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Author GACTsevil

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I'm currently working on finishing Freaks and Demons and trying to decide to just end it or to continue on to the 3rd story.

I've been getting requests lately for sequels and expansions on fics, but I just don't have the time. If you like something I've written and want to do your own sequel to it tell me, I do have ideas for "Possess Me" and "Governing Mistakes", so if you want them or anything else let me know and I'll help if you want it, and then have fun. But do let me know first and let me read it, cause under God* it is my creation.

*God=Joss Whedon, Tim Kring, Eric Kripke or any of the other show creators.

I'm working on finishing Wishing for Normal Again, sorry for the long wait.
There is more Freaks and Demons coming and a sequel after that.

I usually just write crossovers, but have been known to dabble about.
I use this as a stress reliever, so when I'm really stressed (or bored) there are updates galore.
Joined11 Jul 03
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