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Liam turned 16 today.

I refuse to believe this. I won't allow it. I am putting my foot down.

*sobs quietly in the corner*
Posted: 9 Oct 14 23:04 • Comments
Summary: Clint and Darcy get stuck on an alien ship. Darcy might get a little paranoid.
Spoilers: none really
Disclaimer: not mine, etc
Author's notes: written for spockside as a pinch hit in Avengersfest 2014. with thanks to xdawnfirex


In the grand scheme of things, Clint should have known that anything involving Tony Stark was a bad idea.

Sure, joining the Avengers was good, because now he had a whole team of super powered people to back him and Nat up. Don’t get him wrong, he loved SHIELD, but being a sniper (and one who used Paleolithic weaponry) wasn’t really all it was cracked up to be. He was thankful to Phil (who he missed like a limb) for taking him away from the military, who didn’t know exactly what to do with him, and making him the man he was today.

Clint had turned down Tony’s offer to live in the Tower. Having all the Avengers in one place? Not a great idea and Clint enjoyed his privacy. His apartment building was run down, sure, but it was close to a pizza place and his neighbors didn’t care that he was gone for months at a time or that he had odd hours. So when he had to go to the Tower to collect various files and papers, Clint was guarded.

Tony and Bruce and Foster, all in one place, practicing science? A recipe for disaster. The one redeeming factor was Foster’s assistant, Lewis. Clint steered his thoughts away from Darcy as JARVIS opened the elevator onto the floor with the labs. There was a muted excitement humming amongst the junior lab rats and Clint was curious.

“What going on?” he asked as he stepped into Tony’s lab.

“Jane thinks she may have finally got it,” Darcy answered him with a wide smile. “We’re checking the numbers again, but we may have Thor back in a few minutes.”

“That’s good,” Clint replied, leaning against the doorframe. “Mind if I watch?”

Darcy handed Foster some papers and then sidled ...
Posted: 30 Sep 14 13:45 • More • Comments
Spoilers: none really
Summary: Darcy likes Bruce. Bruce likes Darcy. Neither one says anything until they are forced into a situation beyond their control.
Disclaimer: not mine, etc.
Author's notes: Written for Illustrationy3llowdaisi3s . My contribution to the Darcy is Tony's daughter trope. With thanks as always toIllustrationxdawnfirex .

Her father was a billionaire, yet Darcy’s mom still made her do chores, go to public school and work part-time if Darcy wanted to buy her own things. Her step-dad said it was to build character. She wasn’t sure she believed him, but loved it despite herself.

Darcy knew the man whose DNA she carried. She knew how he and mom met. She knew he wanted to do right by her mom when she found out about Darcy. But Darcy also knew it was for the best that his name didn’t appear on her birth certificate.

That’s what happened when you were the only child (so far) of Tony Stark.

Tony was involved in Darcy’s life and not just financially. They e-mail, have bi-weekly phone calls (when Pepper reminds him) and Skype for the big occasions. He’s there for her a lot. Pepper was like a second mother and JARVIS was another sibling; the wise and deceivingly snarky older brother to balance her two younger step-bros.

Tony tried to steer her to MIT and other colleges but couldn’t complain when she chose Culver. She was devastated when he was captured but managed to keep it under wraps. Pepper kept her updated. When he came back one of the first thing he did ...
Posted: 30 Sep 14 13:40 • More • Comments
part one
When they got back to camp, Bucky was absolutely desperate to pull every layer of clothing from Steve’s body and see exactly what Howard fucking Stark did to his man. Fuck anyone who wanted to throw him in jail, damn him to hell or say something about him loving Steve. Phillips came over and inspected the troops before walking off. Then this dame - and boy she was one hell of a gal - stepped up and gave Steve a look before telling him off.

And Steve flirted.

Bucky’s heart damn near broke right then and there. Steve fucking Rogers, who used to get pink all the way from his ears to his chest if a girl even looked at him, was FLIRTING with a woman who looked like she belonged on the nose of a bomber. Bucky knew he was frowning. But when Steve looked back at him, he smiled. Then Steve turned back and it was all Bucky could do not to fight his way through the crowd behind him to go and throw up. Somehow, he managed to give a shout of “Let’s hear it for Captain America!”

As the crowd finally dispersed he escaped to the edge of camp. He punched a tree. Steve didn’t need him any more. That first night in the woods? It was a fluke. And Bucky would swallow it all down because Steve deserved this. Steve deserved to have the girl and the happy ever after. He managed to avoid Steve for the next few days.

