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To any and all that care.

I am still alive and well. Been using this as more of a diary and link cache... But, you know.

My writers block is just about gone too! ^_^
Posted: 1 Sep 14 08:56 • Comments
Originally posted by Illustrationmorgandawn at Seems I Am Not The Only One..........who feels the need to take a break from an increasingly dysfunctional relationship.
Posted: 21 Jan 12 23:26 • Comments
just posting this to let anyone who cares know that I am still around... And can be reached here...

I have 2 classes to finish and I plane on that happening by the end of July. (seriously, I've got 5 weeks of a 15wk course just sitting here waiting for me to type it and send it in the mail). I have also procured employment starting on the 13th till some time in August, yay for paychecks! [Well, technically sense it is an Americore 'project' I don't get paid a wage. I get a stipend and a living allowance- more about that latter]

All this to explain why I might not be around my usual haunts for as long -all day- as I normaly do.
Posted: 3 Jun 11 15:36 • Comments
Don't you all like how I've been lurking/posting "my eyes only" for for ever?

I know I do! /sarcasum

Gawd I have so much fanfiction to keep up on, and its time to change the avi picture, this time -le gasp- its not a Theif King Baku pic!!!! 0_o
Posted: 27 Sep 10 18:31 • Comments
It all got started by this post in Play the damn Card.

Brown eyed girls

Dude? Are these the Brown Eyed girls too?!?!?!
Marshmello~w! *has pretty boys in it!:

U-kiss! (oh gawd such pretty boys!!!!)

My gawd, I think I need to start paying attentcion to K-pop/rock again
Posted: 15 Nov 09 23:29 • Comments
Posted: 6 Nov 09 16:20 • Comments

I've moved to CMU, lots of shite has happened, most of it minor...

My lapy is being pissy, and thus, little to no time on the interwebs for pleasure...

BUT! will be posting again before September is out. ^_^ *sweatdrop*
Posted: 31 Aug 09 13:30 • Comments
But things are slowing down now.... My job is about to be over in 2 days... I visit CMU's campus in 4..... I see the ex-boything after 1 1/2~2ish years in 5 [yesh I _will_ be elaborating on that], and I get paid for the last time in 2 weeks.

I'll have lots of time now to write my speeches and do extra-credit in HR.... And maybe-perhapps-kinda half ass the rest of my LSU math class.

But I've just did the figuring on the 1st draft of my projected budget for the next 4 weeks.... AND I STILL SOMEHOW HAVE NO MONEY!

P.S. 31 days till move-in to CMU
Posted: 20 Jul 09 16:40 • Comments
But not as jam-packed the next three (counting this one)…

So!  Got only one job, first paycheck is this Friday, Summer classes start today, I have yet to take my mid-term for Lsu math, still have 8 more lessons to go + final, got excepted to CMU, and am moving out/there on Aug 20.


I just might go crazy with my shedual, first work then 2ish hours of nothing then class until dark o’clock… Rinse, re-peat Monday- Thursday…. It’s the math that’s going to get me, I know it… Its such a big motivation/energy/time drain…
Posted: 29 Jun 09 16:30 • Comments
Busy day _was_ busy.  It also brought big surprises.... I defently have the Tot lot/secritary job for the school system... And I can almost guaranty that I got the/a job from/for the hospitals too!

How Awsome is that! It will be super-special awsome if I can find away to do both programs at the same time (while going to night clases).
Posted: 4 Jun 09 17:10 • Comments
So I've been hoping to get a job in this Summer Youth thing. (There's about 7 institutions that are offering positions).  And I've gotten a "we'll see" call from one, interviewed in person at a job fair for one,  and have two pseudo-interview/bring in all your forms in tomorrow.

Things are still going along on the CMU front, if all goes relativly well I'll be gone by Aug 20.

