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Posted: 7 Dec 13 20:34 • Comments
Getting ready to leave for the cinema now - this is going to be such fun! See you on the flipside :-)
Posted: 23 Nov 13 13:14 • Comments
Like an idiot, I just assumed there wouldn't be any cinema viewings of the Doctor Who Anniversary episode in Ireland but I was wrong.  I just snagged a ticket to a viewing - but for for 9.30 viewing not a 7.30 one, as that was unfortunately sold out. I daren't lurk at home that evening as I know i'll just just troll the internet for spoilers so I'm going to strong arm a couple of friends into buying tickets too so we can do the restaurant thing beforehand!

... yes, I'm such a kind, considerate friend that way :-P
Posted: 9 Nov 13 15:08 • Comments
dracula kermit with vincent price
Posted: 31 Oct 13 15:14 • Comments
It's been forever and a day since I've posted on LJ (Tumblr stole my online soul) but I got my HLH shortcuts assignments today, and it seemed as good excuse as any to put my LJ hat back on!

Yay for Highlander Ficathons and, after a bit of lurking on my assignment's LJ, I think I have just the story for then :-P
Posted: 15 Oct 13 04:31 • Comments
I just realised I didn't do the photo thing on LJ. Let me rectify that!


A sneaky shot from a window in the upper corridors of the Uffizi - the museum attendants will shame you in public if they catch you photographing the artwork! I got away with snapping the view, though!


Outside the Palazzo Vecchio -  you can't see the tower on top but, trust me, I climbed it! I have the evidence below!

I took a trip into the mountains around the city and stumbled across this old Roman Arena!

Ninteen flights of stone steps in the Palazzo Vecchio - ten of those flights were steep tower stairs. No lift/elevator option. Talk about a cardiovascular workout! Worth it for the photo, though!


Up close and personal to the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore !


I did a paper on the baptistry doors while in college - and while these are replicas (the originals were moved to a museum in the sixties), I still got a thrill seeing them in situ!

Posted: 19 May 13 09:52 • Comments
"Oh my God, oh my God, Oh my God!"


Carry on...

ETA: Spoilers in the comments, sweeties...
Posted: 18 May 13 14:46 • Comments
A new Joss Whedon show - I'm so ridiculously excited!
Posted: 15 May 13 11:52 • Comments
I'm off to Florence tomorrow for four days and I'm so excited! I should be asleep right now, resting up for my trip because, guess what? I'm going to Florence tomorrow! Where there will be food and wine and beautiful art and wonderful architecture. (My list of things to see is as long as my arm!)

Excuse me while I double check my carry on luggage...
Posted: 26 Apr 13 21:38 • Comments
I have to get back into the habit of posting my fandom stuff on LJ. I tend to go the Tumblr route of late, which is great for my guiltier pleasures (Vampire Diaries, anyone?) but not as satisfying for my other fandom loves beyond gifsets (Doctor Who, Highlander & Continuum)

Let me tell you about my gleeful reaction to the return of Continuum for another season on Showcase - oh, how I missed my Sci-Fi show - but it is one simple thing that made me want to write about this show rather than just watch, and that is the nature of its main protagonist, Kiera. Last week, I reblogged a comment on Tumblr made by Natalie Dormer about the portrayal of women in fiction.

“Men still have trouble recognizing that a woman can be complex, can have ambition, good looks, sexuality, erudition, and common sense. a woman can have all those facets, and yet men, in literature and in drama, seem to need to simplify women, to polarize us as either the whore or the angel. that sensibility is prevalent, even to this day.”

It's a very valid point, even in modern television, so when an exception to the rule turns up on my TV screen, I feel the need to comment on it! It's a rather delicious experience to follow a female protagonist that's allowed to have flaws without being vilified for it. Here is a character who is coming apart at the seams while still trying to project an untouchable persona, who clearly loves her family and wants to get back to them and yet can’t stop herself from literally sleeping with the enemy, because in this strange new land called the past, her enemies are the only ones who get her. She’s driven and ruthless and more than a little broken at this stage, and yet she keeps on going in the hope she’ll see her husband and son.

