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Supernatural 9x17 Mother's Little Helper

So, this was delayed because I was sick when I watched the first time and I found myself really liking it, so I felt like I needed to watch again before trying to review it. Because I have noticed in the past that sometimes when I'm not feeling myself while watching something I will weirdly like it so much better than I otherwise would have.

Not this time, because even after a healthy rewatch I still liked it. More than that I kinda loved it.

Yes, I know there was some issues, but even then I still couldn't do anything other than sit back and bask in the fact that this is pretty much the first episode of Supernatural that I've truly loved and enjoyed since the middle of last season. Seriously, I remember the "old" days where I would rewatch episodes numerous times and that hasn't happened consistently since season six. So, apparently I don't care that this episode had some issues I'm just gonna like it.

Now I suspect since some of the things here will be plot-relevant later on that there will be some retro bitching. But right now all I can do is be all like "this is good and I liked it."

The Vampire Diaries 5x17 Rescue Me

Honestly, I've been trying to start this for awhile and I just can't come up with anything to say about the episode, except that (and I'm not sure why) but Jeremy came across as a big giant asshole to me. And apparently it was bad enough that it pretty much ruined the whole episode for me. When really outside of that I can't recall the episode being horrible.

Well, there was that one thing where I kept hoping Caroline had given a certain someone her blood, but that doesn't seem to have been the case.
(Because who didn't see that coming. Apparently, Caroline.)

I don't know perhaps I'll think of something more to say about the episode later, but probably not since I don't p...
Posted: 28 Mar 14 16:23 • More • Comments
Day late, and always a dollar short, but here are my thoughts. They might surprise you given my overall feelings for certain things in this season and the previous one.

The Vampire Diaries 5x16 While You Were Sleeping

You know, despite this episode being overly heavy on the wangst I kinda loved it anyway.

I think though what saved this episode for me was actually the Damon/Elena stuff, which is pretty much where the wangst was at it's worst. But I've been saying for a long time now that this show keeps trying to force Damon/Elena without seeming to understand why that pairing just doesn't (or really shouldn't) work. But in the end the show has both characters acknowledge this before (of course) jumping right back in to bed together, but this time I found myself actually in support, which is the first time that's happened since this show started shoe-horning Damon/Elena.

Apparently, I'm easy - all it takes is some hard-core honesty and I'm totally on board.

There was also a bit where Katherine helpfully left Elena a diary, which Elena may have quickly decided to burn, which just seems stupid, but you sorta get it. See, Elena is blinking in and out of reality in this episode. In fact that's how the episode starts, with Elena table dancing and soon taking her shirt off upon request. Only Caroline questions this behavior and only mildly at that. Everyone else thinks it's just about damn time Elena had some fun, even baby brother Jeremy. And I think I actually uttered a "seriously" here, not in support of the idea of Elena having fun, but that these characters seriously believe that is the exact way Elena would go about having fun (or okay until the reveal meaning writers instead of characters).

Actually, at first this seems real until Elena jumps off the table berating her friends for not seeing that is NOT Elena behavior, and while I'm not that fond of Elena lately that didn't stop m...
Posted: 22 Mar 14 17:56 • More • Comments
The Originals 1x17 Moon Over Bourbon Street

I really don't know what to say about this episode, because it was kinda boring. And I don't really think that had anything to do with Rebekah being gone.

I suppose some would find the various paranormal factors coming together or trying to come together for some kind of peace interesting, but I have little interest in watching paranormal CSPAN I guess that would be PCSPAN. And coming up with that was more fun for me than anything in the episode itself was.

Meaning, and it's probably needless to say at this point, but I don't think this was a great (or even good) episode to have right before a month(ish) long break.

Supernatural 9x16 Blade Runners


Seriously, after the first watch I tried watching this one again and fell asleep five minutes in.

However, as I mentioned I found The Originals episode boring this week, what I didn't mention was that despite Alison being back and telling her story I kinda found this weeks Pretty Little Liars episode boring (not as boring as The Originals and Supernatural, but more boring than I expected it to be), and so as I was watching this one the first time I started to wonder if it was maybe just me and my mood. It wasn't because I went on to watch one more thing after this and wasn't bored with it.

Still it was weird until I realized at this point Supernatural is doing more recycling than a hard-core environmentalist and that just doesn't make for interesting TV to me. And I also realized that's not just a Carver thing, because Gamble did her far share of that, as well (giving Cass some Sam stuff) though I think Carver has taken it to a whole 'nother level - a refried beans level, if you will. But seriously show could we maybe pull something new out of our asses, because retelling the same story with a different character...
Posted: 19 Mar 14 14:16 • More • Comments
Well lookie here LJ is finally going to let me post something other than a review of The Vampire Diaries, though I guess it could be because I do mention The Vampire Diaries rather heavily in this one. *grin*

The Originals 1x16 Farewell to Storyville

So once again I'm stuck trying to come up with something to say about an episode. I think ultimately I liked the episode, but I'm torn because the episode ends with Bekka leaving, which makes sense for the character (and story) but makes me sad because I want MOAR Bekka on my screen.