They were moved back to England for a bit, a chance to relax and be just men. Steve got locked away with the top brass for debriefings. Apparently he saw a map while rescuing Bucky or something. Bucky was missing him. If pressed he would deny that vehemently. All the men made plans to meet in a local pub and Bucky would be there, drowning his sorrows. He’d mostly –mostly – gotten over what happened at camp. But to his surprise, Steve joined them.

Bucky sat at the bar, slowly sipping at some damn fine whisk...
Posted: 27 Sep 14 08:32 • More • Comments
Spoilers: The Winter Soldier
Summary: Bucky will do anything and everything for Steve
Disclaimer: Not mine, no infringement just for fun.
Author's Notes: This was started back in May, but was put on the back burner because of my soul mate series. But Bucky is very insistent. Tldr; I have a lot of Bucky Barnes feels, ok? With thanks as always to xdawnfirex for her beta work.

It looked like any other neighborhood in Brooklyn, but once someone really stopped there for a while, people began to realize what was different about it. Bucky could give two flying fucks that this was where the so called “deviants” lived. They were his friends, his family, and the people who took Steve and him in when Steve’s ma finally had to go to the TB ward and Steve got kicked out of their apartment.

Bucky found them another one cheap, in this neighborhood. He ignored his ma’s insistence that if he went there, he’d turn into one of those “awful people, James. You’re courting hell, James.” He was with Steve, there to watch over the jerk in case he continued his pattern of fighting anyone and everyone who was bigger than him. That wasn’t a hard thing to be as Steve weighed a buck ten at most and wheezed like a squeezebox just going up three steps.

Bucky’s been half in love with Steve from the moment they met. Seeing this pint-sized kid take on older and bigger kids sparked something in him, and now he was always looking out for Steve. He tried to include Steve in all the things he did, from movies to dancing to double dates where Bucky usually ended up with both girls. Steve said he didn’t mind. Bucky only went along because he didn’t want to treat Steve like he was different. He had needs like any other guy, but he always went home to Steve. Bucky hovered because the God Steve prayed to every night was a fickle bastard who gave Steve a body that didn’t match his heart. He cared because the God he no longer believed in was a so...
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 Today my baby girl starts kindergarten. *cries* I can't believe it. Seems like just yesterday I was bringing her home. And last week Liam started HIGH SCHOOL. He's a FRESHMAN. *cries more* Where do I press the pause button on life?
Posted: 18 Aug 14 08:41 • Comments
When I saw the news first pop up on Twitter, all I could think was that it had to be a hoax. When it was confirmed, I spent the rest of the night sobbing. There are so many people who never knew him personally, but I think for many of my generation, we grew up with Robin Williams in our lives. So for us, it's almost like losing a member of the family.

I first knew him as Mork. There was Ferngully, Dead Poets Society, Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, Aladdin, The Birdcage and Good Will Hunting. And my favorite performance, Hook. To try and pin him to one genre would be like trying to cage the wind. Yes, there was great laughter, but there was also great pain. I don't think you have to look very hard to find the later.

Depression is an insidious thing. It lurks in the mind every second of every day. It tries to tell you that the world, the people in your life, would be better off if you weren't in it. Depression is not something you just get over. There is no cure. It is something that you struggle with every moment. There are better days and there are bad days. Even if you have some of the best reasons to stay here (and I know I do), you still struggle to fight back the darkness.

If you, or someone you love is struggling, please get help. No matter where you are, there are people who will listen. Here is a link.
Posted: 12 Aug 14 08:57
Part one
The morning is cool enough that Sam throws on a sweatshirt before heading out on his morning run. He’s fine until some asshole, who is vaguely familiar, continues to pass him with the comment of “On your left.” Finally Sam has had enough and speeds up trying to catch him, but all it does is make him winded. He makes his way to a tree, where he collapses. He’s busy trying to catch his breath so he doesn’t notice when said asshole approaches.

“Need a medic?” the voice asks. Sam looks and laughs even though it hurts. Dude is buff. And Sam is no idiot; he knows who this is. He’s seen the press conferences, the battle footage and the paparazzi photos of Captain America visiting Peggy Carter’s grave. He’s gonna play it cool though, figures the guy’s been through enough without another fan fawning over him.

“I need a new set of lungs. Dude, you just ran like, thirteen miles in thirty minutes.”

“Guess I got a late start,” Steve replies with a smirk.

