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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author athenewolfe

The Scoobies live through the zombie apocalypse and manage to meet up with at least one character (Tallahassee preferred but not required) from Zombieland while they are still in California.

1) At least two or three of the Scoobies survive initially. I prefer Buffy, Dawn and Xander as the ones alive, but any of the Scooby gang is okay. Please no Angel characters as the main focus.

At least two or three of the following scenes:
2) Tallahassee gets rescued by Buffy. Points for a T/B ship if possible.
3) A zombie kill of the week while shopping on Rodeo Drive
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Janice has gone missing, and Dawn discovers that not all evil is of the demonic nature. Dawn, after being babysat by various people such as Anya, Spike and Clem decides to enact her revenge. Buffy and Hard Candy Crossover.
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Future/AU fic:

One of the Buffy-verse characters gets tagged to assume a supernatural “office” (Death, Time, Fate, War, Nature, Evil and Good) “in a fictional reality and history parallel to theirs, with the exception that society has advanced both magic and modern technology.” (

Challenge is based on the book series Incarnations of Immortality by Piers Anthony and can be a multiple crossover if you wish to use more then the BTVS fandom.

Example: Buffy gets chosen to assume the office of death, Willow...
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A) This is a challenge inspired by Disney's Enchanted (knowledge of the movie not required).
B) Crossover with your choice of fandom (Bonus points to SG-1/SGA crossovers, Anita Blake, or Harry Potter).

Rough outline based on movie, feel free to adapt as long as it fits the theme:
1) One of the Buffy characters is in a committed relationship (het or slash, with another established character or OC)
2) An enemy performs a spell to send the BTVS Character into an alternate reality/dimension.
3) One of the main characters in the alternate universe (ie other fandom) finds...
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