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SEAborg, more commonly known as SEA-106, is simultaneously a ninja assassin, a top government official, and an excellent babysitter.

Even before birth, he was so well-known that, two months beforehand, the world launched into international celebration. (the fact that these celebrations happened at the time that would normally be Christmas is entirely coincidental)

To this day, he continues to wrestle crocodiles in his home country of Aussieland, hack into top security databases without anyone (including himself) knowing, and blow up terrorists with Ion Cannons.

Additionally, he is the founder, and, currently, sole member of the Society for the Appreciation of Humour and Other Useful Stuff. (S.A.H.O.U.S.) Through this widely-acclaimed nonprofit organization, he has helped save kittens, helped kill said kittens afterwards with giant chainsaws, and helped raise several billion dollars for 'a good cause.'

He is also known for being the first person to defeat Brutal Giles in Red Alert 3 with a dog spam. Similarly, he was a coder for the Red Alert 3: Paradox mod.

Notice to all readers: Some may have noticed that it has been quite some time since I last updated a story. While I am still committed to writing, especially my "The Third Wizarding War" fic, I do find it difficult to stay motivated on a single project for a lengthy period of time.

So, I will, over the next couple of months, be working on NaNoWriMo, and the Christmas wishlist (, in order to keep myself writing, while still providing some variety to keep myself motivated. Don't worry, I don't plan to abandon my story.
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