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Four days later, after digging into assorted backups and tinkering with assorted tools to generate SQL (Yum! not just a dessert topping) from the backups and playing with MAMP ( sort of a canned web site in a box.) I was able this morning to restored my inadvertently deleted stories (and one other) to my […]
Posted: 26 Oct 14 05:57 • Comments
Did the early voting thing, then purged the craziness of the proposed State Constitution amendments (The Rude Pundit goes to town on them on his blog in his usual style.) with a trip across the street to my favorite toy store. And then returned home to find out that a Moderator over at Twisting the […]
Posted: 22 Oct 14 19:44 • Comments
So, apparently AirPlay is this thing where your Mac or iPad or iPhone can send audio/video to another device, like a newer Apple TV and use that gadget to play/show it. So, I could play a movie on my iPad and have it show up on the tv my Apple TV is attached to. Got […]
Posted: 21 Oct 14 00:01 • Comments
(* Warning, this may become a rant! *) So, on Thursday, Apple released the next version of OS X (10.10) Yosemite. Some interesting features, some annoyances. Visually, it now flat like iOS 7 & 8. Which is okay, but not great. I’m getting old and my eyes sure don’t like the flatness. But I’ll get […]
Posted: 18 Oct 14 14:11 • Comments
So, Apple held their yearly new iPad intro yesterday. I don’t recall seeing an Apple event on a Thursday before but it seemed to go fairly well. Jokes from Tim Cook about the “accidental” leak of some iPad specs the day before (that sucked the air out of a Google announcement on Wednesday. Oops?) Jokes […]
Posted: 17 Oct 14 12:53 • Comments