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Author Ironbear

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Coolness: My stories "Anything for Love" and "Life is a Road" have been nominated in multiple categories at the Fang Fetish Awards!


IBn Friends 1

Name: Ferrous Ursine aka Ironbear

Other Known Aliases: I'm not telling and that's final. Oh ok. Quit looking at me like that. I mean it! Stop that! I was secretly Mr. Collache in a previous life.

Height: 6'1" (roughly – give er take a quarter inch or so) When I first wake up I'm 7' tall and hairy. I shrink after coffee.

Build: Skinny sumbeech. ;}

Eye Color: Blue (No matter what my various so called friends tell you, they are NOT "red and glowing")

Favorite Food: WHAT?!?! You mean we're supposed to pick just ONE?? Ko... Fajitas. No... steak. No... Pizza! That's it! Supreme Pizza – Nature's Perfect Food! Actually, it's Coffee. Ummm... whatta ya mean "Coffee's not a food?" Get real.

Favorite Color: Burgandy. Or Grey. Maybe. (Sorry – Black is a not a color)

Favorite Smell: Steak on a grill. (Are we noticing a trend here? I should go eat... )

Interests: Varied. Anything that strikes my sense of absurdity or catches my overdeveloped sense of curiousity. Women, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, graphic arts, writing, Rock & Roll, humour, annoying people in forums, firearms, hunting, weapons, women (I *know* I said women twice. You go list YOUR interests and leave me alone.), computer gaming, internet wierdness, real life wierdness, computers, technology, women... hrmmm... screw it. Let's just stick with "women". It's brief and it encompasses all of the above.

Favorite Movies: Die Hard, Nightmare Before Christmas, Streets of Fire, Silverado, Rio Bravo, Alien and Aliens, Predator 1 & 2, Terminator 2, The Evil Dead movies.

Most Inspired By: Whatever catches my imagination. Absurdity generally.

Website: none

Email: It's in my profile. A site PM will reach me eventually.

NOTE: The secret to doing one of these and keeping your anonymity is to give multiple choice answers and let people decide what they want to believe. ;}

Okay, seriously.

I'm a custom computer builder and web admin from Dallas, Texas, a former admin, moderator, and columnist for Renderosity and Renderotica, and former admin/host of Radio Free Ironbear. I've been writing fiction – albeit not necessarily writing fanfic – since around 1986 or so. I started writing fanfic in various genres around 2000. I started out as a graphic designer and advertising wonk. Go figger.

I'm currently either semi-employed, semi-retired, or unemployable, depending on your perspective. It gives me lots of free time.

I'm also a certified Net Whacko. Or is that "certifiable"? (o0) Ummm... let me get back to yas on that...

Whenever possible I tend to be owned by dogs and multiple cats. Generally Blue Heelers and Australian Shepherds. In the past, I've been owned by various horses and a significant other, but I had to give that up. Well, the SO gave me up – I was able to turn a profit on the horses.

Most of my earlier (pre 2006) fan fic will never see the light of day, anywhere. I chalk those up to "learning curve" and make sure they never wander off of my hard drive. ;)

At the moment, I write predominately in BtVS and Angel, both crossover fics and non-crossovers. I wrote predominately Gen fic, but there's some romance in it because hey – relationships are a part of life. I just don't focus on a 'ship as the main plot.

Favorite characters: Faith, Cordelia, Xander, Doyle, Ilyria, Blade, and Wesley. Giles keeps growing on me as well. I have to admit to a sneaking liking for Spike as a character just because that accent is so much fun to write, but I'll seldom write Spike as a good guy, souled or unsouled.

Favorite Ships: Cordelia/Xander, Faith/Xander, and Faith/Cordelia/Xander. I have a long term crush on Charisma Carpenter dating back to her Baywatch days that she'll probably never know about if I'm lucky.

Current Ambitions: As far as writing, I hope to be NWHepcat when I grow up. Since I don't plan on growing up, that's going to be difficult... aside from that, I'm planning to go pro eventually if things work out.

Stories and Series: I'm currently working on several ongoing series – The Roadverse Series, set in a post-Chosen BtVS crossover alterniverse; the Hell-er-Nator series, the “Another Thing” series, a BtVS/Terminator crossover verse, and my Nightwatchmen series, set in an AU BtVS timeline starting just prior to Season 3. Plus whatever one-shot fics strike my muse and demand to be written. Roadverse is Faith Centric. Nightwatchmen is Ensemble Cast, and Faith, Xander, and Cordelia centric to a large degree. Hell-er-Nator and “Another Thing” is X/C centric.

Eventually, all of my current fics will be posted here. In the mean time, the Nightwatchmen-verse stories can be found at The Night Watchmen series is co-authored with Richard Caine, author of the excellent Dawn-centric “Aurora” chronicle.

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