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NOTE: This blog has been rated FR18 by the author. Blog content is not moderated by TtH

Title: I never wanted to be a housewife"
Author: Lil Jei
Fandom: Justified
Pairing: Raylan Givens/Boyd Crowder
Rating: PG 13
Wd Ct: 500
Disclaimer: The world of "Justified" and the characters are not mine and I make no $ off them.
Authors Note: This is the world of "Justified" but totally AU and involved in the alpha/omega world. Imagine a world that views men that can bear children as another subset of female biology. And then throw in some good old fashioned southern prejudice in regards to women’s rights especially in the Kentucky world of "Justified." This story came about in my need to write believable mpreg based off evolution etc. As well as my muse that is Raylan Givens. I always love as an author to write AU'S but I enjoy reading them as a reader as well and I wanted to share with you my take on the A/B/O world as well as mpreg. This is a what if story and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it. BTW in my typical fashion it is un-beta'd.
Summary: Raylan and Boyd had a one night stand based off their mutual love and relief to be alive, now they face the consequences.

Chapter 1
Raylan had always been a boy or so he thought. Now looking at the test results he feels like a bloody fool. He'd have never known he was one of "them" had he not given into sin. He'd let Boyd have him that night at the coal mine, he had been grateful to be alive. Within the rush of stolen kisses and binge drinking he and Boyd had ended that night in bed together.

Now he regretted it and he regretted living too. His father Arlo was gonna try to kill him after laughing his ass off at him. Trying to stay with it Raylan thinks he knows how it'll go with the Crowder’s too. Despite their reputation as "no good" Raylan knew they were traditional. The wedding isle here he comes.

Raylan was now regretting his choice to be honest. He should have run away. He should have packed a bag and hitched from Harla...
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I'm selling my tickets for the supernatural Chicago con in October. I paid $679 and am looking to sell them for $550 or best reasonable offer. Due to life's circumstances I can't afford to go. Please message me or comment if interested!
Posted: 3 Sep 13 00:55 • Comments
My grandma got very sick two months ago.
She had been living with COPD & CHF for 6 years & living with me & my family.
She caught Pneumonia & today suffered from a collapsed lung.
She passed away with all of us at her bedside, she wasn't in pain, & went peacefully.
I figured I would let everyone know since people online have been so supportive.
Posted: 15 Jan 13 22:45 • Comments

For those on here who didn't know about me applying to a new job or about me getting a job offer from them...I accepted a new job and start training next week!

PS: Image from google.
Posted: 21 Nov 12 02:25 • Comments
In June I posted that I decided to look for another job.
Well a new resume and two job applications later I've got some results.
I applied to a place in August-no phone call back.
I applied to another place A month ago and got an invite to a invite only interview session!
I had the interview and rocked it!!!!
I also got a call back for another interview from the same place.
I might not get the job but either way I'm proud of myself.
I manned up and applied for jobs since I was so unhappy at my current job.
My family and friends are proud of me as well.
And that's all I've ever wanted.
But I can't say that it wouldn't be nice to get a new job that would allow for more advancement in my field.
*Fingers crossed!*

PS: Maybe after all this stress is over with I'll be able to write more and be online more too.
PPS: And hopefully these tension headaches will stop as well.
Posted: 19 Nov 12 02:29 • Comments
Title: Lie To Me...WIP.
Author: Lil Jei
Fandom: Grimm
Pairing: Nick/Monroe
Rating: PG-13 or R
Wd Ct: 3000+
Disclaimer: The characters and show depicted are not mine and I make no money off of them.
A/N & Warning: I took a prompt from grimm_kink and ran with it.
Summary: Aunt Marie lied about Nick's parents. The truth is she kidnapped him when he was just a little boy because he was a Grimm born into a family of creatures and hid him in plain sight by using a spell (glamour?). Now, years later, the spell is falling apart without Marie there to strengthen it and everything is changing, for the better and for the worse. Bonus points for Royal King Renard always searching for his son and Nick manifesting some less than human qualities once the spell begins to unravel. Can be gen or slash.