Sam smirks back. Captain America is funny. Who knew? “Really? You should be ashamed of yourself. Should take another lap,” he says, gesturing to the running path. “Did you just take it? I assume you just took it.”

“What unit you in?” Steve has noticed Sam’s shirt.

“58th Pararescue, but now I’m working down at the VA.” He offers his hand and Steve takes it pulling Sam up from the ground.

“Steve Rogers.”

“I kinda put that together Sam Wilson,” he responds. “Must have freaked you out coming home after the whole defrosting thing.”

Steve nods. “Takes some getting used to. Good to meet you, Sam Wilson.”

Sam isn’t willing to let this opportunity go and relates to Steve soldier to soldier. He thinks for a moment that Steve might be flirting and it kind of rocks his world. Then he gets to recommend Marvin Gaye...
Posted: 28 Jul 14 11:03 • More • Comments
Spoilers: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Summary: Natasha doesn't believe in love, Sam will change that.
Disclaimer: Not mine, no infringement, just for fun.
Author's Notes: Almost 70K words later and we're at the end. With thanks as always to xdawnfirex. Part Nine of the Written in Flesh and Blood series.

Natalia Alianovna Romonova is born in Stalingrad. She remembers nothing of her parents. She is told her birth year is 1928, but no one can tell her a month or a day. All she knows of her childhood is the Red Room. They were her mother and father, they took her in. She is told she is an orphan. Natalia will later think this was the best thing anyone could have done for her. If she has no parents, no family, she cannot make attachments.

They teach her ballet from the time she is three, molding and shaping her body. When she is seven they add gymnastics. At ten she begins the first of several martial arts disciplines. She masters them all with skill and ease. She learns other languages from the moment she enters the Red Room. Besides her native Russian she will be able to speak English, French, German and Spanish before she is let out in the field. She will be able to acquire others quickly as she needs them.

Natalia sees the soul marks on those who teach her, who raise her, and she asks about them. She learns that she will not get one, not yet. She is told that a mark will give her away. She is being trained for secrecy, to be hidden, to be unnoticeable. But they tell her that if she works hard, does as she is ordered, she will be able to leave, to live a normal life and get a soul mark. She should not have believed them.

She learns the art of seduction. Sex as a weapon will become her greatest strength. Her teachers notice her pale skin and flaming red hair, telling her they are her greatest asset. Natalia will wield them well. Her first job is at sixteen. She doesn’t kill, but seduces to achieve her goal. Her ...
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Summary: When the accident takes Bruce's soul mark away, things change
Spoilers: Incredible Hulk, Avengers
Disclaimer: Not mine, just for fun
Author's Notes: All things about Dayton and WSU are true. Trigger warning for Suicide attempt. With thanks as always to xdawnfirex. Part Eight of the Written in Flesh and Blood series

Robert Bruce Banner might have been the poster child for the anti-soul mark movement. But not until he reached his teens.

For most of his childhood, everything seems fine. When Bruce is born, his father is working for the military at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. They are doing studies on radiation and how to weaponize it. Brian also does the occasional guest lecturer job out at the newly-formed Wright State University. Some of Bruce’s fondest memories are of running up and down the corridors of Allyn Hall. (In later years he will become an avid fan of the basketball team and unironically wear a shirt that reads ‘Wright State Football Undefeated since 1968’.) Rebecca, his mother, will take him to see the bicycle shop where the Wright brothers catapulted man into the skies.

It’s the history of the city that first sparks Bruce’s imagination. He wants to learn everything, and does. But that’s when things start to go sour. He hears his father’s ramblings about what Brian’s work may have done to him and in turn to Bruce. Brian starts to lash out. Bruce has seen both of his parents’ marks. He can’t understand why his father is so angry, so full of rage at the one person who is supposed to be his soul mate. When Brian starts to threaten Bruce, Rebecca steps in, resulting in her death.

Bruce watches as her name fades from his father’s arm. He runs, hides, and calls the police. He testifies at his father’s trial. He feels nothing when Brian is sent away and Bruce goes to live with an aunt and uncle. Bruce continues to learn. He focuses on science, on radiation. He w...
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Part One
Pepper’s words sting. But she is right. No one else in the world operates like he does. And soon he won’t. The chlorophyll shakes aren’t helping. JARVIS isn’t – can’t – find a replacement for the palladium. He is going to die soon. When Rhodey catches him looking and feeling worse than ever, Tony knows he won’t be able to lie about his condition much longer. He feels bad about lying to both of his soul mates, but it is probably for the best.

