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Cant think of a good challenge name

I would like to read a Buffy/Resident evil crossover

What if before Alice there was Buffy, after Sunnydale collapsed Buffy went into a coma and the umbrella corporation found her and kept her a secret making people believe Alice was the first success.
you can have it as Buffy escaped or was found, Can have either the Scoobies have been looking for her or they think she ran away from them for the betrayal when they throw her out of her own home you can decide and everything else you can think of.

I must be a Buffy/Carlos pairin...
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Buffy/Criminal Minds Crossover

Unfortunately am not good at writing stories but i would so love to see a Buffy/CM Crossover i have a few idea's in my head.
1) The Scoobies are Agents for the Council and have been brought in to help or oversee the case with the BAU,
2) Buffy's mother is the ambassador or some think important and had a couple of death threat/a temps on her life and since its a humans involved she gets the BAU, Buffy's trying to keep her midnight patrols secret but finding it hard.
3) Buffy and/or others join the BAU while trying keep there identity safe. got...
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A Buffy/NCIS crossover

A few potentials are killed on duty around the city NCIS has been called in to investigate while Buffy and team try to figure out what is happening and at the end has to team up with NCIS

Would like to see a Buffy/Jethro pairing
DiNozo trying to flirt with Buffy
Something big is going down and Buffy actives the potentials
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Okay this is my first ever challenge request i would like to see a Buffy/Matrix crossover where Buffy is the other chosen one:

I would like to see Neo/Buffy pairing

Neo has to find the other one (Buffy) and unplug her instead of Morpheus finding the one
she can have her slayer strength while unplugged your choice, Morpheus or Neo can train her
must have all the original cast from matrix in it

Buffy or Neo must not die

I would do one myself but am not good writing stories *cry*
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