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A dear friend's twin brother passed away earlier this morning. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.
Posted: 18 Nov 14 23:51 • Comments
There is a convention going on in Houston this weekend and five of the actors from Teen Wolf are going to be there. Two I really couldn't care less about - Dylan Sprayberry and Mason Dye, three I can't wait to see - Eaddy Mays, Melissa Ponzio and Orny Adams. TheHoustonCon if there is any one close by and interested. I have a ticket for Saturday. Should be very interesting especially since I've never gone to one before. If you have any questions you want to ask, let me know and I'll see if I can manage asking.

Also, a friend's church is doing a mystery dinner theater in two weeks, but they need an actor. I've e-mailed about it, but I'm not sure if I'm hoping to get the part or not. BTW, it's called God the Father with the logo like The Godfather. Huh, wonder what the offer I can't refuse will be? :-)
Posted: 7 Aug 14 12:28 • Comments
Nothing to add. This says it all.
Posted: 22 Apr 14 11:23 • Comments
For Round 2 of Illustrationtwreversebang. Hope you enjoy.

Art Prompt Title: Parachute (Fanmix)
Art link: 2002
Artist: Illustrationon_the_ground

Fic Title: Parachute
Author: Illustrationdreamerjules
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 8,424
Warnings: Drug and alcohol use. Car accident. Mentions of physical attack on secondary character.

Summary: This is about Stiles too and he deserves his freedom even, maybe especially, if it permanently locks the door on Jackson's prison.
Posted: 31 Jan 14 22:27 • Comments
For Round 2 of Illustrationtwreversebang. Hope you enjoy.

Art Prompt Title: Art
Art link: 1027
Artist: Illustrationsurranndie

Fic Title: Tethered (by the thinnest thread)
Author: Illustrationdreamerjules
Characters/Pairings:Derek, Stiles, pre-Sterek
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 4,472
Warnings: None.

Summary: “You'll find Stiles on the north border of the preserve. Hurry if you want to find him alive.”
Posted: 23 Jan 14 20:49 • Comments
I have a friend from Buffy fandom who's going through a hard time right now financially. She explains the situation extremely well here.

Help if you can, boost the signal if you can't - or even if you can. It won't take much to keep a family together.
Posted: 5 Dec 13 20:45 • Comments
I should be quoting poetry or something inspirational, but I've heard several lines on TV shows that I love and feel the need to share with the unsuspecting few of you reading this. The lines are generally generic enough that there really shouldn't be any spoilers, so I'm not marking as such. Let me know if I'm wrong.

In no particular order:

Sleepy Hollow – Abbie Mills - “I will rain so much legal brimstone down on you, God himself will be jealous.” Total Ivanova feels.

Nashville – male guitarist is given a guitar to tune that once belonged to Hank Williams, Sr. in 1952 or 53. Off his reaction - “Are you gonna tune it or breast feed it?”

The Crazy Ones – Sarah Michelle Gellar's new sitcom with Robin Williams. They show outtakes over the credits. RW - “Where'd you learn to do that Dukes of Hazard car thing?” SMG - “Sunnydale.”

My absolute favorite. Finally watched some of the extras on the Iron Man 3 DVD, such as Gags and Deleted Scenes. Jon Favreau to/about Tony “You've been spending your time with people twice as tall and half as old.”

Hope I've made someone smile.
Posted: 10 Oct 13 23:38 • Comments
Originally posted by Illustrationchosenfire28 at Teen Wolf Big Bang: Artists Needed!For any artists that are interested in taking part in another challenge Illustrationteenwolf_bb opened claims today and there are still over 40 stories that need an artist (from a variety of pairings and story types!).

I would love to see any of you there and please spread the word to any artists you know!


Claims at Illustrationteenwolf_bb are now open!

We are desperately in need of artists, see the claims post HERE and sign up as an artist HERE
Posted: 21 Sep 13 23:12 • Comments
Incoherent Ramblings on Visionary, Derek Hale – character or plot point and whether or not Jeff Davis has made a deal with a crossroads demon

Talking about what changed the color of Derek's eyes - "some girl broke his little heart" – why was Paige necessary to explain that? Granted only the audience knows about Derek and Kate, but even without knowing how Derek's relationship with Kate led to the fire, Derek's survivor's guilt over the fire is almost tangible– why wouldn't that be enough? I do think guilt is a much better explanation than "killing an innocent" because an argument could be made that the people Jackson killed as the kanima lost their "innocence" when they threw a kid into a swimming pool and left him there when they realized he couldn't swim.