Part One:
Part Two:

PS: I apologize for my tardiness in regards to this fic. I got involved in another fandom the past two weeks and despite some great Grimm episodes found my muse rather lacking. FYI there will be two more parts posted for this fic and then it's done. I won't say two weeks til the next part but I do hope that it will be within a two or three week time period. I hope ya'll enjoy this latest part, please leave some comments :)

Chapter Nine

Sean regretted many things in his life. The loss of his son was one a drop in the ocean professionally but was all that mattered to him personally. His dear wife Lucinda leaving him in his grief did not matter near as much. His canton, his people, nothing truly mattered after that day. He only lingered in this life, ghosting through it.

Only his mother could reach him then and now when he was in one of his moods. His kingdom could rise and f...
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rapeanal sexbrandingfantasiessharingchildish charactersplaying hard to getslow/ prolonged sexstraight/ straight acting partnerscuddlingdisabilities/ infirmitiesface-fuckingWILD CARD object fetishes (other)catalystsustdystopiaspenance/ reformwet dreamstoughnesssexual experience/ expertiseabsence makes the heart grow fondersixty-ninevirgins/ inexperienced partnersintelligence

1. Rape (single assailant; gang rape; partner rape)
2. Anal sex (face to face, from behind, bottom riding top; standing; bent over desk; gay or straight; girl-on-boy with strap-on; girl-on-girl with strap-on)
3. Branding (erotic or non-erotic)
4. Fantasies (shared or solitary; role-playing)
5. Sharing (sharing a beer bottle, joint, or bucket of popcorn; loaning someone clothes; a character letting someone stay in their home; sharing confidences; sharing a woman)
6. Childish characters (brats; little princesses)
7. Playing hard to get
8. Slow and/or prolonged sex
9. Straight or straight-acting partner(s)
10. Cuddling (see Touch)
11. Disabilities or infirmities (limp; damaged or missing limb; chronic pain; deafness; stutters)
12. Face-fucking (blow-job)
13. Fetishes for objects not listed elsewhere (shoes, cigarettes, lipstick, coffee cups, eyeglasses, motorcycles, canes, etc)
14. Catalysts (e.g., character A shows interest in character B, which makes character C realize how hot B is; or other catalytic events bringing about such an epiphany)
15. UST (unresolved sexual tension)
16. Dystopias (apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic worlds; alien invasions; pandemics; computers take over; settings in Hell, or earth becomes Hell)
17. Penance or reform (bad boy turns good; evil seeks to change; performing acts of atonement or restitution; self-mortification; ma...
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So...I suck, no really I do. I am epically known for WIP's never getting finished. But my latest fic was never supposed to be one of those ones. I was actually involved in this fic and the plot and wanting to write and not being forced to by a deadline.

But damn it if I didn't get hooked back into another fandom COMPLETETLY different than Grimm. I haven't read Harry Potter fanfic in what feels like a decade but just one fic made me go mad with fandom lust.

GAH! And now my Nick muse is being kaputty and it sucks. I'm gonna have to force myself to write more on the fic this week and just hope that this latest part doesn't suck.
Posted: 28 Aug 12 09:14 • Comments
My Review:

I’m still crying after reading this fic 15 minutes later. It’s one of those fics that stay with you for a very long time, especially if you’re like me and have lost someone to Cancer. There aren’t alot of words I can say about the fic other than every word hurts to read and it is so realistic and painful but in the end so worth it to read.


Cancer!fic that’s more about life and the inevitable tragedy of it than cancer. And it is a tragedy. But dear lord is it a sweet, sweet tragedy.

Stiles is diagnosed with leukemia the summer before his senior year.


