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Went to London today to see Dame Angela Lansbury in Blithe Spirit. She was sublime, the play was as good as I hoped (I adore Noël Coward and the film so I was worried I'd be disappointed). The whole cast were a delight and a surprise bonus for me was Jemima Rooper as Elvira - I have liked her since Hex - she was a wicked delight.

If you get the chance go and see it (apparently they intend to film it for broadcast so it should be easier than you might think!)
Posted: 26 Mar 14 18:32 • Comments
Below the cut is the artwork I created for Reign of Scars, the excellent story written for Illustrationfixitstory Fixit Big Bang by the ever-talented and wonderful Illustrationaeron_lanart. The story is up now and can be read here, I suggest you do so as soon as possible, but be warned as although it is a Torchwood fixit it does not alter any events of Children of Earth.

Cover Art:


Cast Collage:


Like a Phoenix:


The woman next to Gwen is Siannon, OFC of Illustrationaeron_lanart, my thanks to her for letting me use her image and for giving me such wonderful material to create for.
Posted: 14 Mar 14 19:43 • Comments
Alexandra Bastedo, Sharron in the Champions and tireless animal charity campaigner, has passed away aged only 67. I am very sad at this news, The Champions are my OT3 and she was a wonderful lady, I wish I could have met her.

Posted: 13 Jan 14 08:20 • Comments
Hey, look, it's me! Just in time for Christmas/Hogswatch/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/whichever particular solstice festival of light in the darkness you're celebrating. For me, it's Regeneration Day so in honour of that, here's a little Rory-centric ficlet that popped into my head. General spoilers for most of Amy and Rory's time in the TARDIS, but shouldn't be spoilers for most.

Behind Blue Eyes

Sometimes Rory would wake in the middle of the night. Most times he would lay in bed, watching Amy sleep peacefully and listening to the hum of the TARDIS, both the audible one and the psychic one in his head, until the gentle rhythms lulled him back to sleep.

Some nights the weight of two millenia pressed down upon him. Those nights he would gently extricate himself from Amy's embrace and walk the corridors. TARDIS kept him company, a gentle purr that helped quiet the monsters and sometimes he could swear he heard Idris' voice say 'Hello, Pretty One" but then he'd convince himself it was wishful thinking.

Occasionally, he would wander into the console room where he'd find the Doctor tinkering away. He would sit and watch and neither felt the need to say a word; the two old souls with young faces.

One night, he almost stumbled upon the Doctor and River. He stayed back in the shadows and watched how happy they were.

They made an odd little family, all told; the father who was both young and old, the mother who could summon people into existence, the daughter who appeared older than both her parents and her thousand year old husband and his magic box. A more strange and wonderous family could not be imagined, but a family they were, and a happy one.
Posted: 24 Dec 13 16:13 • Comments
I've been thinking about this ever since Night of the Doctor proved me right that John Hurt's Doctor was the one that fought in the Time War - a new regeneration between 8 & 9 as we regard them.

I totally agree that there is no need to re-number them all as he doesn't think of that regeneration as being the Doctor BUT there is one thing that has not been resolved:

1. William Hartnell becomes
2. Patrick Troughton becomes
3. Jon Pertwee becomes
4. Tom Baker (stick with me, I'm not just randomly naming them!) becomes
5. Peter Davison becomes
6. Colin Baker becomes
7. Sylvester McCoy regenerates into
8. Paul McGann regenerates into
9. John Hurt regenerates into
10. Christopher Ecclestone regenerates into
11. David Tennant regenerates into
12. His own hand/David Tennant (see where I'm going?)
13. Matt Smith will regenerate into

Peter Capaldi, who will technically be the fourteenth regeneration!!!

Now, I'm not suggesting that thirteen is set in stone, after all the Master broke it, and maybe the limit was arbitrarily applied by the Time Lord Council - but nobody has mentioned it. Maybe it will be addressed at Christmas- I sincerely hope so because to me it's a gaping hole that Moffat would normally address and I will be disappointed if he ignores it completely.

Any thoughts?
Posted: 26 Nov 13 13:54 • Comments
Non-spoiler reaction - *points to icon*

EIGHT! *happy dance*

Oh noes!

Still Eight!

*heart breaks*

Is it the 23rd yet?
Posted: 14 Nov 13 09:11 • Comments
So, for those of you who don't know (and there is no reason you should - I haven't mentioned it) I'm at Serenity Forever this weekend with Illustrationaeron_lanart. It as been a very shiny weekend so far, fun and frolics with Jewel Staite, Sean Maher and Jonathan Woodward, but then last night this completely random guy crashed the disco and caused chaos.

It was Joss Whedon.

I kid you not. Check my Twitter feed for photographic proof (can't seem to get my iPad and LJ to talk to each other so I'll have to wait until I have computer access to share a pic here).