The main thing with Visionary is that I don’t believe what Peter said, but I also don't believe what we saw either. Peter first says Baby!Derek was a lot like Scott, but the first Baby!Derek scene shows him behaving more like Jackson, while subsequent B!D scenes have him behaving more like Scott.

Peter saw "profound loss"; Derek "say opportunity." Another example of a lie. If Derek were even a tiny bit opportunistic, he'd be much better at planning and being an Alpha.

Peter and Derek at lunch watching Paige study alone. If we accept what we see as having truth in it, if not actual fact, Peter is definitely speaking from experience. So was there a "Paige" for Peter that happened before this or is he substituting Derek for himself? I'm kinda hoping Peter is substituting because otherwise Derek's life is getting to be like the line about tragedy and statistics – one death is a tragedy, a thousand is a statistic. The audience knows about Kate and that experience should be more than enough to change Derek in profound ways. Why should we believe/accept that losing Paige was an even bigger loss than the deaths of 75% of his family?

Peter is very emotionally i...
Posted: 29 Jul 13 07:27 • More • Comments
Of course, the other one was Illustrationtwreversebang, but hey, this is going to be fun, so why not?


Sign ups for the third round of Illustrationteenwolf_bb are now open!
All story types and pairings are accepted.

Rules and Information
Sign Ups: Author | Author/Artist Team | Artist | Beta | Cheerleader

In other news, I saw Now You See Me yesterday, and it was so much fun. It had a very Christopher Nolan/The Prestige/Inception kinda feel to it that I really enjoyed. Mark Ruffalo did a fantastic job and I swear I thought one of the actors could have been RDJ in some sort of make-up to make his face longer, but imdb swears he's a very popular French actor named Jose Garcia, not that I can find him on Netflix. Go see it if you get the chance.
Posted: 2 Jun 13 11:08 • Comments
I don't post a lot, but I read this this morning and wanted to make sure everyone gets a chance to see this.

Gina Bellman on Leverage

It sums up everything I love about the show - cast, crew and fans.
Posted: 4 Feb 13 07:40 • Comments
With some expert juggling, and more playing the "grieving son" card than he should have had to, Stiles had managed an extra week in Beacon Hills.  Unfortunately, that week was up and LA beckoned and no amount of fast talking would get him any more time off. Stiles knew this for a fact.  He had deployed all his considerable verbal skills and been shut down completely.

He was surprised to find how very much he wanted to stay.  A lot had changed since he arrived and Stiles thought it was safe to say he abso-fucking-lutely loved Beacon Hills, California.  He'd made plans to finish his degree as quickly as possible and move back and Chris was working on a job for him, though he hadn't bothered to share any details.  Typical Argent.

Deaton had answered Derek's call from the house and had picked up that something was wrong.  He'd called Chris and together they traced the phone's GPS.  They had been working out a search pattern when Scott and Derek had made it back to the house. 

Scott had told them about Gerard and Michael.  Chris took the news well.  If asked by the right person, he would have admitted Gerard's involvement with Michael and with Anna's death was more upsetting than his death.

The cover story had Gerard and Michel falling prey to the same mountain that had killed Anna Stilinski.  In the end, it was ruled a simple hunting accident.

The irony was not lost on anyone who knew the whole story, which now included Allison.  Chris had told her everything when he'd broke the news of Gerard's death to her and Victoria.  The Argent's history, Gerard's rejection of the code, his manipulations of Kate and her murder of John Stilinski, that Scott and his mother were werewolves.  He'd left nothing out.

Allison had reacted better than Chris had feared.  Allison had picked up that there was more going on in her family than anyone had told her, but werewolves and werewolf hunters just weren't on the list o...
Posted: 27 Jan 13 23:38 • More • Comments
The service had been … nice.  It helped that Pastor Kershaw had known them when they lived here before.  She'd even done his dad's service.  Stiles idly wondered if she would do his.

Scott had shown up, but he'd kept his distance.  Nodding at each other across his mother's casket wasn't what Stiles wanted – none of this was what Stiles wanted – but it was better than his welcome home.

