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Author EnergyBeing

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So, I'm here to post some cross-over fics I have the ideas for. I haven't written them all yet, but hey, I'll get around to it. I hope you'll enjoy them.

I write new stories whenever inspiration strikes, so, if you're tracking a story that I haven't updated in a while, I'm probably writing a new story. Don't worry, I leave no story unfinished.

4/7/13: I've been on this site for a year! During which time I've written 246,725 words, 17 stories (12 of which I've actually finished), gotten 393 reviews from 103 reviewers (that's more than one review a day!) and gotten 11 recommendations.

4/7/14: I've now been around for two years. I've managed to almost quintuple my recommendations... just one short. Sigh. Maybe next year. Anyway, thank you, you 47 people who gave them to me. I have, however, more than doubled my reviews. I have 976 now. I'll hit that magical 1000 mark soon. I've also written 55400 words exactly, and had 191 reviewers. I've written 34 stories, but only actually finished 28.

2/9/14: I have over a thousand reviews!
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