Joss! \0/

/fangirly squee
Posted: 15 Sep 13 08:50 • Comments
So, happy belated birthday Illustrationaeron_lanart *looks shifty* Only... four and a bit months late! *cough*

Hope the wait is worth it. This is the story of how Harry and Rick met.

Unbeta'd since my usual beta is the recipient, as usual anything you recognise isn't mine. Harry is an amalgam of the TV series and some aspects of the books I think might have appeared in the TV show eventually if it had a chance to run.

Faerie Tale Castle

Of course I knew who he was. Magic and technology mix about as well as Coke and a Mento, so put a wizard anywhere near a TV or radio and you end up with a blackened lump of plastic. That leaves very little in the way of entertainment so I read. A lot. And since I barely earn enough to keep a roof over my head and feed myself and my cat, a lot of my books are of the variety of paperback you might find in your local thrift or dime stores.

That’s not to say that Rick Castle’s work is pulp fiction; I really enjoyed the Derrick Storm books, and he’s certainly a better calibre of writer than some authors of the genre. I’m going to stop now before I dig myself any deeper into this hole.

What I’m trying to say is I recognised him from the photograph on the cover of his book. It wasn't long after the first Derrick Storm book that Castle came to Chicago on a book signing tour. He wasn't as famous back then, so the level of crazy wasn't what it is today, but he was already surrounded by a bevy of gorgeous women, a sight now familiar to anyone who follows the celeb gossip.

My business was still new, I'd hung my shingle just three months earlier. Business was even less brisk than it is now, and I was still top of the Wardens' watchlist having only recently dodged t...
Posted: 3 Sep 13 20:15 • More • Comments
For those interested in the adventures of Miss Kincaid, parts three and four are now up at her journal.

Miss Kincaid's Journal
Posted: 27 Aug 13 20:02 • Comments
My dear friend, Miss Honoria Kincaid, has posted the second entry in her journal.

Nobody has left a comment there or here, but if anyone is interested you can follow the link below to her journal:

The Journal of Miss Honoria Kincaid
Posted: 21 Aug 13 09:16 • Comments
So LJ emailed me today to say my account I set up for my OFC Miss Honoria Kincaid was about to be purged, so I took it as a sign to be bold. So I have posted the first chapter!

You can find it here if you'd like to have a look. Please be gentle as it's my first real attempt at original fic. I would prefer if comments were posted here to keep Honoria's journal in character please, unless you want to write a comment to Honoria of course!
Posted: 8 Aug 13 19:42 • Comments
I've been hearing the Manic's new song 'Show Me the Wonder' on the radio (loving it btw) and as I figure out the lyrics I'm starting to think it may be the Manic's tribute to the Doctor! Evidence:

Show me the wonder
I have seen the birthplace of the universe
show me the wonder
I have seen miracles move in reverse

Then a verse says:

We may write in English
But our truth lives in Wales

The next verse is the clincher for me though:

Pray for the silence
As we look into the mirror

I think the evidence is clear*, and I rest my case.

* disclaimer - these are the lyrics as I have heard them and may not be the actual lyrics sung by James Dean Bradfield :D
Posted: 7 Aug 13 20:16 • Comments
*CASTING SPOILER WARNING* (but no name mentioned)

Well I was kind of hoping for a Welshman. I'm not a fan particularly, but he is a good actor and I am warming to him as the interview goes on. I do hope he keeps his accent, the two previous Scottish Doctors are my favourites!
Posted: 4 Aug 13 14:37 • Comments
Dear Mr sarcastic douchebag

Thank you so much for taking the time to write your one line response to my fic. You managed quite successfully to irritate me. Not the criticism itself, after all I can take merited criticism, it was the manner in which it was delivered: "This is.... funny, I suppose"


No love

I don't really care, the fic in question was a birthday gift and she loved it so that is really all I care about but this has just got my dander up but I don't want to dignify it with a real reply. So I'm ranting here instead *grin*

On a completely unrelated note The Worlds End is a slice of fried gold and if you enjoyed Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz then watch it ASAP :)
Posted: 24 Jul 13 05:20 • Comments
Missing scene for Castle season 5 ep 17 "Scared to Death", set in my personal canon where Rick and Harry are friends. My usual fusion of TV and book canon for Dresden Files.

I took a deep breath and pinched my nose to prevent my irritation from blowing up my phone, but I couldn't prevent the crackle on the line caused by my annoyance at Castle's persistence. This was his third call to me in an hour and while I normally love talking to Rick, his timing could have been better. I was up to my neck in a really confusing case involving vampires and the Irish mob and I really didn't have time to soothe Rick's irrational fears.

"No Rick, I will not send you any kind of protective charm and I will not use the Ways to get to New York to protect you."

