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I've been reading fan fiction for many years, and even tried my hand at a little writing in another fandom in the past. I finally decided to give something back to the Buffy fandom though, with a try at some writing of my own. Hopefully it'll give others at least a small piece of the pleasure that the stories on this site have given me.

I'm a huge fan of Buffy as a character. I think that she is a great hero, and a tremendously interesting protagonist. She has flaws, but they are flaws that I like and I think that they simply make her more interesting. I generally only read Buffy-centric fics, and so expect me to write mostly Buffy-centric fics. However, I'm not much for bashing, so don't worry about me beating up on other characters if you prefer them.

As far as pairings are concerned, I've read most and enjoyed many. While I'm a major fan of crossover pairings, in canon strangely enough I think I like Buffy/Satsu the best. Maybe because we didn't get enough of it for it to become annoying, but I like the tiny handful of fics that explore this option further. My favorite crack pairing is Buffy/Tara, mostly because Season 6 is my favorite season, and a post-Heaven Buffy is fun to read about, and most of that pairing are in that period. My favorite normal pairing is Buffy/Spike. It has major problems, and I only really like them together in a post-Chosen, ensouled sense, but I've read a lot of this pairing. Mostly though, I just want to read a good story, and I'll read almost any pairing that works in the story it is from.

I've read all of season 8 and actually liked it, until the fleeing to Tibet segment, which seemed rushed and from then on the rest of the season was just weird and made little sense. As far as season 9 is concerned, I don't like it. They get rid of magic, then have several really magical events happen for every arc. And dodging student loan demons? Lame. Very lame. Also, I think destroying the seed was a good thing and have seen nothing to contradict that. Magic in the Buffyverse is presented as only a positive thing when its used against supernatural evil, and to spice up lesbian sex. If magic is gone, the first is no longer needed, and the latter... well... I think its interesting enough anyway. They have never shown any reason to believe the world isn't far better off without magic, especially sense ridiculously unrealistic mystical crap can still apparently happen. How many people didn't get eaten by demons because it's gone? How many people will be saved by the now public vampires being unable to properly turn new murderous followers? Yeah. I thought so.
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