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Y’all went online early this morning and ordered a new iPhone, right? Gotta keep those dollars/rubles/euros flowing into the Apple vaults. Seeing reports of the usual iPhone preorder day one mayhem. Out of stock, weeks/months of shipping time, etc. happens every year. You’d think Apple would prepare better. Or anticipate the volume. (Tim Cook’s Apple […]
Posted: 12 Sep 14 06:47 • Comments
Why yes, Apple did show off a watch after introducing the next iteration(s) of the iPhone today (the large iPhone 6, and the humongous iPhone 6 Plus – No, I’m not a fan of large phones. Maybe by the time I’m ready to upgrade (next fall) I’ll have gotten used to the idea. Or maybe Apple […]
Posted: 9 Sep 14 23:25 • Comments
Just saw the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary in a local theater. First time I’ve seen it in a theater. The movie itself was great, even if some of the tech is a bit outdated and it has a very early 80’s look to everything (of course!). The promo for it claimed it was an updated 4K digital […]
Posted: 3 Sep 14 22:58 • Comments
I originally purchased Trouble and Her Friends by Melissa Scott at the local mega-used book warehouse (I’ve purchased quite a few of her older works there since they all seemed to be out of print at the time. And I don’t buy used things from Amazon.). In paperback. In tiny, hard to read print, on yellowed pages. […]
Posted: 2 Sep 14 22:29 • Comments
It’s been a long weekend… almost over… Only 2 months until NaNoWriMo. I already know what I’m going to write. Probably.
Posted: 1 Sep 14 13:34 • Comments