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Author heavyneos



My name is Nathan Norman

I’m from Bridgend in south Wales

My favourite anime include

Naruto, Dragon ball Z, Scryed, Ghost in the shell stand alone complex, DNangle, Eyeshield 21, Air gear, Kinnikuman And Kinnikuman nesi (I think that how its spelt)

Favourite Characters are

Gohan, Videl, The Major, Dark, Sena, Kinnikuman big body, Warsman, Robin mask, Broken Jr, Buffalo man, Raminman/Mongoliman, Neptuneman, Mammothman, Kevin mask, Jayga, And mantaro kinnikuman

My favourite TV shows are

Stargate sg1, Atlantics, Star trek ds9, next gen, the original series, Voyager, Original battle star galactica and new, Fire fly, Power rangers, Tribe

I also like various classical music

I enjoy playing rugby and played prop, hooker, lock, flanker and surprisingly once winger in the forwards and backs

I am six foot eleven and don't enjoy looking down on people it hurts my neck

I dislike people who judge before getting to know them people who think that there money or name entitle them to be treated differently. Tabloid newspapers and gossip magazines

My hobbies are reading and writing drawing and sometimes painting

And my dreams for the future are to start a family with a woman I love and loves me in return have two kids a girl then a boy and retire hopefully still a full head of hair and failing that just to live life and enjoy the small things
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