Seriously, as Bekka was clearly having a blast driving out of town I kept expecting Klaus or Elijah to suddenly appear with a reason why she couldn't leave. I just hope she's headed back to Mystic Falls (I'm sadly lacking SPOILERS here) so I can continue to enjoy the character on my screen, and goodness knows given the promo for upcoming episodes of The Vampire Diaries that show really needs something to come up that I'd enjoy.

Okay, you know what I gotta end this, because I need to see if I can find some Bekka SPOILERS, because honestly I have little interest in watching Marcel and Klaus fight it out - that's how this show started and got boring fast. On the other hand, Elijah seemed like he might be trying to turn in to Klaus at the end of the episode, which could be interesting, but basically Bekka is the main character from The Originals that I enjoy so I'm not sure how much I'm really gonna be into this show without her, especially if Plec does as I fear and now try to turn The Originals into The Vampire Diaries by turning Elijah into Stefan, Klaus into Damon, and Hayley into Elena. And sadly you can't say the building blocks for that aren't already in place.

So after a brief pause for the cause - looking into some info about Bekka. It didn't take long, and sadly apparently Bekka really is gone, because apparently Plec feels...
Posted: 12 Mar 14 14:41 • More • Comments
Okay, it's weirdly looking like LJ is biased or something - for two weeks it's let me post my reviews of The Vampire Diaries, but for The Originals and Supernatural I've had to put them in my "various" thread.
(But then it won't let me edit and I always notice a mistake after posting *sigh*)

The Vampire Diaries 5x15 Gone Girl

So, again I liked the episode, but didn't like it as much as last weeks. Alas, sitting here trying to think of things to say about it... Well, apparently I don't have much to say about it, though I think I might would have, but that promo for the next episode just sorta killed my enthusiasm. Because that promo makes it seem like next time it'll be back to the boring crap.

Well that and the fact that all the villains are dead now.

Damon finally got around to killing Wes, but not before Wes boned Katherine (and not in the fun way) so Nadia died in a shockingly touching scene. Then Katherine despite a piss-poor attempt at escaping, and later we learn why this attempt was piss-poor, but what's shockingly stupid here is that despite piss-poor attempt being piss-poor I think she'd have gotten away if not for surprise Damon.

And yes Katherine is also dead, but she wasn't allowed to go through Bonnie to the other side, which leaves me thinking Katherine will be back and alive again at some point - most likely when the writers can finally figure out how to get out of the corner they backed this storyline into.
(But that does work - remember Queen Q aka Tessa did create the other side and she had a real hate-boner for the eternally not-so-epic doppelgängers and so it's unlikely she'd want them on the other side. However, that could just mean that Katherine simply got sucked off to where ever everyone who died went before Queen Qs meddling - meaning "she's dead, Jim.")

Okay lets go back - Nadia is dying from Tyler's unseen bite last week (which ha...
Posted: 7 Mar 14 15:26 • More • Comments
Well, lookie here - after several weeks and three reviews LJ is going to allow me to post this one instead of having to use my catch-all entry to post to my own journal. YAY! Of course, this is probably a one time thing, so...

The Vampire Diaries 5x14 No Exit

Okay, so now in addition to this week's Pretty Little Liars I can now say there's one other episode of a show I liked this week. And what makes this one even better - I didn't hate a single person in this episode. Though that could be because I just don't care enough about Wes to hate him, but whatever...

Fun fact is that just before the half-way point of this episode I was ready to write how Katherine was going to give herself away, especially with the hiding of that phone call. I mean sure Stefan and Enzo aren't best buds, but all it would take is for Enzo to come find Stefan to bitch him out for not caring enough to come help his brother and oops Katherine's game of hide the phone call would be the thing that gave her away, because the characters are right no matter how pissed Elena (or how firm her break-up resolve) would be at Damon there's just no way she'd not at least try to rescue him.

Then there was her rather boneheaded seduction of Stefan - look Kat even if Damon and Elena did break up there's just no way Elena would be trying to jump right back into Stefan's arms - if for no other reason than Elena would understand the much hurt she laid on Stefan with the whole Damon thing. And I was right, though I certainly didn't expect that Stefan and Caroline would've figured it out by the end of the episode I thought that wouldn't happen at least until next episode.

Of course, they also had a little help from Matt in the form of a not completed text he no longer remembers sending. See, kids punctuation IS important! Speaking of this I think I joined Team Matt just a little bit when he was pulling his fast one on Nadia, because I wa...
Posted: 28 Feb 14 15:17 • More • Comments
So, I rewatched the recent three episodes last night and I believe that helped me work out why I'm so bothered by the way Sam is currently acting toward Dean, because it's not as though Sam doesn't have at least one valid reason to be angry. But taken as a whole I'm ultimately just not feeling that Sam's anger is justified (or at least the seeming extent of it is justified), and that was actually bothering me just a little bit.

