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Recent entries from Learning to Dance in the Rain - the blog of Anaraine

NOTE: This blog has been rated FR18 by the author. Blog content is not moderated by TtH

Title: Bright Smiles
Rating: G
Wordcount: 150
Pairing: Sonja/Elena
Archive: Femslash100
Prompt: #423 ~ stranger at Illustrationfemslash100

Elena knows that's she's spent as much time with Sonja as she has Aden. )

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Posted: 21 Oct 14 19:26 • Comments
Title: Dream of Peace
Rating: G
Wordcount: 250
Pairing: Gretel/Mina
Archive: Femslash100
Prompt: #429 ~ better at Illustrationfemslash100

Gretel doesn't mourn Mina like Hansel does. )

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Posted: 15 Oct 14 17:08 • Comments
So. I like pumpkin. I'd even go so far as to say I verge on loving pumpkin. But I don't usually get into the pumpkin mood until mid-October. However, this year, my love for pumpkin got jumpstarted, in a big way, by a limited edition poptart - pumpkin pie.

A kind of long and hilarious story about all things pumpkin spice. )

In other news, Illustrationtrickortreatex is a thing that is happening! I am very excited about the fandom I matched up with my recipient - and am cheerfully reviewing the canon for some fun writing. I am also planning to write treats. Treats galore! Especially since the actual exchange has a minimum of 300 words. That is so low pressure that I'm feeling the urge to write all the things. We'll see if I actually do.

I'm starting to consider Yuletide. I've been aware of it, of course, but I've never really felt the desire to play. (Although... Illustrationsomnolentblue nominated Arkham Horror last year, I think? And I was TEMPTED. But when I looked at the sign up I kind of cringed away - especially since there was only a day or two left to sign up - and decided to pass.) But I am slowly inching feelers into Yuletide this year - maybe if I get enough of a headstart the signups wouldn't feel so overwhelming. So. Something I'm looking at. I kind of think I should do it at least once. As a fandom achievement, or something.

Excited ra...
Posted: 29 Sep 14 21:09 • More • Comments
Title: Skirt Shopping
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 250
Pairing: Kate/Sarah
Archive: Femslash100
Prompt: #426 ~ skirt at Illustrationfemslash100

It's fun to have a friend that won't stab her in the back. )

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Posted: 22 Sep 14 23:04 • Comments
Trick or treat, creator! As always, this letter is only here to help spark something for you - if you've got something in mind already, go for it! I'm sure I'll love what you have in mind.

For this exchange, I specifically picked out some halloween-ish fandoms - and all of them are movies that are relatively easy to get your hands on. The other fandoms are equally loved, of course, but their source material is a little less easy to consume in a couple of hours.

In general... )

The Covenant (2006) )

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013) )

Hocus Pocus (1993) )

Bleach )

Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny )

For reference:
Tag Set
Signup Summary

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Posted: 16 Sep 14 17:25 • Comments
Title: A Broken Shell
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 200
Pairing: Kagome/Sango
Archive: Femslash100
Prompt: #422 ~ shelter at Illustrationfemslash100

It still doesn't feel real. )

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Posted: 28 Aug 14 00:11 • Comments
Bleh. It is miserably hot right now. I'm avoiding the worst of it by being up late at night and sleeping through the middle of the day, but it is still not a fun experience. I'm whipping through a lot of clothes because of sweat even though I'm not really doing anything. I can't be on one electronic device for too long because it will heat up with prolonged use, so I'm switching between my DS, my PS3, my laptop and my kindle/books from the library. Basically, I am being as much of a layabout as possible. I do try to clean a little here and there, but I will fully admit that it's not much.

I am having a fun time going through these games and books though. I've actually been able to finish some games I've had for years, or at least get a good chunk of the game started/continued. And some of the books I'm reading (pulled from the bookcase of 'to-read') will be donated somewhere once they've been entered in my LibraryThing. I've decided to pare down my collection, since a recent acquisition of comic books has left things a bit messier in my room than I want to be comfortable with. (Look. I am aware hoarding is kind of a family trait - and I don't want to end up like some of my relatives, so I'm taking steps to avoid it. Do I really need all these books that I don't read? No. So all of those dime paperbacks are getting chucked out the door once they've been read and catalogued.)

