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(* Warning, this may become a rant! *) So, on Thursday, Apple released the next version of OS X (10.10) Yosemite. Some interesting features, some annoyances. Visually, it now flat like iOS 7 & 8. Which is okay, but not great. I’m getting old and my eyes sure don’t like the flatness. But I’ll get […]
Posted: 18 Oct 14 14:11 • Comments
So, Apple held their yearly new iPad intro yesterday. I don’t recall seeing an Apple event on a Thursday before but it seemed to go fairly well. Jokes from Tim Cook about the “accidental” leak of some iPad specs the day before (that sucked the air out of a Google announcement on Wednesday. Oops?) Jokes […]
Posted: 17 Oct 14 12:53 • Comments
(No! Not for that! Get your minds out of the gutter.) Thunderstorm this evening. The power flickered on and off for an hour. Until it died completely. Can hear emergency vehicles in the background. Hopefully it’ll be back on before I have to get ready for work in the morning. And before the battery in […]
Posted: 12 Oct 14 20:25 • Comments
That would be “Self Inflicted Insomnia” – otherwise known as drinking way too much beverage(s) containing caffeine, in the last 12 hours, so I can’t sleep, no matter how tired I am. Argh!
Posted: 6 Oct 14 01:07 • Comments
More fan fiction cleanup. Deleted all of my Buffy/Willow fics (all 7 of them) from the Buffy/Willow archive IKOLY 2. ( all of which can still be found elsewhere. They aren’t gone completely.) Deleted a Live Journal account, that probably no one knew about (I used it to post stories to the Twisted Shorts Live […]
Posted: 3 Oct 14 18:50 • Comments