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I've been spending most of the last week and a half sorting out all my post The Winter Soldier feelings through fic. That's going to end up Steve/Darcy/Bucky.

I blame Illustrationxdawnfirex . 
Posted: 18 Apr 14 09:03 • Comments
 Any of my SG-1 flisties wanna help a gal out by looking at a fic? It's for remix_redux. Gen. My regular beta doesn't know the show.

Posted: 17 Apr 14 10:03 • Comments
 Excuse me while I take a few thousand years to recover from The Winter Soldier.
Posted: 5 Apr 14 00:48 • Comments
Spoilers: 6.10 before the time jump
Summary: Sookie wonders how she might feel without the influence of vampire blood.
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit, just for fun.
Author’s Note: Just a little something that came to me, one shot for now, but there might be more later. Thanks to Illustrationxdawnfirex for giving it a once over even though she's never seen TB. Any TB fans willing to beta future fics for me are welcome to help.

She’d always known he had feelings for her. Alcide had never shied away from letting her know exactly how he felt about her. He had these feelings because she was who she was, not because she was a fairy or because he had some other agenda. He liked her for just her; Sookie Stackhouse.

She sat on her couch, letting Jason and Niall take care of what was left of Warlow, thinking about Alcide. She wasn’t entirely sure why. Maybe it was because she’d just seen him at Terry’s funeral. And there was another way he’d shown her how he felt, coming to the funeral of a man he barely known just because he’d known she’d be there. She thought of the moment they’d stood on her front steps and he wondered what could have been. Now she was wondering too.


She turned to see Niall coming down the stairs. He was still disheveled and now partly covered in goo. “I’m fine,” she said. “Should I call you grandpa or Niall?”

“As I am your grandfather several times removed, Niall is fine. You seemed lost in thought.”

“I was. Thinking about certain people in my life.”

“Certain men,” he stated, giving her a look.

She felt her face get a little hot. He was a full fairy; he could read her if she was broadcasting loud enough. “Yes, I’ve certainly made a mess of my love life. Th...
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 Television watching is a fickle thing.

There are shows you love. Shows you hate. Shows you hate to love. Shows you love to hate.

There are very few shows I've given up on. I stopped Dexter after they killed off a favorite character. I don't know why I stopped Homeland or Hawaii 5-0 but don't miss them too terribly much,

There are shows I still watch and I don't know why. Glee and Grey's anatomy still hold me despite having what I think of as really messed up storylines and continuity.

There are shows that had finales I disagreed with. Stargate Atlantis. Stargate SG-1. The latter had parts I disliked so much I wrote fanfic to help me through it.

But I don't think I have ever, EVER had so much HATE and RAGE for a series finale.

Until now.

I went into the How I Met Your Mother finale with a sense of anticipation. With some hope that it could live up to the promise of all nine seasons (some that were rougher than others.) It did not.

NEVER have I seen such disrespect and disregard for characters from writers as I have in this finale. They took nine seasons of growth, nine seasons of me loving and holding these characters near and dear to my heart and threw it all away in forty minutes. Hell in twenty. I know I'm not the only one. I was in tears last night, not from happiness or sadness but from RAGE.

It will take me a while to process this. To make myself pull out my DVDs and relive the show I loved. For me, the show ended last week. I doubt I will ever watch the finale again. It won't taint my view of the show, but it will make sure I never watch anything from Carter Bays and Craig Thomas ever again.<br>
Posted: 1 Apr 14 14:32 • Comments
 Anyone out there watch True Blood? I have a fic I need to be looked at and my regular beta isn't in the fandom. She gave me a SPAG once over, but I'd like to have an opinion from someone who knows the show. It's season 6, Sookie/Alcide. TIA<br>
Posted: 28 Mar 14 21:49 • Comments
Spoilers: Avengers movie
Summary: She likes two men, how can she choose?
Disclaimer: not mine, just for fun.
Author’s Note: Everyone and their brother has done a Phil didn’t die story, this is mine. Has totally been Jossed by Agents of SHIELD. For the fix it big bang. With many thanks toIllustrationxdawnfirex for her beta work, she’ll excuse me while I laugh evilly for dragging her in the fandom.
Art: by knowmefirst: here


“I want you to know that I didn’t believe it when they told me you were dead,” Darcy said, staring at Phil Coulson lying in the bed in front of her.  It felt unnatural to see him like this, so unanimated. If you could call Phil’s usual emotionless expression animated.

