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Hi there. :)

I'm happy to know about TtH both as a fantastic place to read great stories and a fun place to post them as well. I hope people continue to like my fics and leave feedback, good or bad, (constructive advice wouldn't be amiss here and there, I'm sure) and I'll continue to read others' stories and leave them feedback too.

This is a great place that I highly recommend to other writers for "getting their feet wet" so to speak, on the "publishing" front. I think we should all encourage new writers, not ridicule or deliberately say hurtful things to them and discourage them from trying again. I made that mistake once and it haunts me to this day, my loss too on not having that person as a friend now. So here's me hoping others don't repeat my mistake. Have fun reading! :)

10-12-10 I have just gotten the "blue screen of death" on my computer. I'm not happy, but such is life. Thanks to my best friend, I do have some snippets saved in folders of my email account, quite a few of them, for various stories, but not all and by no means was it everything I needed for when this writer's block would finally go away and I could have finished writing my unfinished stories. I'll do what can with what I have, but I'm thinking every unfinished one is gonna get wrapped up rather quickly, with the exception of Goodbye and Hello and Running Away is NOT the Answer. Those are the ones I have snippets for, thanks again, LMiC. You're a true angel and God bless you! *trying not to cry now*
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