Melissa had insisted everyone come back to her house for lunch.  She was trying too hard, but Laura had come to her rescue.  To hear Laura tell it, she must have been in a plane crash in the Andes to be that hungry.  Even Chris had agreed to stop by for a few minutes.  Stiles could see that Scott wanted to be there, but he didn't think Scott knew what he was going to do.  Whatever was going on with him hadn't let up at all as far as Stiles could tell.

Stiles had only stayed long enough to be polite before making his excuses.  No matter how important this ritual of goodbye was, avenging her death took higher priority.

The jeep bounced down the pot-holed road as Stiles followed Derek's directions.  He really would have preferred it if Derek had just given him the directions and stayed at Melissa's.  The feeling – the conviction – that he was heading to a resolution wouldn't let him go.  One more life changing event and he could move on.

He was sick and tired of his life changing.

"Do you really have to kill him?" Derek asked quietly from the passenger seat.

Stiles couldn't pick up on any judgment or scorn in Derek's voice.  Just honest curiosity and concern.

"Yes.  It's not revenge.  Well, not completely.  It's just.  Werewolves, by definition, aren't human and it's unrealistic to expect us to be bound by human law.  Not in the really big things like life and death, freedom and confinement.  On top of that, Michael is unbalanced and by unbalanced I mean his brain is a bag full of cats. ...
Posted: 27 Jan 13 23:33 • More • Comments
Stiles had gotten more sleep the night before than he'd thought he would.  Any at all is more when you'd expected none.

He was glad he'd found the Hales.  They understood what he'd needed better than he did. 

He'd never given much thought to being an only child, but Laura had firmly established herself as big sister.  He was happy he didn't have Derek's history with her.  She was merciless in her teasing of both of them.  Peter had tried to feed him everything in the kitchen while asking every question he could think of about werewolves and the supernatural.  Derek had thrown in a few of his own and Stiles found he didn't mind being their very own supernatural wiki.

Laura hadn't asked any questions because she'd known about Melissa and Scott.  That little fact had not gone over well with Derek and Peter.  Derek because he couldn't believe Laura had kept something that big from him.  Peter because, apparently, he'd never met a conspiracy theory he didn't embrace like a long lost lover.  Though Stiles had the feeling Peter liked the absurdity factor more than any real belief.

"Think you could eat some breakfast?" asked Derek.

"No, but I did make some toast earlier.  Look, I appreciate the thought, but you guys don't have to come to the service.  Melissa and Scott will be there.  I think Scott will be there.  I'd like Scott to be there.  I don't remember a time when we weren't friends.  Mom used to swear my word was Scott.  Or no depending on her mood when she told the story."

"You did notice Laura adopting you, right?"<br>
"Kinda hard to miss," said Stiles, smiling.

"There's no way we're going to let you go through this alone.  And, yeah, I know.  You have Melissa and Scott and I'm glad, but you have me now too.  Us.  You have us now too."

Derek ducked his head while color rose in his cheeks.  Stiles gently kicked at his foot until he looked up again.  Stiles loo...
Posted: 27 Jan 13 23:28 • More • Comments
The campfire light danced across Scott's and Michael's faces.  Gerard had finally left not long ago.

Scott was happy about that.  He didn't like Gerard Argent.  He like playing the kindly, slightly befuddled grandfather and Scott couldn't believe anyone fell for it.  He knew Allison didn't buy it for a second and he was so proud of her for that.

But he also knew Allison knew nothing about what her grandfather really was; that her whole family was involved in hunting werewolves; that her not-boyfriend was a werewolf.  Scott wanted to tell her.  He hoped their love was stronger than the shock.  He knew his love for her would last through anything, but finding out that not only do werewolves exist, your not-boyfriend was one and, oh yeah, your whole family hunted werewolves down and killed them was a lot to deal with.

He remembered his conversation with Chris about it.

"You want to tell her what?"

"I want to tell Allison I'm a werewolf.  Sir."

"Are you aware she doesn't even know they exist or that her family hunts them?"

"Yes, sir.  I am aware of that.  That's why I wanted to talk to you before saying anything to her."

"Scott, you're a good kid.  I even think you might be almost good enough for my daughter and I don't think anyone is good enough for Allison whatever their … family history.  I never wanted her to be a part of this life.  It's a futile wish, but one I hold dear.  Scott, I trust you'll keep this conversation just between us."

"Of course, sir."