"But I need you! My very soul is in mortal peril," Rick replied, panicked.

"I'm sorry, but I'm too busy here," I said through gritted teeth.

"Busy? A serial killer is risen from the grave and is coming for me and my partner. What could possibly be more important than that?!"

"Castle, for the last time, there is no such thing as haunted DVDs. It's an urban myth. You are not going to die," I said. Not unless I come over there and do it myself.

"Well if I do, I'm coming to haunt you, buddy."

"Good, Bob could use the company," I snapped back and hung up. The phone fritzed and then started smoking. "Son of a..." I grumbled as I pulled a spare phone from my desk drawer and proceeded to plug it in.

"You know," Bob said from behind me, making me jump. "There is a little known section of arcane law on death curses that means the haunted DVD myth could be..."

"Don't say it. Don't even think it," I warned. Bob raised his hands in surrender and shrugged.

"I'm just suggesting that Richard's life could be in danger," he said. I glowered at him for a moment and then sighed.

"Aw, dammit. Bob, where's the nearest Way to New York?"
Posted: 10 Jul 13 18:59 • Comments
Seen in several places:
I currently have 146 works posted on AO3. Choose a random number - no peeking! - between 1 and 146, and I will tell you three things I currently like about that story.
Posted: 22 May 13 09:17 • Comments
Wow. Just wow.

I'm serious. If you haven't seen it, STOP reading now.

YES!!!! I was right! And yes, I'm aware I'm not some sole genius who was the only person to think it but let me have my moment of smugness, please. He was Khan! ( I may possibly have air-punched when he told Kirk his name)

Oh this film was so many levels of awesome I don't even know where to begin.

Spock the cheat getting spoilers from Prime, and Prime doing it!

The warp core and the role reversal.



Scotty being awesome.


Did I mention Benedict? ;)

I can't wait to see it again. Wish I didn't have to go to work or I'd be headed straight back to the cinema!
Posted: 9 May 13 08:35 • Comments
Hey everyone. Here's a couple of silly little SPN ficlets that have been cluttering up my hard drive for a while. No spoilers for anything. Rated Teen. Obviously nothing is mine:

Easiest thousand bucks Dean ever made. All he had to do was sit in a room with a cup and some porn and let nature take its course. And the best part was that there was zero risk of any little Deans running around; all the deposits were to be used for genetic research. He didn't much like the idea of people diddling with his DNA, but this Manticore bunch weren't supernatural, despite the name, so it seemed pretty safe. Hell, it wasn't like they'd make a bunch of clones of him or anything.


They'd been having some precious and rare downtime between cases. Sam had been on a supply run and as he entered their motel room laden down with pie and beer, Dean slammed the laptop shut guiltily and jumped to his feet.

"Need a hand? Ooh! Pie!" He said and grabbed a bag before putting it down on the chair. "Gotta hit the head," he added and headed quickly to the bathroom.

Sam chuckled as he put down the rest of the shopping. He looked at the laptop and debated looking at whatever smutfest Dean had been enjoying. He still felt like he needed a shower after accidentally seeing one of those anime porns his brother liked so much. Deciding that any potential mocking far outweighed the risk, he opened the computer. Dean really needed to learn to clear his browser history.

Sam hit refresh and waited for a moment as the page loaded. What he saw shocked him utterly; he thought Dean couldn't surprise him but clearly he was wrong.

"Dude, I can explain," Dean said from behind him. Sam turned to face him.

"Dude..." he said, gesturing to indicate the laptop. "Rock of Ages? Isn't that a musical?"

"But with awesome music in it," Dean replied defensively.

"Still a musical. Dean, I am never letting this o...
Posted: 7 May 13 16:20 • More • Comments
Last Exit to Nowhere are having a 24 hour sale so I just bought a Highlander shirt, an Aliens shirt and a Withnail & I shirt. Now feel slightly guilty as even with the discount it still came to £45 but I just couldn't resist!
Posted: 2 May 13 19:38 • Comments
Our sweet, loyal, clever, funny, stubborn and infuriating dog has left us. RIP Holly. The house isn't going to be the same without her. It's too quiet.
Posted: 10 Apr 13 08:35
There are many things happening with me at the mo, both of the good and the bad, but mostly I'm so busy that my default setting is currently "knackered/meh"

Of the good- my best friend since school is getting married May 4th, Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness are out soon, work is going well at the moment, went to Cardiff for a great few days with my sister running around castles and the Doctor Who Experience (which was great but expensive). Enjoying new Who so far and have discovered the joy of Game of Thrones and main lined the first two seasons so I can pick up at season three - loving it. I am writing, both fanfic and original stuff, though flitting between different ideas rather than staying focused on one so nothing finished yet.