Such as the fact that I kept getting caught up in the idea that from now on every time the big jackass is in trouble (such as the most recent episode where the fat sucker was attacking Sam) Dean should've asked Sam if it was okay for Dean to save him this time or would the right and proper response be to walk away and let him handle it. And, yes, I admit I would love to see that from here on out - stopping in the middle of fight so Dean can ask Sam what he should do here just so Dean can be absolutely sure he's not violating Sam's wishes in any way. Alas that won't happen because Dean is not as mean as Sam. GAH! I hate this so much - I loathe the meeeeen to Dean crowd, but the show has pushed me into being one of them.

But seriously Cass could start hunting with them (because Dean really does need someone who'll have his back) looking all put out at all the Winchester shit and then finally deciding (hopefully sooner rather than later) to diddle with one of their minds - at this point I'd like to see Cass diddle with Dean's mind to forget Sam like awhile back on The Vampire Diaries Stefan asked Rebekah to compell him to forget Elena or rather his love for Elena and that's what Dean needs now to just forget that he loves Sam. Then we'll see how the big jackass likes it when he's not the center of Dean's emotions, because clearly last season (and at times this season) he's shown he doesn't really seem to like it at all.

I mean while the writers can't remember some of us can remember that whole it's m...
Posted: 6 Feb 14 15:51 • More • Comments
(I don't have a proper Supernatural icon for my thoughts here, so just pretend the one attached to this entry says - "All Was Well - (But my Supernaturalmania ended up pretty damaged for that to happen.) - because that seems to be the direction Carver wants to take with Supernatural.)

You know - I was wrong in my review I said Carver had made Sam Sally (Sally from Being Human who even after having been turned into a flesh eating zombie and yet managing to come back from that has learned nothing - everyone keeps trying to tell her she needs to stop and think about her actions before you know acting, but she never does or at least hasn't yet), but that's mostly because I was comparing one Carver show to another, which upon reflection isn't really correct. No, Sam is more like Rebekah from The Originals, though not exactly because Rebekah isn't trying to emotionally manipulate her brothers into becoming different people - she's just wanting to take the pound of flesh from them that they've taken from her. What? It's not any healthier, but it does seem somehow more honest than what's currently going on between Dean and Sam on Supernatural.

No seriously, Rebekah is in a toxic relationship with her brothers, so she keeps plotting rebellions against them, or the one, instead of just getting the fuck out, which would be the healthy response. And that's what Carver has done to Sam - he's made the Dean/Sam relationship as toxic as the one between Rebekah and Klaus, but because of actor contracts the one needing/wanting to escape the toxic simply can't because the actor is committed to the show and therefore has to be there.

Yeah, I basically just want Rebekah to get the fuck out of New Orleans, which probably explains why I'm not enjoying The Originals as much as I was when it first started - she can go back to Mystic Falls (aka The Vampire Diaries), because at least with Rebekah I still c...
Posted: 5 Feb 14 18:12 • More • Comments
This is my sticky entry, because LJ is getting worse and worse about letting me actually update my own LJ. So after this previous week I decided I needed a sticky post because usually when LJ is not letting me make entries it will still let me make comments - ergo this is my comment post, because sometimes I just need an entry to vent my spleen so to speak and that always seems to happen when LJ refuses to work for me.

Basically this means that if you care and suddenly realize I haven't made an entry in a while (especially in the TV season when I usually at least make weekly episode review entries) read the comments on this entry because if I'm around but haven't been making entries then it's because LJ hasn't been letting me and I've been reduced to making comments on my own LJ to say what I want/need to say.

I kinda hope it won't ever be necessary for me to use this one, but based on recent history it probably will.

Yep this is what LJ has reduced me too - I'd actually consider leaving if I hadn't made this a perm account - if I want to use my own journal I have to comment to my own entries. *sigh*

Yes, it happens to be working right now, but I apparently can't count on that lasting.
Posted: 5 Feb 14 16:46 • Comments
The following would've been an entry made on Saturday but LJ and my internet was bitches! My internet stopped being a bitch Monday night, but LJ didn't stop until today.

So, last week I had three days in a row off from work starting after my shift ended Wednesday afternoon. Now I knew Wednesday evening/night I wouldn't be watching my shows, because Tuesday night I had problems sleeping/resting because of a wicked combo of tummyache/heartburn. But I had planned to start watching on Thursday night, but alas I had other stuff that needed doing and so I did not get around to watching the following shows until Friday evening/night The good news is that I did watch the following on Friday night, but couldn't post these on Saturday afternoon as was the original plan, because I could not get connected to the internet. But despite that hiccup I'm still happy, because Friday and Saturday I did manage to get almost completely caught up on my TV watching. Still as mentioned I typed these up Saturday morning before I started watching other shows, because I didn't want my thoughts from these episodes to get lost in the thoughts of other stuff.
(And I probably won't get behind much (if at all) this week, because for some reason I'm not working as much this week as usual either - I'm starting to feel paranoid about that - like what did I do wrong? - but that is a topic for another time, especially thanks to being called for tomorrow night I won't be as lacking hours as I would've been without that.)