“You don’t have to do this alone,” Rhodey says.

But Tony thinks he does. He has seen how keeping people close can be damaging. He doesn’t want to risk letting people in like that. He loves Rhodey like a brother, but he will never let the man see him fail. Pepper is the only person who has ever gotten closer than he thought he would let someone get. Now that he’s dying, he’s never going to let her see him fall, either. She means too much to him. Well that had been the plan anyway. But it seems like life had other plans and she’s seen him vulnerable. Tony doesn’t know what to do next. Except drown himself in drink.

He doesn’t drink enough to forget the party, the fight with Rhodey and the fact that Rhodey took off with one of the suits. Those things are like his children. But he could have stopped Rhodey if he really wanted to. Now he’s sitting in a giant ass donut and he has to deal with Fury. He declines an invitation to join the Avengers Initiative. Fury notices the palladium. Rushman turns out to work for the douchebag, and her name is really Romanoff. Fury gets right down to business.

“You’ve been very busy. Made your girl your CEO,” Fury starts. Since when has Pepper been his girl? Tony wants to object but Fury continues. “You’re giving away all your stuff, you let your friend fly away with your suit. Well, if I didn’t know better…”

Tony interjects. “You ...
Posted: 15 Jul 14 13:38 • More • Comments
Summary: Pepper will never let Tony see her mark, until she does
Spoilers: IM 1&2 and Avengers
Disclaimer: Not mine, no infringement, just for fun.
Author's Notes: I've retconned how Tony and Rhodey met. And as much as I adore parts of IM3, I'm ignoring the movie. Part seven of the Written in Flesh and Blood series.

Howard Stark has searched so relentlessly for Steve Rogers that Tony half believes he’ll get the good Captain’s name when he turns eighteen. Tony knows that this is impossible. Rogers is dead, but Howard’s belief and powerful influence can move mountains. Why couldn’t it dictate Tony’s soul mark too?

While Tony can’t see his father’s love directed towards himself, he can see it directed to his mother. He’s always been firm that his parents are soul mates. He doesn’t remember seeing his father’s mark, but he does remember his mother’s. Maria’s mark has been drawn across the length of her forearm. It is a dark black script that looks far too heavy for such a delicate arm.

When he goes to MIT at the age of fifteen, he’s surrounded by people with marks. Yes, there are a handful that don’t have them, but it doesn’t matter. Tony is still naïve enough to believe that the marks mean happiness. He’s never known anyone not to be, but he’s been sheltered. When he graduates in two years, he’s even more desperate to know the name that will appear on his skin. He wants to love like his parents do. He vows that his love will also extend to his children. When his eighteenth birthday comes and goes without a mark, he falls into a mild depression.

Maria consoles him, reminds him that his mate might not be of age yet, tells him that he just has to be patient. He throws himself into work, building things. He builds DUM-E in his father’s workshop. He doesn’t know why he keeps the thing around, but it might be sentimentality.

The accident devastates him. Howard’s friend, Ob...
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Spoilers: all the MCU movies
Summary: More soul marks the Avengers didn't get
Disclaimer: not mine, just for fun
Author's Notes: for Illustrationxdawnfirex  who asked for certain pairings when I sent her the first part. She also called me BRILLIANT for the last pairing.
Part Six of the Written in Flesh and Blood Series.  


When Steve wakes up in the twenty-first century, he realizes that the soul mark has changed and shifted. Instead of getting a name, you get a symbol. It’s something that represents the essence of your soul mate. Steve finds a little red spider on his left shoulder. Whoever his soul mate is, they must be interesting. It’s not too long after he’s recruited by Fury that he meets Natasha Romanov.

They don’t get to work together much at first. Then comes the battle with the Chitauri. He instantly admires Tasha’s cunning and intellect. She intrigues him. When she runs into him in the gym two months later, she catches sight of his mark and grins. He won’t find out why until almost two years later. When she kisses him as distraction, he’s both surprised and intrigued. Later at Sam’s house, he watches as she pulls her hair up and sees her mark: an American flag on the back of her neck.

He and Tasha circle around each other as he goes to find Bucky. They practice his kissing. When Bucky is found they begin their relationship in earnest. They use a surrogate to have kids. Steve is the perfect stay at home dad while Tasha goes to work for Pepper again at Stark Enterprises.