Throw in the implications of the opening scene, in which she wakes up from a nightmare of being being imprisoned and drugged (Was it a memory or was it a side effect?) and the very telling look...
Posted: 23 Apr 13 13:10 • More • Comments
From the little reaction I've seen on my flist, I think I may be alone in this, but I really enjoyed this. At last, a Mark Gatiss Doctor Who episode that I like!

The claustrophobic atmosphere in the Russian submarine, the feeling of peril - and holy creepy reptile claws! Ice Warriors are suddenly really scary, like Alien scary! Not clompy monster scary.

I adored the characters, I liked the 80s cold war setting! I loved the fact the Clara felt out of her depth and afraid but also felt the need to prove herself and soldiered on!

I take back everything I've said about Mark Gatiss Doctor Who episodes. All is forgiven!
Posted: 13 Apr 13 20:34 • Comments
A Susan mention! Oh my heart.

Why doesn't the TARDIS translate the languages for Clara, is it because it doesn't like her?

I've heard a lot about Clara being a clever-clever companion like River but I don't get that vibe from her at all. She's smart, yes, but there is a kindness and softness to her that is more in the mould of Donna/Rory/Martha. She really doesn't have that sociopathic edge prevalent in Jack or River's character, or that streak of self absorbed selfishness that Rose and Amy had (although I think Amy matured beyond that towards then end). I like her although I haven't fallen in love with her yet (but there is a distinct possiblity it will happen though!)

Can I also say I'm so happy we've left the trope of the shrewish mother behind us. Clara's Mum seemed so lovely!

Christ, the Doctor weeping. Eleven waters up on occasion but tears are rare - and a Time War reference. I'm getting a very Old Whoish vibe off this season and I think I like it.

Once again, the plot isn't up to much but the character stuff is lovely.

And may I say that Clara's Dad seemed truely lovely and not what I was expecting after the 'government conspiracy' phonecall they had last week. Maybe losing his wife broke his ridiculously romantic heart and he became a shut in, dreaming of his lost love and why am I suddenly getting a Great Expectations vibe?
Posted: 6 Apr 13 15:16 • Comments
Things I like about Clara: she has a kind heart. It’s pretty much her defining character trait so far, although that may change. (and she sort of reminds me of Martha, which automatically makes her more endearing to me)

Old Who-ish opening titles. I like it.

The plot was a bit meh but this episode was more of a character piece, so I’ll give it a pass. Lovely to see an old school villain that doesn’t come in a shiny tin casing, though!

Clockwork TARDIS! I kinda liked the new cogs of the console inscribed with Gallifreyan. Very pretty.

Anti-grav bike!

Bottling for breakfast money! (Do they call it that outside Ireland? I mean passing the hat around!)
Posted: 31 Mar 13 06:59 • Comments
Rob Thomas set up a Kickstarter page for a VERONICA MARS MOVIE. The minimum goal was 2 million and, less than than 24 hours later, they're already passed it -which means filming will start this summer! (It also has a very amusing promo video)

*Does Happy Fangirl Dance*

P.S. And if this is a new trend, I'd like some new Firefly and Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles while they're at it...
Posted: 13 Mar 13 21:00 • Comments
Long story short, I got sucked into the Tumblr blackhole and ended up making highlander gifs when i should have been writing.

But here is some mostly naked Methos!


(My Highlander gif tag:
Posted: 10 Feb 13 15:30 • Comments
Three sentences - I can handle three sentences, right? My muse seems to be cranky at the moment. I'm finding it more and more difficult to write. Here's hoping some prompts gets my juices going!

(1) One prompt per person. The more prompts I get, the more likely the plot bunnies will attack!

(2) Crossover prompts are allowed and encouraged.

(3) Fandoms Allowed: Here is a sample of the fandoms I've written in but, if you frequent here, you know I'll probably give a stab at just about anything if you ask!

Doctor Who
Continuum (TV)
Lost Girl
Sanctuary (TV)
The Avengers (2012)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Vampire Diaries (TV)
Blake's 7
Posted: 15 Jan 13 05:42 • Comments
I was painfully aware that, between one thing and another, I hadn't posted anything new in my LJ for the New Year and then I saw this on I09 and thought it'd be the perfect shiny thing to share! A time lapse study of flowers blooming by photographer Kate Pruskova. So simple yet so beautiful!
Posted: 8 Jan 13 15:23 • Comments
Writes beautiful, frothy pop and I love the humour she brings to her videos - she's also very good at snark, if you listen to the lyrics of Impossibly Beautiful..