I'm officialy halfway through/done with my LSU math class!  ^_^ Now if only my Prof could catch up and GRADE something.... *mumble* I mean- I have sent in 7 lessons, 8 if you count the fact that I had to re-submit lesson 1, and the only grade I've recived is an incomplete... TWO weeks after I mailed it.  Seriously, they better not send ANY thing back to me for re-submission... I've been mailing things a week apart, all 7 of my lessons could not have possible reatched  LSU at the same time! *louder mumbles*

Now I don't know weither to keep up the submision schedual I have going right now, or wait a week or so... Because they have to acept my lessons 1-7 and grade the biotches _before_ they mail me my Mid-term.

(Oh, yeah... I passed that self-imposed time thing)
Posted: 3 Jun 09 23:32 • Comments
Allrighties, it is Sunday, and I told myself I have until Monday to finish 4 Math lessons for Lsu… (so they can be mailed all together on Tuesday)

Currently have 50% of one assignment done… so lets see…*checks material difficulty and number of probs to do*  Its about 4:30pm now… How about I try to have 1 and a half more (out of 3 ½) of this assignment group done in as many hours?   (Bar annoying things like parental interruptions).  And then the next 1hr ½ I see how much more I have done… I’m going to post again at about 8:30-9ish with the results.
Posted: 31 May 09 16:28 • Comments
Blah... Just a quick not that I'm still at my target goal for Micro after the 1st test.  Which I took today.  "Found" one of my old  friends from school and have set up weekly meet-and-study dates at the library near our houses........
Posted: 28 May 09 23:18 • Comments
Its _EARLY_ and I can’t seem to go to sleep yet… so and therefore- livejournal post!

I am, or was yesterday, the focused-ness because I just got finished knocking out a good chunk of my LSU class… 3 2/3’s assignments ^__^!  I know that might not seem big, but I can only submit 3 of them every 7 (calendar) days.  Well, that’s not exactly true… I can mail up to 6 within a 7 day period if I wish, but only 3 will be forwarded to my Prof. for grading, the other 3 will be “on hold” until the 7 days are up.

I have 15 assignments total (in this class), but at the rate I’m going (bar interruptions like family-functions later today) I’ll have another 3¼ done at least by this time tomorrow (1:52 am).  Which will still leave me plenty of time to start studying for the first test in Micro.  It starts on the 26th (Tuesday/tomorrow) and ends on the 30th, but I want to take it ASAP… Because it will leave me a lot of free time for my math class- and I’m starting to sense a pattern.

*big yawn* Gawd I’m tired… All right, here be the facts/status report:  I have surpassed my target grade (3.5) in Micro with a perfect 4.0, on the 23rd.  I have completed all my quizzes, but I have 5 tests to take.  My mission now is to not get test scores that F-up my grade to much.  It shouldn’t be too hard to achieve, what with the last test being take-home ‘n all.

Allright, I’ma sleep now… ‘m starting to ramble.
Posted: 25 May 09 02:15 • Comments
(Sorry for the semi-spam.  My last post was getting a little long and off-subject if it was kept together)

Ah, school did I mention school enough? Well this Spring-Summer term at mott is coming along like a gentle breeze right now.

My goal is to somehow get my GPA in the ballpark of what it was when I graduated from High school, (I took classes as a Junior and Senior), which is a 3.0.  Realistically I know I got to many credits now for major upward movement, but hey can only try right? ^_^.

Now currently I have 10 credits bought & paid for from mott.  Currently, MICRO ECCON ( 4 cr.) is the only class that has started, and it goes from Spring-Summer, meaning it ends in August.  Its distance learning and I’m already so far ahead in that class it isn’t funny…  My target grade is a 3.5, I’ll have to see how hard the tests are, but its doable.

 Summer semester doesn’t event _start_ until the 29th of June!  Then I’ll have Fundamentals of Comm (again! *pulsing vein*) and Human Resource Management.  I’ll have to physically go to these night classes, but it shouldn’t be a prob.  Don’t have the syllabi(?) so I can’t though out a grade-goal yet.