Darcy thinks a bird is a lame symbol to get. It’s very detailed, feathers and beak and all that, but still lame. It’s not until she’s in college that someone points out it’s...
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Spoilers: all the MCU movies
Summary: Soul Marks the Avengers didn't get
Disclaimer: Not mine, no infringement, just for fun
Author's Notes: when the muse is bored, she gives me things like this to write. Part Five of the Written in Flesh and Blood Series.
Warning: character death in the first section


Tony Stark doesn’t believe in soul mates. That’s because he’s in his mid-forties and hasn’t gotten a mark yet. Chances are he’ll never get one. So it’s a fucking HUGE surprise when the name Steve Rogers appears across his chest in red, white, and blue. Tony scoffs; Captain America is as dead as Tony’s father, the man who dedicated his life to looking for the national icon.

Tony drinks. He has ever since he came back from Afghanistan with the equivalent of a nuclear reactor in his chest. After all that he built a suit, changed the direction of his company, killed Obie and became a reluctant superhero. He’s lost in booze and engineering. Pepper left him a long time ago. She deserves better anyway. He meets Capsicle while helping out the douchebags of SHIELD. Turns out the paragon of American virtues hates him.

The serum left Cap unable to receive a mark, and there’s no word if he had one before. They manage to work together long enough to save the world, but Tony doesn’t come out of the portal. His will leaves the suits to Rhodey, and the company to Pepper. The ‘bots and JARVIS shut down at the moment of his death. No one ever knows about his mark.


Steve Rogers does have a mark before he is signed up for Project Rebirth. But it is a platonic mark: the name of his best friend Bucky Barnes, written in gold on his arm. It disappears after the process that turns him into Captain America. Doctor Erskine tells him this might happen, so it means he’ll never get a romantic mark and he’s okay with that.

When he wakes up and meets Howard’s son Tony,...
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part one
Monday morning, Darcy woke up to Bucky making Steve come apart. Steve was on his hands and knees, head bowed as Bucky lazily pushed into him. She blinked a few times, before grinning. She scooted closer, taking Steve’s cock in her hand. Then she leaned over and kissed him.

“Morning boys, don’t let me stop you.”

“Darce, god, Darce,” Steve moaned, eyelids fluttering as he arched under Bucky. He fisted the sheets as Bucky moved in and out of him.

“Wanna let Stevie take care of you, doll?” Bucky panted, rocking into Steve faster and faster.

“I’m good,” she croaked, pumping Steve’s dick slow but sure. Soon he was coming all over her hand.  She wiped it on the sheet. Then she got up onto her knees, brushing hair out of Bucky’s face, kissing him as he fucked Steve.

“Fuck, Dar, gonna come now,” he said, pushing into Steve one last time. He held onto Steve, hips stuttering as he groaned.

Darcy kissed him, touching them both gently. Bucky pulled out, collapsing to the bed. The last two days had been a haze of sex and soft words. Her heart swelled at the sight of her men. They loved her, she loved them and she didn’t want to think about anything more than that.

The rest of the morning was spent just lounging, but after lunch, they had to face real life. She sat in one of Bucky’s shirts and a pair of Steve’s boxers as they packed up duffels. Then they came to her, both of them acting strange. Bucky was uncharacteristically shy, gaze on the floor rather than at her. Steve was shuffling from foot to foot, teeth worrying at his lower lip. Steve pressed something into her hands. It was a square box. She looked them, opening it absently before looking down. It was a trio of stones. Ruby, sapphire and diamond. Her breath caught in her throat. Bucky plucked it out of the box, holding it out to her.

Posted: 11 Jul 14 18:47 • Comments
Summary: When Steve and Bucky meet Darcy, everything changes
Spoilers: Captain America (both movies)
Disclaimer: not mine, no infringement, just for fun.
Author's Notes: written for the Star Spangled Exchange on tumblr. For Illustrationxdawnfirex .

Darcy Lewis had known Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes since she was all of five. They were both seven, though Bucky loved to point out that he was older by three months. Darcy’s mom had moved to Brooklyn to start over; her dad had left with a dental hygienist named Destini.

It was an idyllic place, with parks and playgrounds and neighbors to make friends with.  Brownstones mixed with traditional houses, families from all walks of life intermingled. Darcy was on the sidewalk, watched over by one of the older women in her building when two boys-one really small and skinny and acting shy, the other taller and smiling wide-came over and introduced themselves.

“Hey, I’m Bucky and this is Stevie. We live in the neighborhood,” the tall one said, holding out his hand.

“Darcy,” she said, not looking up. “Wanna play trucks?” she asked, holding out a toy truck, rusting in places, but it still moved.