Of the bad- my mum isn't getting much better, my dog is very ill and getting worse (I suspect she doesn't have much longer), my best friend is getting married which is serving to remind me how not attached I am plus the wedding is in Hackney which is going to be awkward to get to and cost me at least £100. I love her and how often does a good friend get married? so I do want to go, but I'm starting to wonder if it is really worth it. And last but not least, my contract is up in a few weeks so I'm currently waiting to hear if it will get renewed or not and looking for other work in case it doesn't. Any of which on its own is stress I could do without but all together I'm a little ... frazzled to say the least.

So yeah, that's the state of me at the mo. also very very cold, so going to make a hot chocolate and watch Game of Thrones now :)

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Posted: 6 Apr 13 17:16 • Comments
So next week we get episode 12 of the current season, and it will be a first for the UK - it will have an interactive ending. Intriguing and exciting as this is, I'm also curious if the same thing happened in the US?

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Posted: 17 Mar 13 19:26 • Comments
Hi folks! Reports of my demise have been blah de blah :)

Seasons Greetings to you all, hope that whichever festival of light in the dark you celebrate that you had a great one.

So to the good: I had five whole days off, which I know isn't a lot, but I got used to only getting Christmas Day off so this was a real luxury! I got the new Dresden book and I am loving it, as always. MILD NON-PLOT SPOILER Just when I think I can't love Harry or Jim Butcher more he goes and quotes Pratchett :)

Santa also delivered unto me the Firefly A Celebration book, which is the anniversary edition of all three Firefly Companion books. And it is shiny :)

Doctor Who was great, I really enjoyed the new Companion. I have a few niggles but I also have faith that Moffat will see it right eventually.

Downton Abbey has annoyed me. The Christmas special was wonderous until the very end when Mr Fellowes wrote something so cliched and hackneyed that he's actually spoiled the entire series for me. But maybe that's just me.

The Hobbit was made of all kinds of win, can't wait until next year for part 2, and really hope I get to see it in the cinema again.

So that's it from me, hope you all have lovely New Year. 2012 has been a bit rubbish for a lot of us, so he's hoping to a better 2013 xxx

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Posted: 29 Dec 12 07:17 • Comments
First a huge thank you to you lovely people on my flist for birthday greetings and v-gifts, I love you all *hugs*

Bit of a mixed back this year - went to Wales Comic Con the weekend before my birthday and had a blast - met Anthony Head and Craig Parker, bought a set of Rocky Horror figurines, Illustrationaeron_lanart was there and, most importantly of all, met the delicious Illustrationsilvercobwebs for the first time and had a lovely time with her (and she gave me a Lego Deadpool, which was possibly the best moment of the weekend).

So, that was awesome.

Birthday was quiet but nice - took the day off work and watched DVDs with my mam and sis - Chuck and Northern Exposure mostly. Got a War Machine bobble-head that made me grin like a loon,and got Avengers Assemble on DVD. And that's where the disappointment began. Disney are complete arses! The DVD has no extras apart from one pathetic five minute featurette - no commentary, no gag reel, and no promised deleted scenes. Worst of all, for some inexplicable reason they've edited out the point of Loki's spear from a certain person's chest - WTF? It hasn't altered the rating at all, so I don't understand why. My only flicker of hope is that it's a plot reason, that they're opening up doubt surrounding that event for his return? (I expect most of you have seen it, but I'm skirting just in case)

Then when I went back to work on Thurs, nobody even bothered to give me a card and I found out I hadn't got the promotion I wanted. So the week started well but ended on a bummer. And then yesterday, ...
Posted: 30 Sep 12 09:49 • More • Comments
Written for the Timestamp prompt for Illustrationhl_chronicles, this is a flashback set in the Browncoats & Scabbards universe. Just why does Richie want the Operative's head?

Huge thanks to Illustrationaeron_lanart for beta duties.


Aberystwyth, 2012

Twenty years. He was forty, but the face that looked back at him in the mirror was that of a teen. He kept expecting to see that first grey hair or lines around his eyes, but nothing changed.

And yet so much had changed. His life, his whole understanding of the world had been turned upside down the day he’d decided to burgle that antiques store.

In twenty years he’d seen more than most could dream of in a lifetime. He’d gone from wiseass kid to Immortal student to, he hoped, a good man and teacher. As a friend once told him, the road less travelled may be harder, but it’s a hell of a lot more interesting. There was still so much more to learn, to see and to do. Regrets to make amends for, relationships to recover if that was possible.

He was the luckiest man alive; he’d had not one, but two second chances. A pale, barely visible scar around his neck was now the only reminder of just how unique he was.


After Nick moved on in 2002, Richie had travelled again; he’d spent too long in one place and that itch to travel was too strong. He bought a bike and rode east until it died. He spent some time there in Russia, learned the language, m...
Posted: 19 Sep 12 09:09 • More • Comments