  Image by blood-baby96 I took it from a post of hers about the fic :)

"Slipping Away"
Posted: 22 Aug 12 11:07 • Comments
Title: Lie To Me...WIP.
Author: Lil Jei
Fandom: Grimm
Pairing: Nick/Monroe
Rating: PG-13 or R
Wd Ct: 3000+
Disclaimer: The characters and show depicted are not mine and I make no money off of them.
A/N & Warning: I took a prompt from grimm_kink and ran with it.
Summary: Aunt Marie lied about Nick's parents. The truth is she kidnapped him when he was just a little boy because he was a Grimm born into a family of creatures and hid him in plain sight by using a spell (glamour?). Now, years later, the spell is falling apart without Marie there to strengthen it and everything is changing, for the better and for the worse. Bonus points for Royal King Renard always searching for his son and Nick manifesting some less than human qualities once the spell begins to unravel. Can be gen or slash.

Part One:

Chapter Six...Meanwhile.

Setting his phone back down on the desk Renard held in a sigh. It had been a rough year, to say the least. He had fought many battles in his life but none had made him feel so weary as this last year's. One of his favorite detectives smelling like a Grimm had been hard enough but finding out he was related to that she-bitch Marie Kessler had enraged him. From that very moment he'd been fighting an uphilll battle. To keep Nick alive and to keep his kingdom safe he had had to some very questionable things but none so much as having Marie eliminated.

He knew deep down that Burkhardt wouldn't forgive him even if he knew the truths behind the royal mask and the reasons behind his actions. He knew before long that his mask that he had held onto for so long would fall and Nick would find out all of his secrets. Well most them at least, no one ever spoke of his deepest most hurtful secret. The Wesen community knew and said nothing, ever. He'd killed for less than an insult on his...
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Here's the first two...

Title: 30 Day Challenge...Snowflake

Author: Lil Jei
Fandom: Grimm
Pairing: Nick B/Sean R
Rating: PG 13
Wd Ct: 100 +
A/N, Disclaimer, & Warning: I'm attempting the 30 day drabble meme from Tumblr...I'll be writing in different fandoms each day or at least trying too. None of the characters are mine and I most def make no money off of my fanfic writing. My warning is simple...there will be slash, kink, angst, & plenty of hot men sexiness.
Summary: Day 1

It was snowing in Portland, not a strange occurance most days but today seemed different. Nick felt like each snowflake was a part of him. That each drop of snow was telling the world just how cold inside he was. His life had changed in the year since he' d become the Grimm of Portland. He had lost a girlfriend, gained a best friend, and become so isolated from either world that it made him want to cry even on the good days.

The only thing that kept him from becoming too depressed was that he'd become friends with Monroe and lovers with Sean. Meeting his mother after all these years had made his depression worsen. So much so that Sean had become deeply concerned. He knew the king of Portland didn't need the extra stress having Nick as his consort brought but still Nick loved him for all the support he did give.

Still the snow and cold weather brought Nick down, just like it always had when he was stressed. There was nothing his Captain and Wesen lover could do but let him be. His aunt and even Juliet when they were together knew that lesson well. Even now years later Nick would still need own version of alone time. And the new snow had ushered those feelings in sooner than Nick had hope...
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Title: Lie To Me...WIP.
Author: Lil Jei
Fandom: Grimm
Pairing: Nick/Monroe
Rating: PG-13 or R
Wd Ct: 3000+
Disclaimer: The characters and show depicted are not mine and I make no money off of them.
A/N & Warning: I took a prompt from grimm_kink and ran with it.
Summary: Aunt Marie lied about Nick's parents. The truth is she kidnapped him when he was just a little boy because he was a Grimm born into a family of creatures and hid him in plain sight by using a spell (glamour?). Now, years later, the spell is falling apart without Marie there to strengthen it and everything is changing, for the better and for the worse. Bonus points for Royal King Renard always searching for his son and Nick manifesting some less than human qualities once the spell begins to unravel. Can be gen or slash.

