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I keep coming and going it seems. Well, right now it's summer and I just graduated!!! XD sooo i am hoping to have more time to write. 
Posted: 23 Aug 12 16:40 • Comments
What is meditation? And how do I do it?

Basically, meditation is a way to focus and center your mind, along with it being a process of self-improvement. When starting out, it can be very hard to do since your body just wants to get up and move, your mind is going through your to-do list, and your back hurts. Meditation is very beneficial, but people give up or struggle just to keep it up due to these reasons, among some others. If you are new at meditation, the best thing to do is ask yourself why are you hunched over, why did you drink that coffee before meditating, and what may be possibly causing your discomfort. For instance, I have a friend who can't meditate sitting while I can. Why is that? Well, she told me it was due to your bad back. So when meditating BE COMFORTABLE. Now, on the subject of the racing thoughts and obsessions that can control us. For instance, I am a clock checker so it wasn't until recently I could meditate a full 20 mins before checking the time. Whenever my thoughts would turn to time, I would just let that thought drift away. And now some of you may be rolling your eyes at me. Drift away? Drift away?!! How can you do that? Well, it takes TIME and PATIENCE, which I struggle with, as well. In the beginning, I would have to actually mentally envision it flying away, dissolving away, or send pretty pink light to it so that it would be too distracted to DISTRACT ME!!!! As said before, learning to let go of thoughts takes time, which is very evident with myself since I have been at this whole meditation thing for six to 12 months (techinically six, since the previous six was me flirting with the idea). Now I'm wonder how long it will take me to meditate 40 minutes without checking a clock?
Now, to the really good stuff about meditation: the ability to breathe, which i am still working on by the way. What I typically do is breathe through my nose and out through my mouth. What is so great about breathing...
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Origins of NeuroscienceDescartes is thought to be the originator of the mind/body arguement. What was Descartes major idea? Describe his famous experiment with the ox eye.Ventricular localization explained bestial behavior but not humans also had a seperate "mind."Basically, he exposed the sclera of an ox eye, placed paper behind it, and noticed an inverted image.       2. How did early studies with electricity benefit the future of understanding how the brain works?The frog legs experiment had electricity passing through them and they moved, which showed that the brain and body are electrical in nature.       3. What do we mean by "localization of function" in the brain? Discuss the work of one scientist who we mentioned in class that contributed to the idea that certain behaviors are localized in the brain. "Localization of function" in the brain means that certain parts of the brain have specific functions that involved how we think, feel, and perceive sensory data.Paul Broca found the region of the human cerebrum for speech.      4. What was the major question identified by Ramon y Cajal? What is the neuron doctrine?Is the nervous system a continuous network or is it made of individual cells?The neuron doctrine is the statement that the nervous system consists of numerous nerve units (neurons), anatomically and genetically independent      5. How did William James pave the way for techniques like PET and MRI scanning?William James paved the way for scanning techniques by discussing work of Dr. Mosso, which was of blood supply increases in active brain regions.Framework
Be able to label the framework flow chart as we discussed in class and discuss the different parts.Draw flow chart laterWhat is the input?The sensory information, such as vision, hearing, and/or touch, which is received.What happens in the intermediate steps?The sensory information briefly enters the sensory buffers, which follows in a voluntary top-down component ...
Posted: 5 Oct 11 14:46 • More • Comments
LOL. so, yeah. I decided to use my livejournal site again. :)
Posted: 2 Oct 11 20:42 • Comments
 Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or supernatural
Dean couldn't fucking believe this...there was a baby in his arms that needed him. Damn it, but this little girl of his was beautiful. Blonde with green eyes like her daddy. Hopefully, shorter than him because let's be honest here...any kid of his that becomes taller than him will be able to literally look down at him...knowing his stupid brother, he'll laugh his ass right off! Dean quickly glanced at his giant of a brother. Figures the dude would go on researching marathon after Lizzy came into their lives. How hard could it be to raise a baby, anyways?
Posted: 19 Apr 10 12:55 • Comments
Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or supernatural 
Once upon a time, a hunter and his brother went searching for their father, John Winchester. On the first hunt, they came upon a woman in white and their father's journal about evil monsters, demons, and ghosts...but they did not find their father. Months later, the Hunter and his brother discovered that Dean's old flame had given birth to a beautiful baby. This beautiful child immediately became her father's pride and joy. Sadly, though, their newfound happiness came to a temporary halt when the child had been stolen away from the Winchester brothers. Lucky for them that a time-traveling ball of energy came in the knick of time and stop little baby Winchester in becoming little Summers. Yes, we are talking about Buffy Summers the Vampire Slayer and Dawn Summers. Makes you wonder what will happen now that the future has been changed?
Posted: 19 Apr 10 12:51 • Comments
 I really wanted to work on it, but the truth is I have had alot of stress and been so busy that i haven't had a real chance of getting it what will happen is the oneshots(when I work on them) will be the closest to the story that I'll get until Summer.  I feel sad that I won't be able to work on it like I wanted to, but I have to be realistic.  Sorry.
Posted: 7 Mar 10 15:05 • Comments
yea, i never said what the new title was did i? It's called Snapshots....SORRY!! LOL...