I've also been sorting through some of my old movies and dvds - and getting rid of a bunch of duplicates. I don't need the VHS and the DVD and the Blu-ray. Actually watching them is a little harder (I am so terrible at watching things alone - I can sense embarrassment from a mile a way and I will pause the movie to do something else and then never finish without really pushing myself) but I've slowly been working through them too. Actually, it's been a lot easier to watch old anime than it is to watch live action. I finally got around to watching all of the Lupin III series, as ...
Posted: 11 Jul 14 07:10 • More • Comments
Title: This Skin Doesn't Fit
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 200
Pairing: Kikyou/Kagome
Archive: Femslash100
Prompt: #415 ~ naked at Illustrationfemslash100

They are not the same. )

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Posted: 10 Jul 14 00:21 • Comments
So! I am spending some quality time with extended family this summer, and one of my cousins was playing this cute little game called Costume Quest. She got stuck on a boss battle, so I ended up playing some parts of the game for her - which wasn't a hardship for me at all, but it got me to thinking about buying the game for myself. Hilariously, when I booted up my laptop and logged into Steam, it turned out I already owned the game! So my goal in the next few days here is to play the game on my own account and get all of the nifty achievements. But since I've already played a good chunk of it, I figured I'd write about it now (and this will also serve as a reminder for me to play it soon).

There are more spoilers in the Grubbins on Ice segment, but there are a few in the Costume Quest segment too, just fyi.

Costume Quest )

Grubbins on Ice )

A quick check of my receipts found that I bought the game on sale for $3.74 - which I think is a good price for the game. If you find the game for under $5, I think you'll get your money's worth from it. The replay value is decent, as it is so heavily themed - I imagine that I'll start playing it every October to get into the mood for Halloween.

I've seen some news that promises a Costume Quest 2 to be released this October, so I'll keep my eyes peeled. I probably won't pay the full price for it (Steam is very good to me that way) but anything around $5 I'll probably go for.

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Posted: 30 Jun 14 02:01 • Comments
Ganked via Illustrationsomnolentblue
Comment here if you want to play, and I will give you three to six fictional characters or couples that I associate with you. Then make an entry an entry in your journal talking about those characters/couples and fanworks that you wish the universe would create for you. (Feel free to flip it, too - give me three to six fictional characters/couples you associate with me, and I'll ramble on delightedly.)

Illustrationsomnolentblue gave me Casey/Gil (SPN), Jessica Moore and/or Adrienne Palicki (SPN), and Darcy Lewis (MCU).

And here are my answers! )

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Posted: 14 May 14 04:21 • Comments
Title: Pleasant Conversation
Rating: G
Wordcount: 250
Pairing: Sigrid/Tauriel
Archive: Femslash100
Prompt: #407 ~ portrait at Illustrationfemslash100

Sigrid does not like sitting for portraits. )

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Posted: 11 May 14 23:53 • Comments
Title: Her Name is Sigrid
Recipient: Illustrationlochness/Illustrationloch_ness
Rating: G
Wordcount: 652
Characters/Pairings: Bard/Canonical Wife, Sigrid (smidge of Bain)
Archive: AO3
Summary: She is named for wisdom, beauty, and victory - a name chosen by her mother as her father is too besotted to provide any useful input.
A/N: Written as a treat for the 2014 Illustrationrarewomen exchange! Loosely connected to my other story, A Good Older Sister.

She is born on the sixteenth of Ringarë, just after the sun has started to sink beneath the horizon. )

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Posted: 6 May 14 01:34 • Comments
Title: A Good Older Sister
Recipient: Illustrationevandar/IllustrationEvandar
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 4,418
Characters/Pairings: Sigrid, Tilda, Bain, Bard, OFCs (smidge of Bard/Canonical Wife)
Archive: AO3
Summary: "You'll be a good older sister, won't you?"
A/N: Written for the 2014 Illustrationrarewomen exchange!