Chapter One

Nick always wondered why when he was tired he'd slip into an accent. More than one person since he was a child would comment on it. Marie never had. Juliette and Hank both thought of it as one of his quirks. As if he had watched one too many horror movies about vampires and Translyvania. It didn't happen all the time and Nick never noticed really, at least until now.

Because it explained so many of his quirks and attitudes and inherent ways he looked at things. He'd fallen asleep last night in the trailer like so many nights before since Juliette had left him. He couldn't stand going back to the cold barren apartment he now had to rent or even worse end up wallowing at Monroe's AGAIN. So he laid down in the cramped little bed and tried to sleep. And his dreams had started off like so many had before, another fight with an angry Wesen or a screaming match with Juliette. Things from his own daily life always transferred into his nightly dreams.

But none of that registered tonight. He'd fallen deeply asleep and while doing so had changed from the inside out. He can still feel her, his grandmother supp...
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Originally posted by Illustrationblueraccoon at LJ PSAThere's a new spammer out there dropping comments on old posts - in my case and other people's cases, it's very old fics. They're leaving youtube links. DO NOT CLICK THE LINKS. The youtube video is spam but there's a very nasty piece of malware attached, a rootkit virus that's difficult to remove. Delete the comments, report the spammer, but do not click the links at all. If you have clicked the link, please run your AV software now.

Info gotten from Illustrationmedie and Illustrationsiria, and I'm glad I saw it because I've gotten hit with a couple of comments. I didn't click the link because I figured it was spam, and now I'm very glad.

This entry was originally posted at Please comment there. | comment count unavailable comments
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Title: J2, A Poem
Author: Lil Jei
Fandom: SPN RPS
Pairing: Unrequited J2
Rating: PG
Wd Ct: UNK
A/N & Warnings: Inspired by "A Thousand Years" by C. Perri & by these lines, "I was in love with a man in Afghanistan. She touches her wrist with her other hand, wanting to feel the ghost of his last touch there but feeling nothing." I found it in a fanfic by pprfaith about a female John Watson falling in love with Sherlock. And really only the first line was directly influencing & used...for some reason it just spoke to me. Fic can be found here:
Summary: It's a J2 poem jeez.

I was in love with a man in Vancouver.

I was still in love with him in Los Angeles and Hollywood.
No matter where I was he was in my heart.
Yet never truly in my arms.

When he first hugged me, I was naive.
So was he.
Neither one of us thought of tomorrow, the end of it all.
We never once thought, of what could be, what wasn't, and what we soon gave up.

Time moved on but my heart never did.
It still beats faster when he smiles, when he laughs, or when he walks away from me.
He never knew what he did and still does to me.
I gave him up when he found someone, someone better for him, someone not me.
Posted: 24 Jul 12 03:36 • Comments
"...felt so lonely in your company but that was love and it's an ache I still remember." ~Gotye

Jared had finally made it home and he was still shaking. When he’d gotten the phone call from hell he’d been shocked enough to stop breathing for a minute there. He’d let the phone drop from his hands onto the floor with a clatter. He knew that Jensen had been getting worse and worse with each season they shot. The liquor on his breath getting more distinctive depending on who he was shooting scenes with. From what Misha & Jim said they hadn’t noticed anything coming from the man. Although they’d mentioned that afterwards if it had been a long shoot Jensen would get the shakes. And all of them knew it wasn’t just exhaustion that had the man shaking.
Jared knew the signs of long term alcohol usage, he’d seen it in Chad as well as a few family members. Being from Texas you would be accustomed to seeing men drink heavily from an early age. It was always just another excuse to drink and barbeque. Whatever got them through tough days on the ranch or in the office but Jared had wanted no part of it. He’d party hard with his buddies but he’d leave it back at the bar when he got home. There was beer in the fridge but that was it no matter what each of the J(G)en’s wanted.

