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For almost 24 hours. No idea what was wrong, though from the outside it looks like a database issue. Which could be anything. Note: to the best of my knowledge, it had nothing to do with that OpenSSL bug ( Heart-something). That is a completely different issue.
Posted: 9 Apr 14 01:33 • Comments
I occasionally wander over to the Rude Pundit’s blog. He’s loud, almost always rude, and very often very funny, in a far left of center, George Carlin wouldn’t use that language, kind of way. Here’s what he had to say about CNN and their obsession with that Malaysian Airlines flight that disappeared . (Fair warning – […]
Posted: 22 Mar 14 05:28 • Comments
I’m not sure how many people read the fics as posted here anymore but they are a bit out of date. I’m still working on them but haven’t kept the WiP’s current for at least the last year. Current plan is to spend March updating them but for now anything updated/completed can still be found […]
Posted: 15 Feb 14 21:16 • Comments
Not much to say. I’ve been burning off some vacation time, that I would lose otherwise. Nothing exciting to end the year. Had some dental/gum work done (by a dentist with a laser) right before Christmas and have been living on pain killers for the last 2 weeks while it (slowly) heals. Been eating mostly […]
Posted: 31 Dec 13 17:32 • Comments
          It’s a wrap. 50,034 words of story. 15,000 in the last 3 days (Yikes! ) Unfortunately, the story itself, a sequel to last years story, needs a bit of work to really be complete. Going to take a month to fix it up before posting anywhere.
Posted: 3 Dec 13 00:35 • Comments