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Mainly here to read rather than write though I may put in an idea here or there. I'm a Xander fan who enjoys Dark stories. Not vampire!Xander stories, but Noir-esque works. Give the characters flaws; make them realistic. Put them in a bad spot and have them fight tooth and nail to crawl back from the edge. Give me struggles and pain and fear. If you can make me feel angry, or stressed, or desperate then you have made a fan for life. It's in evoking the readers' emotions that true talent is shown.

When it comes to writing papers I can BS with the best of them, but I can't seem to write descriptions/dialogue well enough to make a good story that is fun to read. Anything I put up is basically in hopes that someone else will see what I've written and want to make it their own. Think of it like a challenge with a more distinct direction to head in.

I expect good writing, and for the author to be proud of what they write. If your story sucks, and I wasted a good chunk of my time to reading it, I will let you know. I will do my best to be professional when I tell you your story sucks, but sometimes stories are so bad that I have the urge to run out and kill the author lest they introduce more crap into fanfiction. I blame DLP.

Unless you are a previously established author, I will not touch a story with a summary containing the words "What if..." If you are an established author, I will happily let you know your summary sucks. Titles I couldn't care less about.

Never will read Slash.
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