But Jared had only himself to blame for both of his love’s descent into madness. It was only a paternity test that proved to him that Colton was his. Jensen had only started drinking heavily after Jared left him, this he knew because Chris had beat it into his face one weekend.Gen on the other hand had started out as an appetizer and had only married him under pressure. And she hated him for it. Hated him so much that she laid with others and partied with friends instead of being with him and their son.

It was a good thing their neighbor was willing to watch Colton for the whole day instead of a few hours because Jared needed to decompress or...
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"The priority of any addict is to anaesthetise the pain of living to ease the passage of day with some purchased relief." ~Russell Brand

Jensen couldn't believe what a fool he'd become. He'd been on hiatus a little over a month now and he'd lost it. Drinking a little each day turned into drinking alot each hour of the day. Thankfully there'd been no drinking and driving but sitting in a jail cell for a bar fight he'd started was somehow just as bad. It was certainly hell on the hangover he was developing.

The bar fight was all his fault, he'd started it after he'd taken a few remarks a little too personally. But he'd been so drunk at that point that it had been a matter of honor to him. It had looked like a really good idea to defend himself at the time. That was what led him here, a jail cell of all places. He felt like he was living Dean's life these days and not his own. At least the other guys were in the cell next to him and all he had to deal was some homeless guy on the bench across from him. Unfortunately he'd sobered up the minute the cell door had slammed shut.

And that's where he was now, sober enough to regret and still hungover enough to want to die. The fog hadn't lifted until he'd had to make his one phone call. He knew his agent hadn't said much because she was so furious with him. But he had hoped to have been bailed out by now. He didn't like being left alone with his thoughts, they just depressed him more. It was a little harsh of her to leave him in jail overnight. But Jensen also knew his agent was the least of his worries. When Eric and the network found out what happened he knew his head might end up on a platter somewhere.

The hours passed slower than molasses when you sat in a jail cell. He'd spent the entire night sobering up enough that all he wanted to do now was scream. He knew he'd screwed up bigtime. And that when his fans and the press caught wind of this latest episode of his they we...
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It's so curious: one can resist tears and 'behave' very well in the hardest hours of grief. But then someone makes you a friendly sign behind a window, or one notices that a flower that was in bud only yesterday has suddenly blossomed, or a letter slips from a drawer... and everything collapses. ~Colette

He’d been flipping through the channels waiting for Colton to wake up from his nap. Gen had gone out with the girls, leaving him behind to care for the baby again. God some days his life was just too much. Sitting back on the couch it was all he could do to sigh heavily. Looking up was when he’d stumbled upon it. TNT of course, they always show the cult shows on repeat. And on one of his days off what does he find, HIM of course Jared thinks with a snort.

It certainly brought him back to days he’d rather not relive. At least not now, with Colton and Gen in his life. It was Gen that had taken him away from those days anyway. And look where it got him. Thank god she had the baby a little before hiatus, how nice of her really. It helped him remove himself from the show and the cast and that whole life. He had to do so on a regular basis so much now that he hated himself a little for it. It used to be they were a family now him and most of them were barely friends. He’d heard of this happening on other shows but he’d never thought it could happen to theirs.

But then he’d been thinking with his big brain back then and not his dick. The past few years showed just how good of actors him and Jensen really were. They act as close friends could all day and night, it was only on these days off that Jared could think about it with any bitterness. He was always ON. And not even having Colton had made the situation that was his life any better. He just felt trapped one way or the other. He and Jensen had been close, and had gotten too close for his own careers comfort and Jared had done the sensible thing and broken things o...
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"Every habit he's ever had is still there in his body, lying dormant like flowers in the desert. Given the right conditions, all his old addictions would burst into full and luxuriant bloom."

~Margaret Atwood

It had been years since he'd felt this out of control. He couldn't tell what was up or down and he knew somewhere along the way he'd gotten lost. He was taking a hit a day just to stay sane and make it through everything. He had just one question, when did everything become so hard? Probably somewhere around year four and Jared telling him it was over between them and that he had found somebody new. Thank god it had been during hiatus because Jensen had spent the next week blitzed out of his mind.