The machines around him beeped and whirred. Darcy recognized some of them, even read a few but mostly she felt like she was lost. Director Fury had the balls to stand in the doorway, arms crossed, stone-faced and silent.  His anger was palpable.

“Why in the hell would you tell them he was dead, when it’s very obvious that he’s not” she asked the Director, not looking at him. She adjusted Phil’s blanket absently. She might lose her courage if she looked at Fury.

“They needed the push,” Fury replied. “They needed to become the team that the world needed. And I would very much like to know how you got here Miss Lewis. This is far above your clearance.”

“I don’t care,” she said, struggling to hold back the tears if not her anger.

She’d stubbornly refused to believe that Phil had died when she’d heard the news. She’d let the stubborn part of her nature take over and she’d hacked, persuaded and charmed her way into finding the ...
Posted: 18 Mar 14 16:50 • More • Comments
 Anyone want to fangirl over it with me? Anyone? Bueller?
Posted: 15 Mar 14 18:57 • Comments
Spoilers: If you know who the characters are, you’re good.
Summary: Watching the Winter Olympics, Natasha reveals something
Disclaimer: Not mine, just for funAuthor’s Notes: Illustrationxdawnfirex  asked me to write this while the games were still going on. Sorry it’s a little late. See more notes at the end of the fic.

Natasha was only half watching the screen, reading reports on a tablet, when Darcy made a noise and spoke.

“How is she even real? Tell me she isn’t real, Tasha, or is the realness of a figure skater classified?”

Nat glanced up as the skater in question did a spin while taking her leg and bringing it to the front of her body and keeping it straight. “She’s real,” she said as the music stopped, the crowd burst into thunderous applause and the skater’s name flashed on the screen, Julia Lipnitskya. “And she’d good, but she’s no Oksana.”

Darcy turned and gaped at her. “You…you know figure skating?”

“I am Russian,” she deadpanned, going back to her reports.

“Baiul was Ukrainian.”

“She had passion, something Julia is lacking, give her a few years, she will deserve the gold by then.”

Darcy muted the television; the channel had switched to snowboarding, and turned to face her. “This is kind of weird. You like figure skating. Did you ever want to be one?”

“Briefly,” Tasha admitted. “It was that or ballet, I preferred to stay warm. But I still enjoyed watching the sport. Seeing Rodnina win her third gold was truly astounding.”

“In person or…?”

Tasha gave a short, sharp laugh. “No, I was deeply involved with….my previous life at the time. I saw it on television. I toasted her...
Posted: 11 Mar 14 21:10 • More • Comments
 The city sent us a letter reminding us that as of March 1, we have to start mowing our lawns again.

Posted: 5 Mar 14 12:00 • Comments
Spoilers: Post Series
Summary: Sometimes reality surpasses the imagination
Disclaimer: not mine, just for fun
Author’s Notes: after re-watching the show and re-reading many fanfics, I got a line stuck in my head. The rest of the story just followed. My first VM fic, please be kind.

They both decided that the world didn’t need another Lilly in it. Out there somewhere is a little girl  already growing to be a beauty to rival her namesake, the girl they’d both cared for. Veronica got pictures from strangers every once in a while. Duncan was sending them somehow and they always found her even when she’d married Eli.

She’d been Veronica Navarro for four years now and she was happy. Her relationship with Piz had fizzled before she’d gotten back from Quantico. Eli had been there to pick up the pieces, though they’d not gotten serious until her junior year. Of course dad hadn’t been too excited until he’d gotten to know Eli over several non-awkward dinners.

