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Despite the long time since last I updated some of my fics, nothing has been [officially] abandoned. WIPs will be updated whenever the muse strikes me, but reviews do encourage continuation. If you'd like to discuss any fics or other topics, please visit my writing Livejournal. I also have an update list on Yahoogroups, Supernatural Blondes.

Not all of my fiction makes it here to TtH. I've been branching out into new fandoms, like Bones, Riddick, Underworld and Fables, so to read other stories in other non-Jossverse universes, please see the writing LJ for the Fiction Masterlist Post.

Here's to us and those like us. Damn few, they're all dead.
Joined6 Mar 03
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Stories Published55 stories
Total Length218,114 words
Series Published11 series
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Reviews Written265 reviews
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