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Author renatria

The books Mary Poppins was based on were written by an Australian woman: P.L. Travers (really)

The challenge:

Ms. Travers is somehow connected to the watchers. Whether she's the daughter who wasn't of use to the main branch of the family, a potential who married in (or was adopted) to the family you tell us :) How did she come up with Mary Poppins? As Poppins is magical, what is her relationship with the council? Was Mary Poppins a real figure?
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Crossover with NCIS

Kelly Gibbs wasn't killed at eight years old, when she was eight the Watchers realized she was a Potential. As far as she's concerned, her father died in Desert Storm, and her mother died in a car accident when she was eight.

What happens when Jethro Gibbs finds out?
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Yep, another "real father" fic

I've seen lots and lots of Xander is Jack's son stories how about Daniel?

Xander is Daniel Jackson's son.

some ideas (run with whatever you want whether its here or not)

- have you ever known a *stupid* serious sf/comic geek?
- Xander isn't stupid, he just wasn't a good fit with sunnydale schools
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Shepherd Book is no stranger to danger, nor violence, but he knows that there is something greater out there. At least there was, but then, before he joined the order, his slayer was killed.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Firefly crossover

1. Shepherd Book was a watcher to a active slayer who died, explaining his familiarity with violence, weapons, and possibly his identicard.

2. Try to avoid using Buffy canon characters. (References to them are fine.

3. River Tam is messed up enough without a slayer spirit guys, please be nice to her ;)

4. Please ...
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In most BtVS crossovers that involve coroners (police shows mostly) its taken as almost axiomatic that coroners know about the vampires, and possibly more. How do they find out? Is there a special class in Medical Examiners school? Seminars at their conventions?
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Hogwarts isn't the only wizarding school, and the muggle repelling charms on most make them look like abandoned property. Post-chosen, the Watchers council- magic enough to see the advertisement, but muggle enough to see the illusion of abandonment, purchase a wizarding school to use for training the slayers. After the purchase is made, they realize, to their horror, that they've committed the majority of their available funds to a property which is perfect for a school- but already has staff- and students, and have to find a way to continue running a private wizarding academy, while using t...
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Okay, we've all seen the "real father" challenges.

We know that Dawn was made from Buffy, but she's obviously not a clone. Since there has to be other genetic material, there must be another parent. However, since Buffy is the mother, Dawn would have been "born" in around '86, so Buffy would have been around five years old. For the record, the youngest mother on record is also five years old (email me, I'll send you a link)

This of course lends itself well to police show type crossovers.

1.) DNA testing has repercussions. A police department or other officia...
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This (Buffy) world is the same world as the World of Time series (by Robert Jordan) only after another Breaking. The Hellmouths are the seals on the Dark One's prison, channelers (male & female) are todays witches, wizards, sorcerers etc. the Slayer is a remnant of magic done by an Aiel Wise One (though not necessarily any one we know)

Of course, the Dragon has been reborn as one of the guys (take your pick Xander, Oz, Andrew, Riley or anyone else in that age range- or have a good reason for an older man not finding his heritage until later)

The source isn't tainted like...
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What happens to the girls who are never called? They've been raised with a purpose, to help protect humanity, but never get the call. Do they go into the military or law enforcement? Do the end up slaying on their own? Are they encouraged to have children so there are more potentials out there?

Ideas for different answers. . .
Mrs. Camden, (seventh heaven, I think) or any other mom with a large family.
Jordan O'Neil (GI Jane) or Ziva David (NCIS) joining their armed forces.
Anita Blake (Anita Blake novels) or other supernatural fighting woman.

How did they get...
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What if Willow were actually Kelly Gibbs, Gibbs from NCIS' murdered daughter
Must have-
1. Willow remembering a "car accident" from her childhood after which she came to Sunnydale, rather than an attack
2. Gibbs really does believe his daughter is dead.
3. The "resolve face" is definitely a Gibbs trait.

May have-
1. The Rosenbergs know Willow isn't their daughter, but don't know she has a surviving father.
2. Gibbs actually knowing about the occult and magic (she gets it from him, not Shannon)

May not have.
1. Initiative tie ins. Come on, t...
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possibly a Hercules/Xena crossover, though it would probably be fun to throw Stargate in as well (yes the Gods are real, no they aren't Goa'uld)

1.) Something made the old Gods go away/stop meddling in the mortal world. That something ends, suddenly, the next day, selected people who are chosen by their Gods wake up with the appropriate memories/powers of Priests and Priestesses of that Deity. Not necessarily anything drastic, though in some cases it might be.

2. If Willow is chosen by anyone, it *cannot* be a Deity of magic.

3. Buffy is already the Slayer, wh...
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