Oh, but I forgot about my LSU math class… Yanno the one that’s a pre-req to a certain Ferris class that starts June 17. *sweatdrop* Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to make that deadline… But who cares ^_^ I’m trying to get into CMU anyway. …Now that I have all this fee time I’ll be sure to have it done before Mott’s summer semester.  And maybe it will transfer as the last requirement I need to get my 3rd Associates degree!  The one with the Gods damned MACRO stamp on it!  (the stamp keeps me from having to take things like -English- over again when I transfer, and cements my status as a college junoir)*mumbles to self* it’s a 3 credit class though, and I think I needed FOUR more math credits… *crosses-fingers*
Posted: 23 May 09 22:25 • Comments
I really _REALLY_ wanted to go to Disney. But it seems like that is not to be for this program session.

I got my final decision letter in the mail, and it said the jobs I signed up for are all filled! I want to kick myself so hard for listing only 4 areas of interest. *sigh-shouldersrug*.  Oh well, its not like I can’t apply for the Spring sessions. ^_^

I can so see the bright sides to this though..

Number 1: You all on my f-list won't have to see my babble semi-spam about the Disney college Program anymore for a long while.
2:  I won't have to worry about withdrawing from all my classes and getting my money back and all that fun stuff.
Thirdly:  I can foccus on finishing very well these two semesters and concentrait on transfering to a 4-year college next Fall
Number-next one:  I can fully dedicate myself to the local (potential) job oprotunities I have now.  And/or chose to still work for/help/ keep company with my great-grandmother until fall.
And Lastly: I will have time to do some more soul-searching and book research about my future careere path(s), and my future in general.
Posted: 23 May 09 22:02 • Comments

I stubed my right big toe the other night... And it hurts like hell to wear closed toe shoes, though I can walk around just fine.

Today makes the 5th week of my disney "countdown".  But a lot of suspence has been taken out of the wait for me.   See, I e-mailed my interviewer with some bouguse arse as well as serious questions.... But I was totaly fishing, and I am well aweare that I was not fooling anybody, least of all _her_ that I was fishing.  So she e-mailed me back and told me when my letter was sent ( and that it would just take some time now to get to me)...And in all probability, it will _still_  manage to get to me on the 1st of June. *eyeroll*

Well, at least I don't have to rush out to get the mail everyday due to uncertainty.
Posted: 21 May 09 23:38 • Comments
F-list! My Great-grandmother's birth day is tomorrow! *does a little dance*

What do you give to someone who is 96 years old?  *major sweatdrop*
Posted: 19 May 09 15:08 • Comments
Seriously, what the crap?  These past 4-5 days I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the train of my academic progress back on its tracks.


The day after I found out that I was getting a 3 point in my International BUSN class, I found out that I was somehow “magically” _NOT_ registered for Summer OR Fall classes at Ferris.  *cleansing breath*  I talked to my advisor on MARCH the 26th goddamn!  I’ll spare you the details right now, but suffice to say that if I keep with the consortium way/style of doing my classes I won’t graduate with my B.S. until sometime after the Fall semester of 2014.  Yes it that long, they only provide certain classes every 2 years or ever other semester… And most are pre-reqs of each other.


My only hope to graduating in a reasonable amount of time, after I’ve been so thoroughly screwed over, is to move on campus.


*drywashes face*  All this shite makes me long for an acceptance letter from Disney more and more.  Today marks 3 weeks sense my phone interview, and 1 week sense that “we are still thinking about it” letter.  *prays harder*
Posted: 7 May 09 21:39 • Comments
Submitted my paper... Even though I got cought nit-picking and sent it in 85% done.  I quiclky sent the finished copy, but I'm not holding my breath that my Prof will except it.... Just hope I get 75%.... That puts me at a 2.0. *prays hard*

NEway, because of the huge window given to me by Disney via letter (29 GD Days!) I now have to seriously start contengioncy planning... Its 3:32 in the am right now and I just took my back-pain meds... I may not have the mental fortitude to list out my plans right now in detail, might do that latter today though to fill up time.