“Sure, we’ll play. I can tell you a story about a truck. Would you like to hear it?” Steve asked.

Darcy just nodded and the boys plopped down on the grass next to her. Steve’s voice was calm and Bucky knew all the right sounds for her cars.

Darcy immediately took to skinny bookish Steve with his pure heart and cock sure confident Bucky with his quick grin. Steve stood up for her against the neighborhood bullies, Bucky stood up for them both. Their friendship was cemented two years later when Steve took on Jimmy Valenti and two of his buddies for pu...
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part one

While platonic marks are usually reserved for those who identify as aromantic, asexual, or demisexual, they can appear on people who already have a romantic/sexual soul mate or mates. Those instances are very rare, though chroniclers of the marks point out that given the ever changing nature of the soul mark, the occurrences of platonic marks on those who already have a romantic/sexual ones may become more common.

Clint is sitting in the briefing room, not really listening as Phil talks about the mission. Instead he’s focused on Phil, the way his suit is cut, the way he moves, betraying nothing. Clint knows that under that suit is a man of muscle and strength, a man with a dry wit and a wide smile. Clint swallows down the desire, trying to refocus. They’ve had three years together, and it’s still feels new. He sits up straighter, ready to pay attention when he feels it.

The memory of receiving Phil’s name across his fingers has mostly faded, but he hasn’t forgotten the pain. This time it’s on his upper right arm. He grits his teeth, feeling the sweat roll down his back and bead along his hairline. He clenches the arm of the chair, half afraid it’s going to come off in his hand. He can’t have another soul mate. He’d be ten years older than they are. He’s happy with just Phil. Then it’s gone. He mentally shakes himself before noticing that Phil is wrapping up the briefing. The team disperses, but Clint stays glued to the chair, fiddling with his folder. When they are alone, Phil is by his side, kneeling in front of him.

“Barton. Clint, focus, it’s me,” he says, taking the handkerchief from his pocket and wiping Clint’s brow.
“What was that?”

Clint grabs for the glass of water on the table, gulping it down. He usually prefers short sleeves, but the room had been a tad on the chilly side,...
Posted: 7 Jul 14 15:36 • More • Comments
Summary: Phil Coulson dedicates himself to SHIELD. Will finding his soul mate change that?
Spoilers: The Avengers, Agents of SHEILD Episode T.A.H.I.T.I.
Disclaimer: not mine, no infringement, just for fun.
Author's Notes: With thanks to xdawnfirex who asks all the right questions. Playing with AoS canon, fully expect to be Jossed.
Part four of the Written in Flesh and Blood series

Phillip Coulson is a complicated young man. He asks his mom to send him military school because he knows it will both offer him the best education and give him a sense of family. He loves his mother and knows she does her best, but he feels like he needs more.

He excels in everything. He learns to hide his physical capabilities under a bland exterior. You have a better advantage if your enemy underestimates you. But where he really excels is strategy. So when it comes to the senior year mock battle, no one even thinks of Phil Coulson.

The object is to be the last person standing. They use laser tag-like vests that register a ‘death’. They are guaranteed to be hack proof, coming from a subsidiary of Stark Industries. Phil voids the guarantee. He is sneaky, observant and wins by never firing a shot. The administration is impressed to say the least. So when he’s called to the office the next day he isn’t sure what to expect.

“Cadet Coulson, at ease,” the colonel says when Phil salutes. There is someone else in the office; a man in a trench coat wearing an eye patch.

“Can I ask what this is about, sir?” he says, coming to parade rest.

“You can Cadet,” the man says. “But I don’t think it will matter in the end. How old are you, Coulson?”

“Seventeen sir.”

“So you don’t have a mark yet?” he asks. Phil really wants to know what that has to do with anything.

He shakes his head. “No, sir.”

“That was quite a win yesterday, Coulson. Impressive enough that ...
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Part one
Steve has always known he’s going to live for a very long time. It’s the nature of what was done to him with the serum. Doctor Erskine explained it to him, after telling Steve he wouldn’t be able to get drunk, ever. The way his cells worked to heal him, he wouldn’t age like a normal person, but he would age and eventually die. Given what Zola did to Bucky, it’s possible that he’ll be the same way.

When they land hours after Sam called him, he rushes off to the hospital. Jane and Pepper are there, the former being held by Thor. Pepper looks up, her face stained with tears. She rushes over and hugs him. He holds her there awkwardly.