He'd also been reintroduced to his old friend addiction. And thankfully Chris had only given him a few pills or several really and had forgotten about it. Because if his old buddy knew how far down the rabbit hole he really was, the man would feel guilty beyond repair. Jensen had stopped drinking heavily when Dark Angel had ended because he knew if he didn't he'd destroy his liver. But that decision lasted only an hour after Jared had left him. He'd gone back to his oldest friend and he'd hit the bottle hard. Then he'd remembered just why painkillers and booze was so much fun.

Of course the fun ended when he realized that in his month long haze he'd found some chick, proposed and ended up married before he could even sober up. And then Jared had to go and get hitched too just to show Jensen up some more. Wasn't enough that Jared had broken his heart but to rub it in the way he did made Jensen want to scream and take some more pills.

And that was nearly 4 more years ago. Now Jared had a brand new baby boy that Jensen was dear uncle too and both of their marriages were perfect. Well perfect by appearances only. He knew Gen had stepped out on Jared plenty and well his marriage was a hoax but a damn good one. She...
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Title: “Jen's Addictions”
Author: Lil Jei
Fandom: Supernatural RPS
Pairing: J2 & Their RL Wives...
Rating: R
Wd Ct: Hopefully 4000+
A/N's: For SPN_Illuminated Cycle & Divendfly's original manipulation (
Warnings/Disclaimer: Switching Time Periods & POV’s. Dark, depressing, and full of Angst. Drug abuse, alcoholism, self injury(maybe), and adultery as well. I'm going in the direction of Jensen being addicted and so out of control but not realizing it until it's too late and he nearly dies and then in the last 1000 words will be J2 healing and maybe finding each other through the darkness again. The characters, show, and lyrics aren't mine I'm just playing around with them.
Summary: Jensen had Jared first but got him ready for Gen while he was later pushed aside and lost himself amidst a rush of booze and drugs. Does he found redemption within himself and does Jared find meaning in life again?


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Epilogue...Maybe. But for now I'm done.
Posted: 28 Jun 12 23:29 • Comments
Title: Disturbed
Author: Lil Jei
Fandom: Justifed
Pairing: Raylan/Wynn
Rating: NC-17
Wd Ct: UNK.
Warnings/AN: Kidnapping, drugging, rape and maybe character death. The show and Characters aren't mine. There's no happy ending here folks read at your own risk!
Summary: "So, Marshal, we meet again."

When he woke up he knew something was wrong. His head was killing him and he felt like he'd been drugged. He'd been coming back from arguing with Winona AGAIN and all of sudden, all of sudden it all went black before his eyes. He didn't know who it was that took but they were good, better than the average thug he was used to dealing with.

And through the fog his head was under he knew there was gonna be trouble. His heart was racing and with his head pounding loud enough to be heard on the outside Raylan knew he should be worried. And hell he was, really was. But more than that he was becoming terrified and confused over the whole thing.

He'd never been scared of dying but this was different, he knew down deep he might not be coming back from this. And it was all made worse because he had figured it out, who had him. But waking up naked and tied down had frightened him and he had hoped his mind would tell him different than his scared logic. He remembers hearing about the kinks his latest enemy had and encourage in his employees and now he was gonna face them head on.

Not really though, he was tied down and defenseless and didn't know if his training was gonna help him make through this. He didn't know what this was but he knew the position he was in was going to lead to torture of the worst kinds. It's just as he's trying to calm his heart when he heard a door open. Instead of his heart calming it went sky high especially when a voice behind him said, "So, Marshal, we meet again."