Sigrid is a few months older than seven when her mother dies. )

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Posted: 1 May 14 07:02 • Comments
Title: Considering Courting
Rating: G
Wordcount: 250
Pairing: Sigrid/Tauriel
Archive: Femslash100
Prompt: #404 ~ open at Illustrationfemslash100

Sigrid has never had the time or inclination to consider being open to courting. )

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Posted: 18 Apr 14 18:57 • Comments
So I got the LEGO Hobbit game the day it came out (the 8th) for a birthday present. I knew I was going to love it - I have a fondness for the LEGO games, and I especially enjoyed the Lord of the Rings one - but I didn't realize how much I was going to love it. I just. New favorite game? Probably. I am trying really hard to savor this game instead of blitzing through it, because it's such a delight. I don't want the game to end! Right now I'm mucking about in the hub at Laketown, though my next level I will take Gandalf and Radagast to Dol Guldur.

As far as a 'sequel' to the LEGO LotR game, I would say that this is excellent. It keeps a lot of things from that game (like the stash of items that you collect and can bring out any time you like, or the blacksmith in Bree where you can make mithril items) but then added a LOT. I was very impressed with the 'loot' feature, where instead of just getting studs (money) when you destroy everything around you, you can also pick up things like gems, rope, wood and food, and in turn, you can use those to create things. Like, this makes perfect sense! Dwarves are craftspeople! (And you run around as the company + Bilbo for most of the game.)

Some cute little bits in the game (and a little spoiler-y): )

I originally bitched here a little bit about some of the bad reviews the game is getting, but then I decided I didn't want that on my journal. I want to look back at this entry and be delighted at fun things, not pissed because some elitist assholes think this game is lacking. Because it isn't. It's is delightful, sparkling joy, especially if you're a Tolkien fan.

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Posted: 16 Apr 14 22:22 • Comments
Hi there! It's nice to meet you, author - we've matched on at least one amazing lady, and I'm so excited to see where you take her. This letter is really only here to help spark something for you - if you already have an idea in mind, please go for it! Don't be intimidated by the wealth of information here - I just love to blather, and none of the following needs to be used in your story. I'm just tossing out ideas.

In general... )

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries )

Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny )

The Hobbit )

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Posted: 28 Feb 14 04:41 • Comments
Title: Welcome to Stay
Rating: G
Wordcount: 200
Pairing: Electra de Sainte-Coquille/Maerwen
Archive: Femslash100
Prompt: #399 ~ stay at Illustrationfemslash100

In the beginning, she returned to her own room to sleep. )

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Posted: 25 Feb 14 23:03 • Comments
Title: Down by the River
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 1042
Pairing: Buffy/Dwalin
Summary: Not that it's a common thing for him to end private spars in an indulgence of flesh, but Buffy had been looking at him like that earlier that morning, and he should've expected her to find a way to get what she wanted.
A/N: Written for Porn Battle XV. Complete PWP - I had a lot of plotty set up, but it got axed when I realized I had thirty minutes to finish the porn and post. Maybe I'll finish that, someday. (Originally posted here. Also at AO3.)

Dwalin should have expected their spar to end like this. )

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Posted: 16 Feb 14 15:21 • Comments
Title: To Drink From Your Lips
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 1519
Pairing: Bacchus/Lily
Summary: It still feels odd to him, sometimes, that he gets to touch, that Lily has found something in him that she can love. Bacchus is a crusty old sailor with an unsavory past, rough around the edges and old enough to be her father (if he had started young, and he had).
A/N: Written for Porn Battle XV. I believe Bacchus is significantly older than Lily, though I think it's kind of hard to tell in-game. Certainly, Lily is the oldest eligible bachlorette in the game, and Bacchus is old enough to have run away from being a possibly infamous pirate. (Originally posted here. Also at AO3.)

He finds her standing on his boat, hands braced on the gunwale and leaning out over the ocean. )

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Posted: 10 Feb 14 02:21 • Comments
So, I finally got around to watching Thor 2: The Dark World this evening...

I am sure everyone and their mother has seen this movie before me, but I'm cutting for spoilers anyways. )

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Posted: 8 Feb 14 03:20 • Comments
I got an interesting email this evening from LibThing.

During a security review, we found that LibraryThing suffered a data breach in November 2011. While no book data or financial information was taken, lost or changed, the hackers did take email addresses and encrypted password hashes for some accounts created prior to that date.