Eli had even gone to her dad to ask for her hand. Old fashioned, yes, but sweet too. She’d never imagined ending up with him, but sometimes reality was better than the fevered dreams of teenaged girls. Now they were expecting a daughter. Eli hovered constantly, talking to her stomach at night, whispering endearments in Spanish that made her love him more.

Maria Grace Mars-Navarro was born late at night, brown eyes taking in the world before she cried. Two weeks later her name graced her daddy’s chest, right next to her mom’s wrapped around his heart.

Posted: 24 Feb 14 14:08 • Comments
 Spoilers: end of season six

Summary: She’s finally found the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

Disclaimer: not mine, just for fun

Author’s Notes: for Porn Battle 15, prompts sniff, rough, wall sex, baby. Also my first True Blood fic, please be kind.

The first time she kissed him all she could think about was the heat surrounding her. She continues to be surprised by it, even after a year of dating. Sookie marvels at how much she loves the raw sexuality and blistering heat of Alcide. And she does, love him that is. It’s taken some time and a lot of soul searching, but she knows now that while Bill, Sam, Eric and even Warlow will hold places in her heart, it’s Alcide Herveaux that she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

It doesn’t hurt that he loves her back, treats her like a princess and that the sex is smoking.

Their first time was slow and gentle and so joyous. She eventually convinced him she could handle rough. She’s also gotten used to using birth control. They’re very careful, wanting to wait because they want to enjoy each other for a while. And the thought of a fairy/werewolf hybrid scares the fuck out of both of them.

She remembers once that he was so happy to see her that he took her up against the wall, tearing her few clothes off and holding her up with just one arm. She panted against him, scratching up his back, biting his shoulder as he growled against her, thrusting into her over and over as she screamed his name. It wasn’t until after that she realized they hadn’t used anything.

She didn’t bring it up, not wanting to spoil the moment. Now she’s staring at the stick in her hand, the plus sign glaring up at her. She’s not sure how she feels. Shocked. Concerned. Happy. She touches her stomach.

“Hi there, baby. You are going to be so loved,” she says.

She knows the minute Alcide comes home, he’ll b...
Posted: 5 Feb 14 10:15 • More • Comments
 Spoilers: none

Summary: He watches her sleep.

Disclaimer: not mine, just for fun

Author’s Notes: written for Porn Battle 15, prompts serene and spellbound

He thinks she’s never more serene than when she’s sleeping. She always has this grace and calm about her but its magnified when she’s asleep. Tara is curled into Spike’s side, her warmth seeping into him as he watches her. He tries not to question how a monster like him managed to have a shining beauty like Tara in his un-life. His hand hovers over her back, wanting to touch yet not wanting to wake her.

She shifts and sighs, her eyes slowly opening. A smile tugs at the corners of her mouth as she takes him in.

“Watching me again?” she asks, shifting onto one elbow, making it so his hand lands on her hip.

“’S’like you’ve got me in a spell, luv,” he says. His thumb strokes over her skin.

“Never, Spike,” she assures. “We’re both here because we want to be.”

“Know that,” he says, his hand moves to brush her breast. “Gorgeous, pet.”

“I like that I get to bring out in the romantic in you,” Tara says. She moves again, pressing him down into the mattress. “It’s like my secret part of you.”

“And this is my secret part of you,” he says, gazing up at her longingly. “What are you planning to do?”

“Love you,” she whispers, taking him into her slowly.

She moves over him again and again, drawing out sighs and moans from both of them. He follows her lead, never wanting to take over. There will be other times for that. He thrusts into her, holding on as she drives them on. Spike loses himself in Tara’s body as she shouts his name, collapsing onto him.

“Christ,” he says, moving her slowly off and to his side. “You’re going to be the death of me.”

“What a way to go,” she laughs.