"Telling Allison will upset a very delicate balance.  Gerard no longer has any desire to follow the code.  I don't know the origins of the curse, or whatever it is that makes you what you are, but I do believe it's beyond your control."

Scott leaned forward in his chair, ready to protest.

Chris held up a hand.  "I mean, you can't control the fact that you are a werewolf, not that you can't ...
Posted: 27 Jan 13 23:24 • More • Comments
Derek and Stiles were back in the house, sitting across  from each other at the kitchen table.  Derek really wasn't good with words as Stiles had learned, but when you had Derek's story to tell, it did make sense.

"It was eight years ago.  My sixteenth birthday.  Didn't care about a party.  Didn't care about presents.  Nothing mattered as much as passing my driving test, you know."

Stiles nodded.  It had meant independence, but more importantly for Stiles, it meant he could do more to help his mom.

"My dad was supposed to take me, but at the last minute something came up at work.  Well, that's not true, but that's what he told me.  He was putting the finishing touches on his Camaro.  It was my present.  I worshipped that car as a little boy.  It was just, it was my dad, you know.  So anyway, he and my mom were planning this huge celebration slash surprise party.  Aunts, uncles, cousins.  Peter volunteered to take me and Laura just tagged along.  They were supposed to keep me out until everything was ready at home, coordinate things.  Let them know how the test went just in case.   I passed.  Couldn't wait to get home and show off."

Derek's smile didn't come close to his eyes.

"Laura went on about how great it was going to be having a chauffeur.    Hell, I was so full of myself, I thought it was the best idea I ever heard.  Peter called home, but nobody answered.  He didn't think anything of it at first.  Lots of people, lots of noise, just couldn't get to the phone in time, whatever.  We drove – I drove – around for a while.  Peter kept calling and still didn't get an answer and he was starting to get worried and he made me let him drive.  I didn't want to, but he insisted.  Laura had already picked up on how worried Peter was, but I just wanted to show off."

Derek stopped talking.  Stiles just waited.  He'd met Laura and Peter, but hadn't heard of any other Hales.  He had got...
Posted: 27 Jan 13 23:21 • More • Comments
"Where do you think you're going?"

Stiles found it hard to hold on to his control.  The funeral was tomorrow.  Yesterday had been spent making arrangements.  They'd never talked about it, but he couldn't imagine – didn't want to imagine her anywhere but beside his dad.  If he couldn't have her alive in LA, this was where she belonged.

But that meant he hadn't been able to spend any real time tracking Michael down.  Derek had gone with him to the Dive after the funeral home.  Edgar was everything Chris said.  Including ignorant of Michael's whereabouts.  Stiles had even offered to pay whatever Michael owed him and it hadn't made any difference.  Of course, the amount was far beyond what Stiles had on him.  Hell, it was even more than Stiles had in savings and his mom had made sure his savings account was healthy.  Edgar did give them one suggestion as they were leaving.

"I thought I'd check out that house Edgar mentioned.  The burned out one in the woods."

Stiles didn't need werewolf senses to tell him Derek had major problems with that idea.  Derek had been taking his role as Stiles' protector very seriously, but this had nothing to do with that.

"I don't think that's such a good idea.  Have you talked to Scott?"

Low blow.  Bastard.

"I haven't, but Melissa says he's still not acting like himself.  She swears he'll be at the service tomorrow, but I don't want him there is he's just going to be the asshole he was the other day.  I think Melissa's glad for the extra shifts she's had to pick up.  Keeps her out of the house and away from Scott.  I mean, how much of an asshole are you being if you own mother doesn't want to be anywhere near you?"

"Laura's happy about the extra money.  You want some coffee?"

"No.  You want to tell me what the deal is with the burned out house in the woods?"


Stalemate.  That was why Stiles had had such a hard time...
Posted: 27 Jan 13 23:10 • More • Comments
Scott ran and ran and ran.  His heart felt like it was going to hammer out of his chest.  He kept running.  Away.  Towards.  He didn't know and it made no difference.

Something – someone – solid slammed into him at full force, knocking him over.  He heard his ribs break, felt his left shoulder pop out of its socket.

Scott and his attacker rolled around the forest floor, grappling for purchase.  Scott had fully transformed.  Or at least as fully as a beta could transform.  He clawed and bit, but he never connected.