And with his worst fears confirmed Raylan just knew there was no coming home from this. He hoped Winona would un...
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I needed to throw the words on a pic of Dean but still it works with him ya know...ha!
Posted: 11 Jun 12 10:48 • Comments
I think it's time to move on...I took a week off of work and never felt better.
My family, my friends, even some of my co-workers feel that maybe it's time I DO move on.
There's other jobs I can apply for and after 3 years I gotta say that I'm going to at least see what's actually out there.
I just need to polish up my resume it, stop worrying, and just let go and get away from such a toxic work environment.
Wow...I made a decision.
And it still kind of stings a bit that I want to leave a safe and secure job but one that makes me extrememly unhappy and that I'm staying at for only one of my co-workers.
Insecurity, insanity, and another job hunt here I hopefully come!

Posted: 3 Jun 12 06:55 • Comments
This is my go to icon for when I'm feeling depressed or just blue. I found this at a time when my ex BF was stalking me and in general making my life really crazy...and I still use it for when my life is falling apart. 

I don't have alot of HAPPY icons and this is one that I found that I adore. And I use it whenever I am super happy and feeling all bouncy with glee.

This is my icon for when I'm fangirling about "Suits" or feeling reflective in life. I don't get alot of use out of it unless I'm being all emo.

I am a huge Dean girl...and this was one of my favorite episodes this year. It combined my love of the 1940's-50's gangster/mob or smooth talking cop look with my love of Dean and since I was looking for a new Dean icon this one was it.

This is not my favorite icon by any means but this was one of my favorite Sam that being said I needed an icon for Sam and the episode and wala I found that this one was about the only one that just worked for me.

So that's my fill for the icon meme. As always, in terms of the icons posted, folks are free to steal/use/appropriate/alter/edit or mess with in whatever way they see fit, no comments or permissions required.

Rules of the Meme:

1. Reply to this post with the keyword, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. T...
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Originally posted by Illustrationsparrowsverse at Major Purge at FanFiction.NetOriginally posted by Illustrationaviv_b at Major Purge at FanFiction.NetIf you haven't already heard, there is a major purge of fanfic going on at FanFiction.Net. This is happening across all genres and fandoms large and small. They are apparently notifying writers, but only AFTER they yanked the story.

There appear to be two major issues. The first one would have been largely fixable if we were given notice. If your story title or summary isn't K (or G) rated, they are pulling the stories down. Yes, this is in their rules, but an alert to writers would have been nice. Some people have been able to get stories reinstated after fixing these, but some have not. If you post on, you may want to check your titles and summaries and eliminate any curse words, references to sex acts and the like.

The second issue is a bit murkier. While allows M rated stories, they do not allow what they call MA stories. Basically, they will allow material of a sexual nature, but not anything very explicit. Stories that are pretty tame have been pulled while others that are PWP have not. There is speculation that they may be scanning for particular words or phrases or checking all M or T stories. 

Posted: 1 Jun 12 22:22 • Comments
Originally posted by Illustrationcandygramme at New: "The Other Side of Life" [CMM/JA] PG-13Title: The Other Side of Life

Author: candygramme

Pairing: Chad Michael Murray/Jensen Ackles

Rating: PG-13

Beta: Illustrationspoonless1

Word Count: 7,000

Warnings: Chad

Author’s Notes: This was something of a departure for me. I was bought by Illustrationlil_jei during a charity auction to raise funds for Planned Parenthood. What she asked for, was a Jensen Ackles/Chad Michael Murray story:

I just honestly want a happy ending fic with some hot sex and angst...Maybe they're together post-divorce...IDK. Oh and Jared and their fans and families should be ok with them-think they're perfect together of something...happy happy happy with some sex and angst.

So it's all her fault really!

Hon, I know it isn’t NC 17, but I do hope you like it anyway. I’ve never really written The Chad as other than a bit player, so I was a bit at sea about him. This is what I came up with.

“Please understand, Jen. It’s the chance I’ve been waiting for. I’m so sorry.”

Jensen had understood. He had. He’d been gracious, or at least he thought he had, even though he’d wanted to cry and scream and yell...
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