“Tara, love you, pe...
Posted: 5 Feb 14 10:12 • More • Comments
 To Illustrationxdawnfirex , the Kate to my Rick, many happy returns. Thank you for being in my life, for reading/betaing fic in fandoms that aren't yours, for listening when I whine and for generally being the best friend anyone could ask for. *\0/*
Posted: 20 Jan 14 08:16 • Comments
 Here's a look at what I wrote this year

Lonely Desires Spike/Tara
Lucky Charm Joey/Rachel
Take Me As I Am  Darcy/Bruce
All I've Ever Wanted  Darcy/Clint
Cover Up  Buffy/Giles
Crime and (Not Quite) Punishment Buffy/Giles
The One With the Love Story  Joey/Rachel
Frustration  implied Amy/Vincent
Playing It Cool  John/Rodney
Darcy Explains It All Darcy/Clint
Miss You Much  Darcy/Bruce
Trusting Your Heart Darcy/Clint
Adventures in Not Being Yourself Darcy/Bruce

13 fics (two over 10k), two new pairings, one new fandom. Heavy on the Avenger fic. Let's see what next year holds.
Posted: 31 Dec 13 19:06 • Comments
 Now that all the wrapping has been picked up and toted off to the trash cans, I wanted to pop in and say hi. I hope that everyone had a good day with family and friends.

At first it felt like it was going to be weird for us, this being the first Christmas without dad, but there was much laughter and many exclamations of joy that I shouldn't have worried. The kids, of course, made out like bandits. Liam got a Kindle, Sarah got a karaoke machine and Brad got things for the kitchen. I got clothes (yay new pants), DVDs galore and then the best thing which I opened up last: this big box of cross stitch supplies. My mom had a friend who was selling her stuff and I was the beneficiary.
Some hand towels and a pattern                                                                     More cloth (a total of 9 rolls) and more hand towels

stitchable oven mitts and baby bibs                                                                   HUUUUUUUGE pile of patterns/magazines/books

So overall, a good Christmas, now just to get through the New Year.<br>
Posted: 26 Dec 13 12:47 • Comments
 So I got into my head that I wanted to do some cookie baking this season. And not just any cookie, my favorite cookie. I used to bake these all the time in high school. So I'm going to share this recipe with all you lovely people.

Mexican Wedding Cookies (also known as Russian Tea Cakes)

1 cup butter (softened)
1/2 cup powdered sugar (keep the bag around for later)
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 cups flour
1 cup finely chopped nuts (the recipe I have called for pecans, but I prefer walnuts)

Preheat oven to 350

Beat the butter sugar and vanilla with a mixer together until light and fluffy. Add in flour and nuts gradually until blended. Start out at a slow level otherwise you'll have flour going everywhere.

For the next step, make sure you have clean hands and remove jewelry. Make sure your hands are slightly damp or have a spray bottle of water on hand because the dough is very crumbly.  Get a plate or small dish and pour some of the powdered sugar on it. Use a small scoop and roll the dough into balls roughly 1 inch in size. Roll balls in powdered sugar. Place 1/2 inch apart on a ungreased baking sheet. Bake for 14 to 15 minutes. Cool for 5. Enjoy!<br>
Posted: 13 Dec 13 11:39 • Comments
I am thankful for many things this year.

For Fandom: to all those who squee and flail and discuss and analyze and generally have fun, thank you.

For Fanfiction: for keeping me sane and giving me alternate ways for my favorite characters to end up

For Television: thanks for new shows (Sleepy Hollow, SHIELD), old shows and everything in between

And most of all this year, for Family. Be you the family I was born into or the family I choose, thank you for being in my life.<br>
Posted: 28 Nov 13 08:59 • Comments
 Spoilers: The movie
Summary: Bruce and Darcy body-swap
Disclaimer: not mine, no infringement intended.
Author’s Notes: written as a pinch hit for Illustrationaccidentallymel in Avengersfest 2013

Darcy came to with a pounding in her head and a voice in her ear.

Her voice.

She slowly opened her eyes and saw her face peering down at her, dark eyes worried. What the fuck was going on? She tried to sit up but she was stopped by herself.