Of course, no one would expect a half-grown beta – even a born beta – to hold his own in a fight against a full-grown alpha.  Especially not when that alpha had long ago left sanity in the dust.

Seeing a small opportunity, Scott managed one good hit and ran, stopping about twenty feet away.


The alpha raised his head, sniffing the air.  The scent was familiar, his own, but not, completely.  Pack, but so much more at the same time.

Slowly, Michael's features slid back towards human, but his eyes still retained a hint of red and madness.


Scott inched forward, submission in his every look and gesture.  A half formed thought whispered that had it been anyone but his father, he'd be terrified, convinced he was going to die any second.  But it was his father.  Surely that meant he was safe.

"Yeah, it's me.  How are you?"

Michael didn't answer, didn't move, just inhaled, claws still extended.


There was the suggestion of recognition in Michael's eyes, but that was all.

"Michael!  You came here looking for Scott for a reason.  Do what you came here for!"

Gerard Argent was standing behind Michael about fifty feet, a little out of breathe, but cool and confident for all that.

"Do it, Michael!"

Michael looked at Gerard, the wolf sliding to the fore, growling quietly in t...
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"Bullshit.  Werewolves don't exist.  Why do you think I'd believe something that ridiculous?"

"I think you'll believe the truth and the truth is Stiles is a werewolf.  He was born that way."


"You know the woman who was killed the other day?  The one who was cut in half?  That was his mother.  She was cut in half because it's one of the only ways to ensure a werewolf stays dead."

"Stays dead?  Christ, Alan, do you know how that sounds?"

"Like I'm insane.  Yes, Derek, I know how it sounds.  It doesn't make it any less true."

Alan's calm confidence began to work its way into way into Derek's head, into his heart, making him wonder if maybe, just maybe, it could be true.  Werewolves are real.

Or maybe Alan just forgot to take his anti-psychotic medication this morning.

Both options seemed equally likely at the moment.

"He giving you the "werewolves are real" speech?  I keep telling him he needs to work up something like the "one girl in all the world" speech from Buffy, but he refuses.  I even wrote him one a few years back, but alas, all my hard work was for naught.  I'm Stiles, by the way.  Thanks."

The kid – Stiles – looked good, healthy and well rested, except for a deep sadness around his eyes.  Understandable if he'd just lost his mother.

"If I'm not mistaken, that usually did much better with a visual aid."

"So it did."  Stiles grinned and raised his hand.  His fingernails were abnormally long and thick and pointed.  With Stiles' hand raised in front of his face, it was impossible to miss the glowing golden eyes, the excess facial that had come from nowhere, the fangs crowding that agile mouth.

Derek scrabbled back, forgetting he was in a rolling chair and nearly falling off when the chair hit the wall.

"Holy shit!"

"That's the usual reaction," said Stiles, the fangs distorting the words.  ...
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Derek Hale was running late to work.  It wasn't his fault.  His stupid sister Laura decided to go grocery shopping at the wrong time on the wrong day.  There was a schedule for a reason and not just so Derek wouldn't be late for work.  Of course, if his car wasn't in the shop for repairs, it wouldn't matter.  Peter and Laura kept trying to convince him to get a new car and he was tempted, but the Camaro had been Dad's and it had survived the fire.  He couldn't just let it go and yeah, the symbolism wasn't lost on him.

He was doing better than he thought he should be.  Not nearly as well as Peter and Laura thought he should be, but truth be told, they weren't doing all that great either.  The grief was mostly a dull ache for all of them, but it never took much to stoke the flames.  It was impossible for Derek to think of grief in any other way than fire.  He'd even planned on becoming a fire fighter the first year or so after the fire, but Laura had convinced him becoming a vet the way he'd always wanted would do more to honor the family.

Derek smiled fondly.  His sister was the very definition of stubborn.  He honestly didn't know where he and Peter would be if not for her.  She was so much like their mother.  That thought never hurt though.  He was just so grateful he hadn't lost everything.

His cell phone was on the passenger seat and he wondered if he should call Dr. Deaton and let him know he was running late.  Derek really didn't like talking on the phone while he was driving even to actual passengers, but he didn't want Dr. Deaton to worry.

Blue-green eyes slid over to the phone for a fraction of a second, then back to the road.  An old blue jeep was suddenly just there on the road.  It was moving slowly and definitely not in a straight line, so there wasn't any danger of an accident despite Derek's surprise.