“Darcy. What happened to Darcy?”

Jane looks up at him. “There was a robbery at the store. She… she may have caused some trouble, trying to keep the men away from the rest of the patrons.”

Of course she did. Pepper untangles herself from him, keeping a hand on his chest. “They apparently struggled with her. She tripped and broke her ankle. It’s bad enough she’s getting a pin put in it. But the doctors say she’ll be fine.”

Steve hears all of this but all he can think is she’s a normal human, fragile and aging. The notion really hits him just then. He’ll have to watch her die. His heart lurches in his chest, but he manages to keep himself steady. He can’t… he won’t…. He’s already suffered through the death of one soul mate, he doesn’t know if he could cope with another. He’d always have Bucky, if he’s found and recovers, but Darcy…. He takes some breaths to steady himself.

He’ll see if she’s okay, make sure she’s fine and then he’ll do the right thing. He’ll break up with her. He’ll move out of the Tower, make sure he doesn’t see her, and make it as clean and painless as possible. He’ll channel all his efforts into finding Bucky. He’ll get throug...
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Spoilers: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Summary: The search for Bucky is on. Will Steve find him?
Dislcaimer: Not mine, no infrigement, just for fun.
Author's Notes: with thanks as always to Illustrationxdawnfirex. Part three of the Written in Flesh and Blood series.

People in polyamorous relationships have many different stories about how they got their
marks. The marks can come all at once or at different times and not everyone in the relationships will have each other’s marks.

For example: Person A will get B, Person B will get A, then years later both A and B will get Person C and Person C will have A and B. Or perhaps A will have B, but B will have C and C will have A and B. The possibilities become more complicated as more people are added to the relationship.


Darcy is startled awake by both the pain in her left shoulder and by Steve’s answering shout. She knows he has nightmares, has even helped him talk through some of them, but this is different.

“Steve! FUCK OW that HURTS,” she shouts, sitting up next to him in the hospital bed.
Thanks to a call to Pepper, Steve has been moved into a private room and given a bigger bed, no questions asked. So Darcy is curled up next to him when the pain came.

“Darce? Fuck, what the hell?” Steve sits up, hand going to his left shoulder blade and arm.

‘Hold on, hold on.” She scrambles out of the bed, going for the light. She’s taking her shirt off as she walks back to the bed. There is a name on her left shoulder that wasn’t there before. She can’t quite make it out. “What the fuck?”

Steve has his hospital gown undone and is trying to look at his own shoulder, but he turns to her. “Darcy, is th...
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part one
Darcy will admit later that the first few weeks after Steve’s birthday are bumpy and awkward. She’s still hurting from all of his previous slights to her, but he’s really trying. And he’s so earnest in the trying. He does take her for coffee, but to a tiny hole-in-the-wall café that has the most amazing tiramisu. He brings their cinnamon spice latte to the labs when she’s too busy looking after Jane, Tony or Bruce. There are days when she wonders how she acquired two more genius scientists to look after.

She sees the other sides of him. The good friend, one who will go anywhere or do anything for the other members of his team. The do-gooder, who volunteers a lot, visiting sick kids, answering fan mail, generally living up to the image of Captain America, even though it tires him.

“Any time you need help with that,” she offers one night. He’s sitting in the common room, two huge bags spilling letters onto the floor.

“This isn’t even all of it,” he laughs. “SHIELD weeds out the threats and other un-friendly ones. Then Pepper recruited a couple of people to filter out the uh….” He honestly blushes; it’s too precious.

“Sexy ones?” she supplies, biting her cheek to keep from laughing.

“They were sending me underwear!”

She does laugh then, doubling over and whooping until she can’t seem to catch her breath. Steve is there, ready to catch her if she falls. He grins at her as she waves him off. She loves to see that grin. His face lights up with it, infusing him with a bounce that makes him seem so young.

She also gets to see his snark and sass. He regularly trades barbs with Tony and Natasha. She tries not to gape because none of the history books talk about this Steve Rogers. She’s really trying not to fall for him too fast, but if he keeps this up, she’ll be a goner for sure.

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Spoilers: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Summary: When Steve wakes up, the world has changed. So has he.
Disclaimer: Not mine, no infringement, just for fun.
Author's Notes: With many and undending thanks to Illustrationxdawnfirex. She helped me when I went against my own worldbuilding, helped me shape headcanons and did beta work. Her fingerprints are all over this fic. Trigger warnings for implied/referenced torture.
Part two of the Written in Flesh and Blood series. Part three coming soon.

