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Author MarcusSLazarus

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Long-time owner of an account on, I decided to branch out here to gain a bit of extra publicity for a few of my crossover fics; hope they're as enjoyed here as they were back on FF.Net.

Favourite BtVS characters: Angel & Faith (The whole 'tortured anti-hero making up for a dark past' thing is very effective, although Willow's good as well)
Favourite crossover fandoms: Stargate, Harry Potter & Dr Who (If done properly, naturally; just sticking the Doctor or the SGC in a universe with magic doesn't work if you don't at least TRY and explain how the two can be reconciled)

Pet peeve: Authors who disregard multiple elements of canon and/or fill in the blanks (Basically, what happened off-screen) just because it doesn't fit what THEY believe about the characters (You KNOW who you are, woman!); people are PEOPLE, but we cannot DEFINE people by their mistakes!
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