The entire LibraryThing team and I deeply regret and apologize that this happened on our watch. Since 2011, we have significantly improved our security measures, which have been further tightened across the board since we discovered this breach. As a further apology, we are upgrading you and all LibraryThing members who joined prior to November 20th, 2011 to full lifetime accounts.
(There's a slightly more in-depth blog entry at LibThing, discussing it.)

Given that the hack occurred in 2011, and they're just finding it out now in 2014, the damage is obviously already done. I don't recall any particular uptick in spam, but then I don't watch my spam like a hawk, either. (I am kind of side-eying the people who are pitching a fit about this. Do I think that they should have known sooner? Yes. But there's no point in yelling about it now.)

In any case, I am very pleased that they're handing out lifetime accounts. It wasn't like they were particularly expensive - $25 - but I never seemed to have the spare money on hand when I felt like updating. (Though I had purchased an annual membership once, I believe.)

Anyways, I think I'll actually start using the account more, now. Maybe I'll finally get all of my books documented! That would be so awesome. I could know what friggin' books I have without having to dig through my mountain of boxes. I could enter books that are on my kindle - and not have to worry about purchasing duplicates! I am excited.

Posted: 5 Feb 14 02:46 • Comments
Title: On a Snowy Night
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 1057
Pairing: Electra de Sainte-Coquille/Maerwen
Summary: They don't always sleep in the same bed, but Electra would welcome the heat of another body on such a cold night.
A/N: Written for Porn Battle XV. I was absolutely delighted to see Tides of Destiny up for prompting - I've been playing that game a lot, recently. And these ladies are clearly girlfriends, I want to see them get married in the game. (Originally posted here. Also at AO3.)

Maerwen is not very fond of public displays of affection, and Electra respects that. )

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Posted: 3 Feb 14 02:56 • Comments
So, I finally pulled this game out of my backlog and started playing. I knew I was going to like it - come on, it's Rune Factory - but I didn't expect how much. I basically blitzed through the game this past week, and it was a complete delight. (Though, I have to mention, I'm a little grumpy that the time counter stops at 99:99:59, because I have complicated feelings about records of how much time I've wasted on playing video games. If you're going to shame me into believing that I'm wasting too much time, I want you to be accurate about it. This is why I like Steam's logs so much.)

ANYWAYS. I've just gotten to the credits scene, so I've finished the "plot" of the game, and I have some thoughts.

In case you didn't get the hint, that means spoilers. )

In summary, I can understand why some people don't like this game. But I thought it was completely worth the money I paid for it. I love that I can play this game on my PS3. I loved that time doesn't pass inside buildings. (Always a feature I talk about, when playing Harvest Moon type games!) I found the character designs to be pretty awesome, and while their character stories were a little odd (seriously, one day I will bitch about Electra's weird characterization with regard to Beatrix), I can ignore it, or it can be fixed with fanfiction.

Now, to complete the game to 100%. I'll need to start making extensive lists of everything I need to make, and every monster I need to defeat and tame. :D

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Posted: 7 Jan 14 21:23 • Comments
Title: Only For Us
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 150
Pairing: Dís/Fǫnn (OFC)
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, and I don’t make any money writing about them. They remain copyright to their creators.
Archive: Femslash100
Prompt: #393 ~ ours at Illustrationfemslash100
Notes: Fǫnn is old Norse for 'snow, snowdrift'. And I want me some more lady!dwarves, Tolkien!

Dís, daughter of Thráin, son of Thrór, knows that this cannot last. )

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Posted: 29 Dec 13 17:39 • Comments
Dec 19 - Sign Ups Open
Apr 01 - Fic Rough Drafts Due
Apr 04 - Artist Claims Open
May 04 - Artist Rough Drafts Due
May 10 - Big Bang Posting Begins
May 24 - End of Big Bang Posting

Illustrationhobbitstory | FAQ
Authors | Artists | Pod Fic

The Hobbit Big Bang</img>

This is less of a bigbang, and more like a mini one, but I am 100% okay with that. The Tolkien fandom has always been a little intimidating, to me? (And I feel super silly about that, but that's just how it goes.) So having a shorter bang -minimum is at 7k- will be much less stress-inducing for me. On top of that, they're also allowing crossovers! Which may be a possibility. In any case, I am very excited about this. I just need to grab hold of one of those ideas that have been flitting through my head the past few months.

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Posted: 24 Dec 13 18:20 • Comments