Anyway, I have no idea when/if my internet connect will return, so I have no idea when I'll get this posted. But while this would've been late it wouldn't have actually been this late is my point, and while I do have to work tomorrow night - if everything goes well I should be able to watch The Originals and Supernatural sometime after work tomorrow and if my internet doesn't go screwy again be able to post the reviews on Wednesday.

Posted: 5 Feb 14 16:21 • More • Comments
The Vampire Diaries 5x11 500 Years of Solitude

Okay, honestly, this whole episode was kinda ruined by the ending. Not that Katherine jumped Elena, or rather jumped into Elena, because sadly that does make sense for Katherine as a character. *sigh*

Show, you used to have this magic with twists, but here you really dropped the ball. Here the surprise would've been Katherine dying instead of jumping into Elena (or jumping into Stefan), because with as much time as you had Elena and Katherine spend talking (if for no other reason) it was obvious this is what was gonna happen. At the very least you could've made the whole thing slightly less obvious at any rate.

Honestly, though, this whole episode would've been better without the Stefan and Elena drama - really it would've been a perfect episode if the characters had just been allowed to continue sitting around playing their "goodbye" Katherine drinking game. On the other hand, if that had happened it might've been harder to have Caroline being naughty with Klaus, and Matt getting (what I'm calling) a special goodbye with Bekks.

Also, I'm pretty much over Nadia as a character, but that isn't the worst part of this episode - no the worst part was Tyler showing up. Someone needs to kill this jackass like yesterday!
Posted: 24 Jan 14 12:59 • Comments
Okay, so for one bright shinning moment I am caught up on my TV watching.

Last Week:

The Originals 1x10 The Casket Girls - I didn't really care for it - it wasn't bad just wasn't to my taste. Possibly though I didn't like this one, because I just feel like Bekka is setting herself up for a fall, and I don't like seeing Bekka fall.

Supernatural 9x10 Road Trip - As I said, I loved it. In fact I haven't enjoyed an episode of Supernatural as I enjoyed this one since the beginning of season seven. However, I haven't had a chance to watch it again, so I don't have any more to add to that.

This Week:

The Originals 1x11 Apres Moi, le Deluge

Well, this episode ended with a nice twist, but during the episode I kept thinking "so much wrong." Now don't get me wrong I understand Davina going nuclear - I just had trouble understanding how everything was fine to this point and then everything goes so wrong so fast. Also, why did everyone suddenly decide the original plan of the witches was suddenly the correct way to go? At least Marcel held-out, and at least Davina making peace with it rather than being forced did work for me.

But like I say the ending with Celeste was a bit of awesome, though not entirely surprising. And I suspect she's no longer gonna be Elijah's true love, which is a little bad, because holy crap am I getting tired of Elijah and Hayley - I know I said awhile back I could live with it, but now I'm starting to get bored with it, so it would be nice for something (anything) to get in the way of that. Though I give Hayley points for her speech at the end, though she loses those points because she's honestly not sorry about what she did. I honestly don't care, but I think for Elijah to forgive her not only does she need to be sorry, but she needs to understand why someone else might see what she did was wrong.

Posted: 23 Jan 14 13:42 • More • Comments
Yes, I'm totally aware that the TV hiatus is over for a great many shows, and that I'm now officially behind on my reviews. Over the hiatus I got out of the habit of my new watching schedule (because of my new work schedule) and am having some trouble getting back into that. Mostly at this point for my work schedule I'm simply watching too many shows to keep up with them all properly. *sigh*

With that noted - yes, I have watched last week's Supernatural and I liked it - better than any episode since the beginning of season seven. Yes, I'm aware it wasn't perfect, but it hit me in all the right ways, so I liked it. And frankly it looks like I'll probably like this week's, as well. However, at the moment I just don't have time to say more than that.

Alas, I haven't yet watched last weeks The Originals - I don't know why, but I just can't get myself in the mood to watch it so it (and another show I don't review here Lost Girl) hasn't been watched by me yet and therefore I can't review it. I am hopeful that I'll get it watched tonight after work, but I'm not making any promises, because tonight after work I'll have two Lost Girls and a two hour Sleepy Hollow, and I know I'll be more interested in Sleepy Hollow than The Originals and more interested in Lost Girl than The Originals. Also, after tomorrow night (when a new The Originals will air) I'll be more interested in Pretty Little Liars and Supernatural than The Originals. Basically, I'm saying I really have no idea when I'll watch (catch-up) on The Originals.