Suffice to say that "spring cleaning" is now on my/the agenda. What does this mean? Well for starters, I'm going to clean-up/fix my tags on livejournal.  Even though I really like this current layout, and will probalbly keep it for another 3-6 months I will be changing to a layout that shows/lists all my tags off to the side somewhere.  I like tags, they make me happy, and I can find things easeir when someone tags their stuff well.  Which is important if you have a lot of posts, and I'm starting to get into the habbit of posting alot on livejournal... So tag cleanup it is!  Actualy I'm thining about doing what Illustrationsolar_cat has done with her tags.  She has a hell of a lot, but they are very specific (example- fandom: harry potter).  That system could be hella usefull for my "skool" tag... I'm thinking of seperating them by semesters...

Speaking of livejournal, I might be getting a dream"whatever" account... Its pretty cheap, so I may pay for one... Have to see how much a paid acount here ar livejournal is to... But I might just keep this one as a free account. I also might be changing my default icon, allways a big to-do with me.  And deleting/adding some icons that I ...
Posted: 2 May 09 04:05 • More • Comments
Or Done, done done done done done.  With the Winter/ Spring (Ferris) simester...

I have about 2 hours and 30 or so min to add 3 pages to my 5 page essay test in International BUSN (Ferris)... And I am _so_ not concerened. Maybe I should be... I absolutely HAVE to get at least a 75/100 on it to keep my 2.0.. Damn my casual throwing away of 20 "easy" points, if I had just 10 more points I would only need 65/100 and possible only need 55 if I had all 20. *shrugs shoulders* Oh well beggars and all that.

But I can’t help but feel ambivalent about it right now.  It is my very _LAST_ task of the semester.  My mind is already jumping ahead trying to plan out contingencies… If I don’t get into the Disney Fall Advantage program or even if I don’t get into the Fall program thus not going to Orlando at all.  I still have an LSU class to finish (but I have 9 months on that).


Oh did I menchion that I need a 2.0 in INBUSN for financial aid purposes?  Academic progress ya know ^_~. 

Well its 9 pm right now, and this paper is not going to write its self… *buckles down*
Posted: 1 May 09 21:01 • Comments
*is entirely to excited*

So… I got my letter from Disney today.. >w<!... And it’s not a “sorry, but NO” letter.

Its not an acceptance either.. XP it’s a “we haven’t decided to let you in yet, but you just might”… Its been 2 weeks + a day, so that’s faster than what they say in the “student” part of the program’s website.. (4-6 weeks there).

I am just so pumped up… and nearly shaking with the potential of it all… Not only did I get a “still processing letter”, but they are considering me for the Fall Advantage program! (which means 7/6 months in Orlando… as opposed to August-Jan)!!!


Only problem, they said that they will get back with me sometime between now and Jun 1st. *blank-stare*… That’s 30 days from now hommie!  Spring/Summer classes _START_ at Mott by then.  Oh well, *gets uber-spazy* I still might get in!
Posted: 1 May 09 14:39 • Comments
So, I think I may have actualy passed my Eccon final yesterday... which doens't really matter, because I failed the 4th test and forgot to take the 3rd... So I most likely do NOT have a 2.0...

Tomorow I'm sopposed to putll 5 pages out of my arse for the 2nd and final test in INTBUSN...*eyeroll* before midnight... which is doable.

I haven't seriously started working on it... but I'm pullin my introduction and 1st body paragraph into this paper so that's less work to do right there.  I'll just go back to the library to find one of my resorces and use some of the quotes that I did not get to use in my research paper..

Oh and for my own records, today markes the 2nd week from when I first watched the "e-presentation" and applied to disney...

Gawd I hope I get a _thick_ package in the mail tomorow....
Posted: 30 Apr 09 23:49 • Comments