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Not so new to writing fanfics anymore, still hoping I'm not too bad. I'm learning to write a good story as I go along, most of the stuff I write will be Xander heavy because he has such potential and got sooooo royally screwed by Joss Whedon. I also intend to use anime/manga that dont usually get used in crossover fanfic such as Sanctuary(Manga), High School of the Dead and The Breaker.

Now onto my second favorite most screwed character....Faith. Here are some theories/ideas I have on Faith.

1. Faith is 'The Vampire Slayer', the title along with the spirit passes from one to another upon death. Buffy died (even though she came back) and Kendra became 'The Slayer', and when Kendra died Faith became 'The Slayer'. At Buffy is a slayer, at worst an abberation and that is not slander because I like Buffy (most of the time).
2. Faith needs someone good for her *cough*(Wood's a tool!!)*cough*, and while I would like to say Xander I'm leaning more towards someone like Oz. His calm to her brashness, his reserved personality to her outgoing one and still being an animal when he needs to be.

Hound: The Dog of War has been freed, yay. Still please check out my other storys and tell me what you think, including the ones posted at the link below.
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