Another issue Re: me posting is that I honestly get tired of fighting LJ just to make a post. I don't know what's wrong, but half the time the post entry button does not work for me, and so it takes me forever to make an entry. But that's more the reason I'm not posting random "crap," because I do try to fight it to post my reviews, but as...
Posted: 20 Jan 14 15:46 • More • Comments
The Vampire Diaries 5x10 Fifty Shades of Grayson

This is basically the episode where Plec tries to convince the Anti-Damon/Elena shippers that somehow it's not just okay that Elena chose Damon but that it was the right choice for Elena to have made. *sigh* She uses Damon to make the Anti-Damon/Elena statements, with Elena at least half-assedly trying to convince him (us) he's (we're) wrong.

Honestly, this is basically all from the ending of the episode, because the previous parts... I don't know, but what I do know is that this is the worst mid-season finale The Vampire Diaries has ever had. WAY WAY TOO TALKY! I mean even in the end when Enzo wants to kill Damon for his revenge he wastes the entire time talking. Seriously, by the time he tries he can't do it, because the science catches up with him.
(And even Elena's flashbacks, which are almost totally silent just don't really add anything to the story.)

Anyway, Katherine wants to talk about last night, except she wants Stefan to talk. Though in the end Katherine does some talking and seems to realize that no matter what Stefan is always gonna be Elena's bitch. I guess skipping the boring parts I also skip past Katherine waking up next to Stefan with a smile that turns upside down when she discovers more of her hair coming out and runs out with a blanket totally covering her.

The real rub is that after all the crap not only Damon, but Stefan, and Elena leave Dr. Vampire alive. I mean you'd think maybe even Enzo would after having his own life saved return to make sure Dr. Vampire does not ever have a hope of recapturing him. Apparently not. Nope, which is probably the dumbest thing in this episode, and that includes the part where it's not Elena who comes to her senses and breaks up with Damon, but Damon who does something like coming to his senses and dumping her.
(Oh and even Aaron (the nephew) doesn't kill him even after having learned that...
Posted: 13 Dec 13 14:35 • More • Comments
So, it's a wee bit past that time (November) when I post the ratings so far for The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. I like doing this in November because then it makes it easy for me to find. Alas this time around real life crap kept me from doing this in November so I guess I'll have to tag this one. I guess I should probably go back and tag the others too - maybe someday.

Anyway, previous ratings posts: One, Two, Three, Four, and Five.

The Vampire Diaries
Season Five Episode One
(I Know What You Did Last Summer)

- 2.588 million viewers
- 1.2/4 A18-49


Season Nine Episode One
(I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here)

- 2.59 million viewers
- 1.2/3 A18-49

The Vampire Diaries
Season Five Episode Two
(True Lies)

- 2.14 million viewers
- 1.1/3 A18-49


Season Nine Episode Two
(Devil May Care)

- 2.33 million viewers
- 1.0/3 A18-49

The Vampire Diaries
Season Five Episode Three
(Original Sin)

- 2.93 million viewers
- 1.3/4 A18-49


Season Nine Episode Three
(I'm No Angel)

- 2.34 million viewers
- 1.1/3 A18-49

The Vampire Diaries
Season Five Episode Four
(For Whom the Bell Tolls)

- 2.63 million viewers
- 1.3/3 A18-49


Season Nine Episode Four
(Slumber Party)

- 2.19 million viewers
- 1.1/3 A18-49

The Vampire Diaries
Season Five Episode Five
(Monster's Ball)

- ...
Posted: 8 Dec 13 17:52 • More • Comments
Okay, so these are extremely late mostly because of the crazy-cakes my life has become. Granted it's not all bad, because it's right before Christmas and I'm getting extra hours at work, but it is playing hell with my TV watching and episode reviewing. But this week had bonus stress thanks to not such great weather. However, this afternoon I had time so I played a bit of catch-up.

The good news is it's HIATUS TIME now (though The Vampire Diaries will have another pre-hiatus episode - along with a few other shows I watch, but haven't been reviewing) - meaning hopefully I'll finally get caught up (or at least make some progress) while new episodes of shows aren't actually adding to my backlog.

Anyway, finally here's my big three, though I'll admit the Supernatural is more like a comment or two than an actual review, and probably the only reason The Vampire Diaries looks like a normal review (for me) is because it was the fresh one in my mind when I finally got the chance to do this.

And in addition to everything else then LJ didn't want to make the post button active for me. *sigh* Which means after I post I will see a mistake and then be unable to edit for several hours. Wonderful.

The Originals 1x09 Reigning Pain in New Orleans

I think I didn't really like this episode. It wasn't a bad one, and there's some stuff I really enjoyed, but thinking about this episode overall I realize I just wasn't that in to it.