Alongside the history of the appearances of soul marks is the history of those who sought to destroy them. In many parts of the world, those who carry the marks were tortured and killed because others didn’t understand the nature of the mark. (See references to Meg O’Halloran.)

Throughout history, man has used the mark as a means of torture and subjugation. Pick the name of any oppressed peoples and you will find that their soul marks have been a focal point of some of their oppression: African slaves, the indigenous tribes of North America, the Irish, Gypsies, Jews, and gays, any person or persons thought to be different or deviant.

Marks were burned, cut, removed all together, but they always reappeared. Once science was sufficiently advanced enough, man attempted to find ways to chemically suppress the soul mark. None were successful. It wasn’t until the fall of the Soviet Union that it was discovered someone had found a way.

Combined with something not of the Earth, Soviet scientists were able to chemically suppress the appearance of the soul mark. This technology was courtesy of a HYDRA offshoot program known as The Red Room.


He has no name; he is only ‘the asset’. So she insists on call...
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 I used to draw and sketch things. They weren't great, but it was a release. These days I write fic, but I still wish I could draw/paint/do something on the level of some of the fan artists I know. Especially when I get up from a nap with images in my head from a fic I'm writing now.

Any one wanna draw for me? All I have to offer in exchange is fic and profound, profound thanks.
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 Spoilers: Captain America: The First Avenger
Summary: Steve wakes up on his eighteenth birthday with TWO names on his wrist.
Disclaimer: Not mine, no infringement, just for fun.
Author's Notes: To give credit where credit is due, this is very much inspired by this post on tumblr, from user peachesinacan. It was linked to me by the filthy enabler, Illustrationxdawnfirex  (who also did her usual stand up beta work) while I was in a fic induced haze. I got ideas that I had to write down immediately. There is more coming, don't worry. A second part and LOTS of side stories, cause boy do I have headcanon. So this is part one of a series I'm calling Written in Flesh and Blood.

The very first recorded incident of a soul mark dates back to the late thirteenth century. Mary Margaret O’Halloran woke on her eighteenth birthday with the name Matthew Goode scrawled across her wrist. When she went to show her mother, Mrs. O’Halloran screamed and proclaimed it the work of the devil. It took only two days for the church elders to agree and sentence young Mary to death.

Her life was spared when on the third day, the day of her execution; a young man rode into the village asking for Meg O’Halloran. His wrist bore her name. The priest sent word to his bishop, who wrote to the archbishop, who composed a letter to the Holy Father asking for guidance. By the time a response came back, several more instances of soul marks were recorded, happening to mostly young people on their eighteenth birthdays, but occasionally to an older person, matched with the eighteen year old.

The papers remark on the mark’s ability to show a persons preferred name (such as young Mary being ...
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 Spoilers: The Avengers
Summary: Four times Steve and Darcy shared a cup.
Disclaimer: not mine, no infringement, just for fun
Author's notes: for anonymous from a tumblr prompt: steve/darcy shared cup. Thanks as always to xdawnfirex for beta work.

They were at a bar, celebrating Darcy’s birthday. Tony had secured them the VIP section, putting everything on a small black card that had made the waitress’ eyes go big. Steve watched as Darcy proceeded to order one of every shot and mixed drink on the menu. The trays that were brought back had glasses of various shapes and sizes. The drinks were colorful and bright, sporting umbrellas and fruit garnishes.

Steve looked over at them and watched as Darcy tried to choose which one to try first. He looked down at his beer and then asked, “Can I try some of those?”

“Thought you couldn’t get drunk, Cap,” she replied, picking up a small shot glass of dark green liquid.

“I can’t, doesn’t mean I don’t drink,” he said, holding up his beer.

Darcy shrugged and offered him the shot glass. He took it and had a small sip. The liquid was potent, making him cough. It was like liquid fire going down. “What was that?”

“Absinthe,” she said, grinning and taking the shot glass back. She downed the rest in a quick motion. “Want to continue?”

He nodded, moving to sit next to her. They spent the rest of the evening sharing drinks. Darcy was hammered by the end of the night.  After a cab ride, Steve carried her into the Tower, up to her room. He left out a glass of water and some aspirin.

“Steve?” she asked blearily, reaching for him.

“Yeah, Darcy?” he said, waiting for her to say something else. She didn’t, her breathing going even and soft. He tucked a blanket around her and left. He wouldn’t mind spending some time with her again.


“Taste this.”

Steve blinked at ...
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