Love is tricky Thing

Impossibly Beautiful
Posted: 18 Nov 12 17:44 • Comments
Title: A Grand Adventure
Rating PG
Characters: River Song/Charley Pollard, the Doctor.
Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: In which an Edwardian adventuress literally bumps into a time travelling archaeologist in the midst of liberating a tablet from an ancient burial site......

Written for Illustrationkowarth, I'm so sorry about the lateness. I'm an idiot who obviously can't time manage to save her life!

In which an Edwardian adventuress literally bumps into a time travelling archaeologist in the midst of liberating a tablet from an ancient burial site...

River had very few vivid memories from her childhood, the Silence had ensured that. They had crept into every crevice of her mind and left her with little else but a burning need to kill a good man.

But she did remember sitting in her Dad’s sitting room and watching all three Indiana Jones movies one rainy afternoon with him. She remembered the way his hands moved as he explained each scene in detail and the way he grinned and nudged her shoulder when the exciting parts were about to happen. That was the first time she felt the urge to hug him, to hold him tight and never let go and that feeling had scared her. She was eleven years old and had never felt love before – a fierce, burning love, not all like the insipid emotion the Silence had described.

That day had also been the first day she’d experienced doubt. It was funny how one small, insignificant moment can change your life; how love can make you want to hope instead giving yourself over to fate...

... she wanted to be Indiana Jones, not an assassin and, many years later, the Doctor had reminded her of that again....
Posted: 17 Nov 12 13:55 • More • Comments
The Coronas doing a live version of Heroes or Ghosts for an Irish radio staton. The first verse or two is in Irish, which might be relevant to some of my flists interests :-P
Posted: 19 Oct 12 13:30 • Comments
First off, whoever you are, thank you very much for even attempting this - you crazy, crazy person you! I hope you have fun.

Babylon 5

I always liked the bittersweet unrequited love Marcus had for Susan (or whether it was truly unrequited or she was just too scared to commit, I could never decide) and the mad friendship/hatred of Londo and G'Kar. It doesn't have to be to the fore; in fact I prefer predominately plotty action/adventure fics with a hint of romance/friendship, rather than the other way around. Bonus points if you can get all four into the one fic and add as many other characters as you need to make the story work. I don't have any character dislikes in B5, I love them all!

Other stuff: I adore sharp witty dialogue, all four of the characters I've picked lend to that tendency! Not really a fan of H/C or non-con scenarios. I love Intrigue and plotting. I'm familiar with the entire series so you don't have to worry about spoilers and I'm not really looking for crossovers and AUs.


Not really looking for PWP or fluff, but I love thinky/angsty stuff! Kiera and Kellog are a totally messed up pairing, and I couldn’t believe it when the series went there - I love it! Not really a fan of non-con or H/C but anything else is up for grabs. If you want to use this pairing in the context of a larger action/adventure or plot driven story that would be wonderful – and feel free to add other characters from the show!

I don’t really want a crossover or AU and I’ve seen the all of the series so far so you don’t have to worry about spoilers.

Witchblade (TV)

As long as Sara turns up, any combination of the above characters is good with me! Angsty instead of fluff is my preference(is it even possible to have fluff to this fandom?) and anything that explores what happens after the series finale (ugh, talk about a cliffhanger!) would be FANTASTIC! ...
Posted: 16 Oct 12 06:22 • More • Comments
I'm having a shoe dilemma! I fell in love with THREE pairs of shoes today but I only can only really afford to buy one (yeah, yeah, I know, first world problems). So I'm going to show you the brogues in question and you can tell me what you think...? They look so practical and yet still cute, you know?

Hey, it's Thursday night, what better time for shoe porn?

brogue heel

brogue spat

brogue tweed
Posted: 11 Oct 12 18:26 • Comments
Grover and the Cookie Monster as the Doctor and Amy (yes, you read that right :-P).
Posted: 9 Oct 12 11:39 • Comments
...Moffat just made me cry. Bloody hell.
Posted: 29 Sep 12 15:10 • Comments
Continuum starts tonight on Syfy UK at 10 pm - join me in my Canadian Scifi obsession!

Posted: 27 Sep 12 06:55 • Comments