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Author liz

I want Riley-fic! And not the bloodsucked messed up one either! I want the one with ideals; that went on to fight with Sam and Graham in South America....

1. Noble-soldiery Riley on a mission or leave as long as he's still Black/Special Ops
2. Not hung up on Buffy or the death of his wife Sam
3. No angst-fest. I don't mind Riley being a hardened soldier, but I don't want him to dwell or brood on it.
4. No Buffy, unless she's only there for muscle power, however, if it comes to a need for muscle/magic power, I would prefer Willow or Faith--serious bonus points for Xande...
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This might have been done before, but I looked through 16 pages worth and did not see any incarnation of it, so here goes:

How does AI get out of the mess in the last moments of Not Fade Away?

Any Fandom Xover acceptable (see below for musts and must nots) :)

*Does Veiny-Willow or Willow the White show up?
*Faith decides enough is enough and brings her own army of mini-slayers?
*Harry Potter, Draco and/or the Hogwarts crew?
*Clark and his somewhat evil-genius pal Lex?
*SG1 with a bunch of Deathgliders?
*Maybe Aragorn and Legolas talked the ...
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