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Twenty-something 3rd shift hotel clerk. Work too much and sleep too little. Fanfic obsessed for 10 years. Started writing a few years ago.

AN: (6-11-07) Please excuse the length of time between now any coming posts. I am in the process of moving out of the house my mother and I have lived in for 10 years. Unfortunately my mother never married the "man" (and I am using that term loosly, f-wad is more apt) she moved in with a decade ago. We are having to move a house worth of furniture and pets with 2 barely adequate salaries. I don't mean to lay this on anyone but I wanted any of the people reading my stories to understand the delay. Any good wishes and/or prayers would be appreciated.

Don't own any of the characters in any of my stories even though I wish I did. I simply borrow them and give them back to their owners. Please forgive any screwups in my stories as this is the first time I have posted them to any place other than livejournal.
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