers that there are consequences to people’s actions.
Only the author can add chapters to this story NCIS > Xander-Centered • (Current Donor)VladtheImpish • FR15 • Chapters [1] • Completed
Newbies to the Council don't quite know what to make of Xander Harris.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Multiple Crossings > General • toots • FR15 • Chapters [3] • Completed
Trapped by an alien collector, Lieutenant Commander Data discovers an early 21st century android excavated from the ruins of Sunnydale and a capsule containing the frozen body of one of the Eugenic wars most notorious figures...Buffy Summers.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Star Trek > Star Trek - The Next Generation • ShayneT • FR18 • Chapters [47] • Completed
Kevin calls his in own contacts to help Haley & Jack.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Television > Criminal Minds • GypsyDruid • FR13 • Chapters [1] • Completed
Xander, fresh from the loss of Anya and Sunnydale, finds himself in an entirely new and unpleasant situation. The company does make up for it though.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Television > Alias • Verbosity • FR18 • Chapters [9] • Completed
Post Book 7 Pre Epilogue AU; A little over six years have passed since the events that ended the second reign of Voldemort. Now, Harry Potter is the one that needs to be rescued. Rising to this challenge is... Draco Malfoy?
Only the author can add chapters to this story Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories • (Recent Donor)Chilord • FR15 • Chapters [24] • Completed
There is a threat to the Wizarding World, and Fleur DeLacour; roaming Auror, is there to investigate.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Fleur Delacore • poe • FR18 • Chapters [10] • Completed

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