On the other hand, there was one very good thing about this episode - it stopped trying to turn me into a Bekka/Marcel shipper. Though sadly it did this by turning Marcel into a Tyler-level jackass! At least Bekka came off as mostly awesome, or maybe I just think that because she voiced my thoughts Re: Klaus. That the fact they was wrong about Klaus this time doesn't mean there wasn't a good reason for them thinking the way they did about him in the first place....
Posted: 7 Dec 13 17:33 • More • Comments
Okay, so because of real life crap I got even more behind in my TV watching/reviewing. However, I am reasonably caught up now, so here's the not really timely reviews(ish). I watched all of them the day before Thanksgiving, and despite all the epiodes being fairly stand-out I admit that The Originals is the only one that gets something resembling a proper review.

So, while I was watching this episode I know I had things to say, because when I finally got around to watching it was a fairly awesome episode. Alas, I didn't have time to write/type thoughts while watching and since it's now been a few days I can't remember anything and everything I wanted to say, but here goes what I do remember.

The Vampire Diaries 5x08 Dead Man on Campus

By the end of the episode Caroline's so-much-better-than-Tyler Tyler replacement is dead, because apparently this show doesn't want Caroline to move on from the jackass who just up and left her. What it's either that or this show just delights in killing black men, and since aside from that little glitch this episode so was so good I'm choosing to go with this show fangirling Tyler over just enjoying knocking good black men off.

Okay, so after the mad Doctor got ahold of him he wasn't so good, but you know if this was Damon/Stefan/Elena (basically anyone else on this show) they would've found a way to actually help him instead of Elena just killing him because Damon was being bitten. Anyway, the Doctor is trying to create a vampire killing vampire and I feel like we've had this story before. The only difference is last time the solution was in the magical realm and this time it's science.
(For one wonderful moment the show allows Caroline to call Elena on this, before it later remembers that it feels Elena can do no wrong, and has Caroline back down.)

Still despite Elena killing to save Damon the episode ends with Damon being captured and because this sho...
Posted: 29 Nov 13 17:59 • More • Comments
Okay, so I'm feeling slightly better - not great, but slightly. Good news apparently I can remember how to work LJ codes now, so here's the actual stuff I stopped myself from saying in the previous entry because I couldn't figure out the magic that is the LJ cut.
(No, I haven't yet watched the episode again, and honestly don't know if I will, because frankly I'm scared of how much I might notice about this episode now that I wouldn't be watching through a sick haze.)

Supernatural 9x07 Bad Boys

Though it was probably an okay episode for a different show with different characters, or at least on a show where there was less backstory already known.

Part of why I suspect I hate it (or will when I watch not sick) is the discontinuity but also because I saw things before this episode about Adam Glass -- Let's just say if I approached my job in the same piss-poor manner that Glass appears to and my boss would almost literally hand me my ass as he dropped kicked it out the front door. At least if I tried his "but my job is sooo hard!" whine to explain why I didn't get something right. And admittedly that might be coloring some things just as much as me being sick did.

Really though I guess Glass and others among the current crop of writers should be damn glad neither I nor my boss are with the WB, because the piss-poor mistakes in this episode combined with his whining about it and we'd be all "well, you don't have to worry about how your job is so very hard anymore. Good day. I said good day!" Because for some reason unlike the actual WB a quick look around the internets would yield better writers for this show, or at the very least ones that are more worthy of making the big bucks than this whiny continuity-challenged jackass.

Because here's the things that jumped out at me while I was watching while sick - meaning I was barely focused on the episode. But had to hold back before because in m...
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Honestly I don't have much to say about this episode except - WHY IN THE SAM HELL DOES THIS SHOW KEEP TRYING TO INSERT A DAMN ROMANCE?! Seriously, there's nothing wrong with a really long weekend no fuss no muss. This show used to be so good at that, but then at some point decided romance must be inserted at any and every opportunity

And honestly that's the only impression of mine that I trust at the moment, because you see Sunday morning (aka Tornado Day) I woke up feeling like shit - stuffed up shit. And I've been sick ever since, and when I'm sick I'm pretty much in an "all sucks and NOTHING will ever be better again!" mode. You see, I think it was probably an okay episode, though I suspect I hate it. Either way, I may or may not watch it again when (if) I ever feel better.

Still I'm hoping to feel better soon, you see I had to go in for the two week check-up cause the PP meds I recently started taking for swelling and nothing do doc but to put me on azithromycin, because apparently instead of the cold I thought I had I can has ear infection right now - I guess the messed up balance should've been a clue, but the PP meds can also cause balance issues, so I just wasn't sure. But consummate professional she is (and no I don't think less of her - I thought it was kinda funny) - she shined the light in my left ear and went "Ew!" Apparently the inside my left ear was all red and angry, lucky for her the right one had already cleared up, because she'd have been totes grossed out, because Monday it was hurting me badly - the left one hadn't yet started hurting, though when I did finally crawl my ass outta bed today I could hear the tell-tale snap-crackle-popping in said ear. Anyway, I'm assuming the meds she put me on are fairly well bad ass because of the cost and the fact that there's only six pills and I was supposed to take two today and then a mere one a day until they're gone.

