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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Annadel


Recent entries from Contented Comfort - Right of Succession - the blog of Annadel

NOTE: This blog has been rated FR18 by the author. Blog content is not moderated by TtH

Click here to start at the beginning.Brigton had spent the morning in the craggy passes to the northwest of Reiont with his latest trainee.  Granlayit was gaining strength and progressing through basic aerobatic maneuvers at an astonishing rate for a drake his age and gaining [...]
Posted: 13 Jun 13 14:16 • Comments
Click here to start at the beginning.Lanre felt Maya’s approach as she reached the landing down the hall.  He tried to regain his composure, but his own worry and the contradictory mix of confusion, joviality, and underlying unease surrounding him had his control in tatters. Sleep had been impossible, so he spent the few h [...]
Posted: 19 Sep 12 09:23 • Comments
They touched down in the courtyard late in the afternoon.  Maya helped Chantal steady herself as she dismounted. “Thank you, friend,” Maya said, patting Tricon’s long neck. “Yes, thank you, Tricon,” Chantal added.  She wrung her hands shifted her weight from one foot to the other. If Father saw [...]
Posted: 13 Oct 11 15:21 • Comments
Maya was chopping some of the greens for Tricon’s stuffing when she heard Chantal gasp.  She glanced up to see the girl’s pale, horror stricken face.  Maya turned to see what had Chantal so upset and found Tricon pulling out of a dive at the last possible second near his favorite hunting spot. When would he tire of doing that?  He’d received two deep gashes along the underside of his tail when he’d cut it t [...]
Posted: 5 Oct 11 18:41 • Comments
Tricon loved hunting from this spot on the cliffs above the picnic alcove.  The view was perfect.  It was one of the reasons he and Maya preferred this spot to any of the others within reach of the castle.   He scanned the waters, looking for the characteristic dark spot created by a pod of shralankce.  The waters here were a favored hunting ground near the spring [...]
Posted: 20 Sep 11 20:02 • Comments
Chantal followed Maya through the halls to the kitchens, her stomach grumbling at the thought of food.  Even though it’d only been a few days, it felt like years since she’d had a decent meal.  As they reached the ground floor, mouth-watering aromas tickled her nose and caused her stomach to rumble so loud she was surprised it didn’t echo. Maya pushed the kitche [...]
Posted: 12 Sep 11 21:09 • Comments
Maya led Chantal to the second level.  Sunlight flooded through the enormous windows lining the hallway.  The thick glass panes had been removed a week before to create a breezeway to relieve the early summer heat. “I can’t see the Wastelands,” Chantal whispered. Maya looked back at the girl who had fallen [...]
Posted: 6 Sep 11 15:55 • Comments
The remainder of their journey passed quickly. Chantal exuded a sense of excitement, joy, and curiosity Maya found intoxicating and helpful in her own fatigue. It felt like days rather than the few hours it had been since she left Reiont, and it now seemed she would likely be too busy getting Chantal settled for either of them to have a nap this afternoon. She knew the feeling of being a bird trapped in a gilded cage, but what must it feel [...]
Posted: 22 Aug 11 15:22 • Comments
Ralic led Maya back into the courtyard and past the steward, who had ignored the still dripping gash above his eye.  The young man regarded the two with an unreadable expression.  Maya turned away, unable to look at him.  His lack of concern about the long line of drying blood was only slightly less disconcerting than his total lack of emotion.  Meeting the steward both shook her faith in her admittedly weak empa [...]
Posted: 15 Aug 11 07:32 • Comments
After hours traveling an area devoid of anything but fine red sand, Maya was relieved to see Tembar.  The temperature was rising, and she was tired, hungry, and thirsty after skipping her morning meal and leaving with just a flask of water in the interest of speed. She slipped her hand into her pocket, reaching for the container before remembering she’d drained it dry an hour before. [...]
Posted: 29 Jul 11 15:13 • Comments