“Darcy, I need you to stay where you are for a second. And stay calm.”

That was her voice all right. But those were not words she’d use. She closed her eyes for a second and tried to remember what had happened before she’d passed out. She’d been in the lab, setting out lunch when Bruce walked in and then……nothing. She opened her eyes again quickly, her heartbeat erratic and looking at herself.


Her eyes looked back at her and Darcy saw herself nodding. If that was Bruce in her body then that meant….She looked down at hands that were much larger and a chest that was flatter and broader. She was in Bruce’s body. With that revelation she could feel and hear the Other Guy poking around in the back of her consciousness. He seemed worried, so Darcy sent soothing vibes out and that seemed to calm him for the moment.

“So…body swap, huh? Connected to the explosion?”

Bruce nodded. “The rest of the team went to investigate, I’m sure we’ll be fine for a while. Uh….how’s…..?” he made a gesture to her, well his, head and Darcy took that to mean he was asking about his always present alter-ego.

“Big Green’s fine for now. He seemed a bit agitated but I sent out good thoughts so for now he’s j...
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 Spoilers: the movie
Summary: Clint needs to learn to trust his feelings again. But Darcy gets impatient.
Author’s Note: written for Illustrationfandomfrolics in Avengersfest 2013

While the idea for the Halloween event had seemed ridiculous at first, Clint found himself having fun. There were thousands of kids swarming the conference room, many of them dressed as the Avengers themselves. It made him smile to see Tony grinning and mugging with tiny Iron boys and girls. Cap, Steve he reminded himself, would spend his time quietly conversing with each and every child. Thor, Bruce and Nat all seemed to be doing well.

Clint saw all these kids too, as well as his fair share of Hawkeye, Robin Hood, Katniss, and Link costumes. He had just finished signing a photo for a mini-Widow when he glanced over to see who was next. What he saw confused him and made his heart twinge in a really weird way. The girl couldn’t have been more than four or five, she was dressed in a deep blue-green dress with elaborate decorations, her head a wild mess of red curls and she clutched a tiny little bow, the quiver on her back full of equally tiny arrows. He kind of recognized the costume, but couldn’t place the name of the character or the movie.

“She makes a really cute Merida,” whispered a voice in his ear.

He turned to see a curvy brunette standing behind him. He saw her SHIELD badge and turned back to the little girl, flashing her his widest smile. Her mom was with her and he talked with them for a moment, coming around from behind the table to talk with the girl at her level.  Pictures were taken and photos signed and both mom and girl wandered off happy. There was no one else in his line at the moment, so he sat back down again.
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 Let's just roll around in all the feelings that the Anniversary special gave me! <br><br>I'm going to be a wreck come the Christmas special.<br><br>(spoilers will probably be in the comments)
Posted: 23 Nov 13 21:41 • Comments
She's FIVE today. I don't think ignoring it will make the time stop. 

Posted: 7 Nov 13 12:03 • Comments
Sarah asleep in a basket in the hallway, with her blanket and her bear.
Posted: 4 Nov 13 20:44 • Comments
 So we had rain and a major windstorm (with tornado warnings) here in Southwest OH. But that was not going to stop the kids from dressing up and getting their candy. They only went to a few houses and then trick or treated in my mom's house.

So here are Sarah and Steven. (Liam decided he was too old to do Halloween any more.)

<br>  photo imagejpeg_8_zps2635165e.jpg 
The only one of Steven that came out really well. He's Spiderman of course.
 photo imagejpeg_9_zps1622d3a0.jpg  photo imagejpeg_5_zps17044525.jpg

And here is Sarah as Cinderella.
Posted: 1 Nov 13 09:06 • Comments
 No, today is not Liam's 15th birthday. It can't be. It seem like just last week I was bringing him home.  I swear only a few days ago he was taking his first steps. Wasn't yesterday when he started school?

When did time slip by me?<br>
Posted: 9 Oct 13 17:08 • Comments