But hey on the plus side I've lost six of the sixteen swelli...
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Before I start, for those wondering about my new life - apparently, I am a picture of health except the feet and heart. But all my tests results was good, so... And I'm doing okay myself, so moving on to The Vampire Diaries now.

PS - I really gotta find some more The Vampire Diaries icons.

The Vampire Diaries 5x07 Death and the Maiden

So, Bonnie's back, but perhaps the headline for this episode is that there is simply NO cool version of Stefan, because before the end Silas revealed himself to be as Stefan as Stefan. On the other hand, to my (I'll admit) surprise by the end of the episode Silas, Amara, AND Qetsiyah (aka Queen Q aka Tessa) are dead. Also, Katherine is dying, but that's not as dramatic as it sounds.

You see, Katherine spent roughly five hundred years as a vampire and now those years are catching up to her. Basically, the natural aging process is taking its course now - only it's happening more rapidly because it was delayed for roughly five hundred years. According to the Doctor who likes to experiment on vampires Katherine now has roughly two months. So it's a really bad time for the mother-daughter bonding Nadia wants to do. In the end Katherine hurts Nadia deeply, but may (or may not) have been a case of Katherine trying to spare Nadia the pain of watching her (Katherine) die. But since this is Katherine you just can't be sure.

Oh, and apparently once a vampire has been cured they can't even tolerate vampire blood for healing purposes, but I'll get to that in a bit. However, lets do this in the proper order:

In the beginning, Stefan is having trouble with nightmares, and you know I gotta give this one to Silas and Amara - both of them spent over 2000 years locked away stoned (as in made of not having a wicked 2000 party), yet Stefan is as emo as them after only spending the summer locked away with added drowning - I mean, I'll give him the endless drowning,...
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Before I start - I just gotta say Sleepy Hollow just keeps getting better and better. And I just love Icky's outrage about all things modern, though I'm not sure anything will outshine his outrage about the levy on doughnuts, but his introduction to the internets does come close. But seriously somehow that's being played just right - it's not over-the-top cheesy eyerolly. Of course, I think it wouldn't hurt if someone took the time to explain infrastructure and how it's more massive these days to him, because at the very least that would explain a lot about the much higher taxes.
(Then we might get to see him being all outraged over the fact that our levy's are being wasted because bridges and other shit aren't being kept up properly.)

*coughs* Anyway, Sleepy Hollow is good is my point. And that this week the episode of Sleepy Hollow was better than either The Originals or Supernatural. I mean, I'm not saying either show was horrible (though kinda), just that Sleepy Hollow this week was miles better, because at the very least it managed to hand out lots of details without being so bloody boringly talk-y about it.

But now it's time to turn our attention to the CW for their new Talky Tuesday's - only on the CW! Why watch people kill monsters or monsters kill monsters? - I mean that's been done a million times before. No, we know what our audience wants - watching our characters sit around talking to each other for hours or even better standing around looking all badass while simply talking to each other! [sarcasm]I can't wait until the CW decides Talky Tuesday's just aren't enough and decides to go talky for a whole week![/sarcasm] At least I don't watch every show on the CW, so I'd miss most of that.

The Originals 1x07 Bloodletting

Well, I gotta admit I thought the episode was gonna be tedious and boring until it was revealed that Tyler kidnapped Hayley instead...
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I decided rather than making one entry and then editing I'd type my post through the day and then post last thing. Now that this is done it's time for me to eat a bit and then start getting ready for bed shortly there after.

My New Life Day Five:

Hey, I almost did an actual sit up today - I could only do about half of one, but I did that three times, and it's certainly better than what I managed yesterday. Also, regarding my legs I did the same amoumt of leg stuff today as yesterday and there wasn't much burn today so I might push a bit more tomorrow. I also did a little longer today letting my heart rate stay up a smidge longer than yesterday.

I'll tell you what's a little weird, though, after my half-assing work-out yesterday I found that most everything I did today came a little bit easier anyway.

Moving on, I maybe seem to be pissing a little more today - maybe. Again though I think it's still mostly just going more when I go rather than being "forced" to go more often. And the pills might not be doing it at all - I could probably achieve the same affects by simply drinking more liquid, and since I am drinking more liquid that might be what's doing it over the pills themselves.

And that's all to report (so far) for Day Five. Though I do wonder after working out a bit if that'll make it easier or harder when it comes to work. I know you'd think better, but it wasn't that long ago where when I wasn't at work I was laid up to recover until the next time I had to work, so...

PS - I thought of something last night - I mentioned that I wasn't having any side-effects of the apparently increased strain on my heart, and I realized the swelling might not have been the only one. Over the past two months I have been having more instances of heart burn. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but it is something heart related so maybe - on the other hand, those instances had decreased back to "normal" before...
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So, I'm logging my adventures in my LJ for now and this links to the beginning. And now comes the next part.