Just as "where the hell did that come from" fully formed in his mind, the jeep made a shar...
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Not only did I sign up for Illustrationtwreversebang, I actually managed to get the fic done.  Here is the post.  Many, many thanks to Illustrationdamnedrobot for her beautiful artwork.  I hope I've done it justice.  For anyone who is unfamiliar with Teen Wolf, Illustrationspikedluv posted this fabulous link that really does tell you everything you need to know.

Title: Pack is Family, Family is Pack
Author: dreamerjules
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: pre-Stiles/Derek
Length: 13,626 words
Spoilers: Seasons 1 and 2.
Summary: Werewolf!Stiles returns to Beacon Hills to look for his mother's killer.
Author’s Notes: AU; Written for the first round of Illustrationtwreversebang
Warning: Show level violence; badly dealt with vague mental illness.
Thanks: Illustrationdamn...
Posted: 27 Jan 13 21:53 • More • Comments
Just want to wish Illustrationcuriouswombat a very happy birthday.  May today and the coming year be everything you want it to be.
Posted: 28 Dec 12 12:15 • Comments
The Morning After Job


A former hockey player, Mark Vector,  is running a hedge fund that he uses to launder money for the mob and steal the life savings of his fans who invest with him.  He is also involved with Damien Moreau's accounts giving the Leverage crew added incentive to take him down.

In order to get Vector to give the information on Moreau and return the client's money, the team sets it up to look like he killed Parker after spending the night with her.  Nate will be his lawyer, Sophie is the prosecutor who will cut him a new deal to cover the dead Parker and get Moreau and Hardison and Eliot are cops to get the plea agreement to sell the con.  Hardison takes the aliases too far as usual and they end up answering a domestic disturbance call and transporting a prisoner back to jail in addition to getting Sophie the agreement.

Vector is happy to give up Moreau if it will keep him out of jail.  Moreau has Vector bugged and sends in  assassins to take him out.  Vector changes his mind after the assassination attempt and runs to testify at the grand jury.  Parker shows up during his testimony, sending him off on a rant about killing people and people killing him.

Nate figures out how Vector is hiding Moreau's banking information and uses that information to tell the Italian that he's going after Moreau without her which was apparently her plan all along.

Favorite Quote: 

Eliot – I've got some tape on this guy.  He can fight.

Sophie – You watch hockey fights.  Alone at night.  In your room.

Eliot – Yeah.  You never know if you're gonna have to fight a guy on ice.

Rating: ★★★★★

The Boiler Room J...
Posted: 11 Aug 12 01:50 • More • Comments
Team: Grifter
Title: Thieves
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1400ish
Pairing: Ensemble
Time: Ancient civilizations
Summary: Performers and thieves have more in common than one would think.
Notes: The Leverage crew visiting Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.

The roads were packed all around the town of Capua. The festival celebrating the opening of the new arena drew thousands – senators and merchants, soldiers and free men and slaves by the hundreds and scores of entertainers looking to make their fortune.

"Nate, I told you we should have left earlier. We can't rush the set up. You know what happens when we rush the setup."

Nate waved Hardison off. His young apprentice was forever complaining about something. Youthful exuberance was exhausting when it wasn't your youth being exuberant. Nate finished his wine before answering.

"Hardison, we left in plenty of time and the set up would be finished now if you would help Eliot instead of complaining."

At that, Hardison headed over to where Eliot was staking out a space for their performance area. The festival should bring them a decent amount of coin. Nate didn't like relying on should though which was why Sophie and Parker were out looking for marks. Wealthy citizens with more coin and jewels then they knew what to do with. He and his little troop were more than happy to help them keep it at manageable levels.

With that in mind, he left the site intending to meet up with Parker and Sophie and if he managed to encounter a wine merchant along the way, well, a man in his position was expected to be hospitable. And Nate was a very hospitable man.


Hardison and Eliot finished setting up their performance area, mostly in silence, at least on Eliot's part. Hardison, however, kept up a running commentary on Nate's faults, the heat, the crowd, the location. He only st...
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I've joined LeverageLand.  Well, actually, I've joined Team Grifter, a great group of Leverage fans.  Anyway, there is a new round of challenges going on called appropriately enough Heist 6.  It runs through May 1, so there's plenty of time to join.
team grifter
Posted: 27 Feb 12 13:03 • Comments