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Author VillageOrchid

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I like all kinds of stories... some more than others. If you are squicked out by extreme adult material but want to know more about me, read my reviews instead. Essentially, FOR ME anything that isn't extreme THAT I HAVE WRITTEN could become RECYCLED AND ADAPTED INTO pro-fic so you might not see too many regular stories posted by me here.

While I'd like to do a little more with my teen-rated stories, I don't really have as much time as I would like for such things.

After much thought, I've decided that the nasty parts of my adult-rated stories are metaphors for various issues that people deal with in their lives. I'm going to try to carry through some of these themes into the teen-rated stories. So there's darkness and angst, but not as much dramatization of things that would squick many folks.

I got a big chuckle out of the category. This story was planned to be utterly unpublishable due to the category in question - yet have a good (or even great) story with character development and plot.

Thanks to everyone who votes or just enjoys parts or all of the story!

I've changed my Pen Name.

I'm a writer, designer and producer.

I write action-adventure stories with character development, and have written pitch/story outlines for series television as well as a few teleplays and feature film scripts.

I read and sometimes write/create fan-fic for fun.

As a reader here, I try to review at least every other chapter on new stories I'm reading with some kind of feedback to the author, and when I discover longer stories that have been around for a while, I might only review once every 9 or 10 chapters.
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