My new life - Day Four

So, last year my doctor recommended going from cigarettes to those E-Cig thingies. In that time I've tried a few and none of them satisfy me, but the one with the liquid came close. And I was talking with someone yesterday who mentioned if I got one of those machines with a bigger battery it would be better, so because my old one broke about a week ago I decided to shell out the ten extra dollars and buy the bigger one - I even bought the liquid that claims to taste just like Winston cigs.


It's closer than the other machine, but it still ain't right. For some reason the taste just ain't strong enough for me. However, I'm thinking about doing some mixing - I had some that even with the weaker machine that was also close, so I'm thinking about mixing a bit of that with the "Winston" and seeing what that gets me.

Speaking of the meds, I'm not entirely certain they are working as they supposed to, because while my work pants fit much better today. Don't get me wrong they still tight around the legs but not so much that I spent my morning worrying that every time I bent over I was gonna bust outta them. On the other hand, I'm still not pissing as much as the doctor and the Rx man implied/feared/said I would.

*sigh* However, Monday afternoon I need to call for the most recent test results so I might mention it then unless it seems to kick in over the next 12/24 hours. On the other hand, the swelling is going down, but it might just be doing that on its own too, because I notice in the morning I'm normal, but then over the course of the day it's back!

My new life - Day Four (Part Two: It's working out!)

So, my doctor wants me to work out a little bit - she said walking, but that's part ...
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The Vampire Diaries 5x06 Handle With Care

Okay, first things first, apparently when my DVR blinked out last week it wasn't Amara they brought but Katherine after Silas used her for the cure. Katherine is still alive, but she seems to be falling apart. Well, okay, she's got a streak of gray hair and her tooth came out, which is hardly falling apart, but I'm guessing that's where it's headed.

Anyway, so Queen Q is a raging bitch, Elena is more than a little jealous, and it would seem NuStefan is still Elena's bitch. Is that it? Am I done now? Noooo! Turns out the anchor thingie is Amara, because stupidly no one actually considered (and I include myself in this) that Silas and Amara had taken immortality BEFORE Queen Q tore her to pieces. So, of course, Amara is the anchor, because Queen Q knows Silas wants/needs to destroy the anchor, but that he would never ever destroy Amara.

But of course by the time he discovers this he's already taken the cure, and Amara wakes up HUNGRY (or well she's stone at first, but Silas feeds her, and...). She doesn't want to live anymore so once she realizes the cure runs in Silas's veins she takes it for herself. I thought this meant Dead!Silas, but later Team Vampire Diaries says he's missing, but that would've been such an awesome way to kill him.

Let's see what else happened? Oh, right, okay so Queen Q and Stefan are trapped in a love shack until sundown, and Queen Q lures Elena there - apparently just so she can goad Damon (who's on a road-trip with Silas and Jeremy to find the anchor) into killing Silas on the off-chance that Silas would destroy the anchor. Damon wants Silas to bring Bonnie back first, but then with Elena on the line he's all "must kill Silas NOW!" But he's distracted by a group of, I'm a-gonna call 'em, witches, he kills them while Silas finds the "anchor."

So, Bonnie's still dead, and still okay with that - Jeremy's taking it pretty damn hard, thoug...
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And I don't mean sick (as in twisted) I mean sick as in my heart may be having more problems than I originally thought, and yet as near as I can tell swelling is the only side-effect I've had for that so far, and until this week I didn't know the swelling was a side-effect of heart problems.

So, okay, lets go back to the beginning, which I guess does go back to the extreme foot pain I've suffered since 2008/09, but I've bitched about that enough on here - suffice to say it hurts.

Now the story takes another twist around six months ago - I started gaining weight, but it was weird weight gain, but I've never been one of those people who tries to pretend I'm not rotund - so I didn't try to pretend it was anything other than weight gain (despite the fact that my waist wasn't really "growing"). Though to be fair I did admit that in my feet and lower legs it was swelling, but that (I thought) connected back to the foot pain, because since they've been hurting my feet/ankles go through swelling cycles - they swell then relax. Now granted just over two months ago I noticed that I was staying swollen more than I was not swollen, but I chalked that up to the fact that I was working a few more hours lately and then simply wrote it off.

You see, A (pain) + B (more work hours) = C (more pain which meant extended periods of swelling), or so it seemed.

So then there's my story from about a week ago - my cat went bug fuck and decided the bed is the proper place for peeing (my soaking wet pillow and the following episode of cleaning). What I didn't mention was that even before that episode she turned into a real momma's girl - seriously, she wanted to be near me all the time, and was starting to act like a dog about me leaving - like she truly believed that one of those times I left I wasn't gonna come back. Well, once again I may have added the clues wrong, because see about three (maybe four) months ago my little doggie (MY BABY) vanished. She ...
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