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Author DreamSmith

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Become a patron of the arts! Support a semi-starving writer (Me!), and in return I will post more chapters as well as giving you awesome rewards and bonus material.
Go Here to see a short video explaining Patreon, a sort of subscription deal, where you can choose to throw a dollar at me every time I post a chapter (and only when I post a chapter)... which would be quite effective in training me to post more chapters more often ^_^.
My Patreon page, with me explaining how this works is Here
Seriously, though, this certainly isn't required. It isn't even expected. It would, however, be very, very much appreciated. If no one wants to drop some change in my tip jar, I'll still post fanfic when I can manage it. But, if even a few of you were willing to help in this way, it would change my situation to the point where I'd be able to write and post chapters every couple or three weeks. I honestly love providing exciting, well-written stories for you guys; if you enjoy my work, please consider helping me provide more quality content for you.

If you like my fanfic, try my original stories, for sale on Amazon (under my pen name-- A.J. Kalliver)

[9/8/13] A new short story is up on (under my A.J. Kalliver psuedonym): a paranormal romance fic called 'A Lady so Fair', and it can be found Here

In the meantime, Harmony's story has a page at, Here. I've made a start at populating it, but I'm leaving the rest to you. Go fill that page with tropes you've found while reading the story! Hopefully other people will happen upon the page and be intrigued enough to check it out for themselves.
[10/8/12] There's now a tropes page for 'Heroes and Villains' at tvTropes, which you can find Here. Go check it out, and if you feel so inclined, add to it. I'm genuinely interested in what readers pull out of the stories as being items of note.
And also a page for 'All Your Base Are Belong To Her'.

*Notice*: I'm now posting my stuff on FF.Net, as well as here. So if you see it there, under 'DreamSmith AJK', rest assured that it IS me. Also, I won't be posting anything there that hasn't been posted here first... 'cause I like you guys the best. ^_^)

All your Eliza are belong to us.
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