Posted: 1 Mar 10 14:22 • Comments
 Yes, I'm being dramatic...I know this, but that's just who I am. So I've been studying like crazy since last night...on and off, of course...and my quiz is at 2:00. Yepp, I'm screwed. I have an excuse, though!!! Busy with lots of Hw, worry over my practicum, FAFSA, family obligations, my Nascar race, and actually RELAXING!! Gasp. Horror. I relaxed. Gee, I wonder why with all of the stress that WON'T leave me the hell alone! So yes, I have been trying to survive this semester that still has two months left of it...about. So my priorities are focused mostly on normal important stuff and not on my writing....i should be grateful, though. I was able to complete a oneshot on Sunday! YEA! I'm planning on going through my notebook of roughdrafts and half-finished ideas and turn them into oneshots/short stories so if anyone has interest in my stories be aware that the long story I keep talking about won't be finished and up for viewing for a loooooooooooong time. I will start working on it sometime soon, but I need to be sure of the hows, whos, and whats first.  I need a plan and an outline before I walk across the scary ice. Wouldn't won't to drown, right?
Posted: 16 Feb 10 12:15 • Comments
 What the hell?!! What am i doing?! Soooooooooooooooooooooooo hard. LOL. I'm still working on it, though. Going to take me a long time and lots of failures. So sad.
Posted: 14 Feb 10 17:05 • Comments
 I did it!! FAFSA has been taken care of...well, mostly...will have to do the corrections eventually....still I feel great!!! I could go on, but my friend says I need to finish eating and go to bed!! Says I don't take good enough care of so!!! Nyaaa!! LOL...I use to until a couple days to a week ago...been running ragged, but I am so gonna have fun tommorow, tho!!! ONE WORD: NASCAR!! Go Tony Stuart!!
Posted: 13 Feb 10 23:17 • Comments
 The story Snapshot works like this-each chapter has a series of oneshots that are connected to each other, but each chapter isn't connected to each other unless specifically mentioned to be so.  The reason for this is that they are essentially a rough draft/template/a way to bounce ideas around to figure out what I want my story to turn out.  So basically, people are getting a preview of what is coming...
Posted: 12 Feb 10 21:30 • Comments
 Okay, lately i have been extremely, school, Hw, getting my practicum set up, more Hw....yadda yadda yadda! So finally, I have gotten some writing done. I've been working on a new story. Supernatural/Buffy crossover. It should be fun. I have the first part of the story done. The thing is it is very short. Basically, it is a starting point for the two seperate, yet connected, stories. I will be soon taking advantage of having a beta and send her what i have so far...hope she hasn't forgotten about me!! LoL...she barely ever hears a word from me due to how busy I have been lately and the giant writer's block i had for weeks...months maybe...yikes! Alas....
Posted: 12 Feb 10 18:51 • Comments
 Okay, since this was basically a rough draft and i had earlier written some of the backstory I have decided to give it another go....until I come up with a better title it will still be called the Day the world dadadada. It's NOT gonna be the title in the end, though. The title will better reflect the two seperate timelines-for instance they are occurring at the same time and started around the same time but they turn out completely different!! My thoughts on it are both timelines both have their good and bad's the end of the journey I'm concerned with...who is the Main chararacter? Does she die in the end? What about her dad and the rest of the family? Y'no stuff like that...I have a feeling tho that no matter the timeline, tho, bad things will happen and neither one will be better than the other.  Of course, eventually these two seperate timelines need to intersect somehow and in someway...I figured one of the "Buffys" die and the other one end up in the world where that buffy died in.
Posted: 12 Feb 10 09:02 • Comments
Yes and no.  I believe that in life, there are multiple roads and choices presented to so therefore there are multiple "soulmates" for a person.  Besides, people grow and develop all the time...the person you loved as a young person isn't always the one you'll fall in love as a more older mature individual.  It's experience and who you are presently that decides which person is the right person for you in your present.
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Posted: 14 Sep 09 09:24 • Comments
 Seriously, I love this pairing...they are perfect for each other.  Well...they can be depending on how people write the pairing.  Some create a love/hate relationship, which is perfectly doable with their personalities and priorities( protect the younger sibling and kill evil).  I like it when they are family memebers, as well.  They seem to really work well as siblings...with Dean as the older sibling that is. Buffy, i think, needs that older sibling to look out for her to make sure she's okay and happy.  Also, Buffy would scare all of Sam's potential girlfriends!! Haven't seen it yet, sure would be funny to read.  I don't really care for Dawn/Dean, though.  i don't know why.  It just turns me off.  Well, whatever...I hope that I find a Dean/Buffy where Buffy is a Hunter instead of a Slayer...wouldn't that be cool.  What I think would also be an interesting story plot would be if Dean was actully Buffy's DAD.  NO Buffy being sent into the past or whatever...just change the timeline so that buffy was born after 2000.  She has blond hair and green/hazel can work!! Like Dean she's fiercely devoted and protective of her younger sibling....Dawn is kinda like Sam...y'know SMART.  Not that Buffy isn't...she has a different kind of intelligence...(I'm a psych major!!) So Dean teaches Buffy dear to Hunt at a young age....Dawn could be a half sister due to Dean's Bad Boy Ways....wink wink wink! Dawn, though, instead of trying to get away from the Hunt does the opposite while Buffy wishes for a normal life.  
Posted: 13 Sep 09 01:05 • Comments
UFOs? As in take me to your leader? As in anal probes? As in little grey men?...It was grey men, right? Or, did I watch one too many Stargate episodes? Ahh, well, it matters not.  What were we talking about again? Oh! Right, UFOs.  Sure, I believe in them...would be kind of illogical of me if I didn't.  I mean, come on! It is ridicoulous that people can think we are the only intelligent life form in the entire universe! Unbelievable.  So if you want to talk about UFOs, go right ahead...I won't think you're crazy.  Just be sure you're far away from extremely religious fanatics.  Why? Well, they just may burn you at the stake.
Posted: 12 Sep 09 19:46 • Comments
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