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Author dogbertcarroll

Quite a few fics have used Willow as Gaia's chosen avatar, but they all seem to lack any real work ethic. It's all power no responsibility. I say we balance that out by giving her an actual job!

1. Willow is regularly summoned by a group of teens wielding artifacts that allow them to manipulate the elements. These ecoterrorists don't take no for an answer when faced with corporations that seem to consider polluting the environment to be their main goal, rather than an unfortunate side effect. Willow's job, when summoned by them combining their talismans, is to try and accomplish the t...
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Willow retired from the demon hunting business and moved to a nice quiet dimension to raise her kids. Unfortunately, just because there isn't a large demonic presence doesn't mean everything is guaranteed to be a bed of roses.

One of her daughters rebelled against their atypical upbringing, probably because her younger sister seemed to have inherited all the looks and gifts of their mother, while the gifted daughter married into a secret world that was in the midst of a Civil War.

Unaware of the war, as her daughter didn't want to alarm her, they were unprepared for an attack...
Harry Potter > Willow-Centered • Responses [1] • Date Added [23 May 13] • Date Updated [25 May 13]
The curse was broken releasing his soul, but Angel can't move on until Angelus is put to rest and his sins redeemed. Deadboy pulls a Deadman, discovering he is able to possess normal humans and works towards the destruction of Angelus and his own redemption.

Rules: Can't possess demons or vampires, mortals only. While he retains his fighting skills, he doesn't retain any of the vampiric powers he used to have. He can't take on master vampires like he is one anymore, he has to fight smart!

Scenes I'd like to see:

Angel enjoying being human again and making a pig of hi...
DC Universe > Other DC Comics • Responses [0] • Date Added [22 May 13]
What if the Hyena's weren't simply animals?

After the Ministry Battle the Hogwarts students realize how dangerous things were getting. So, Hermione Granger comes up with a plan to strengthen the group by altering a somewhat risky Animagus ritual.

The Ministry Six attempt to become animagus in a group ritual that goes horribly wrong leaving the entire group as a pack of hyenas with their human minds suppressed by the instincts of their new forms.

Hagrid discovers the pack of hyenas and drops them off at a local zoo (as they aren't magical creatures) who not needing ...
Harry Potter • Responses [0] • Date Added [17 Mar 11]
Xander gets some of Lorne's blood on him and experiences an aspect of demon that he never imagined.

People tend to hum without thinking about it and sing along with the radio. Xander never noticed it until he was given the ability to see someone's future/destiny and now it's all he can think about.

Seeing people past, present, and future when they make any sort of music drives Xander away from the gang and onto the road for some peace and quiet, while Giles looks up a way to remove the unwanted gift.

Along the way Xander can meet all sorts of interesting people from...
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Xander sets off on his roadtrip after high school and finds himself getting stronger the farther he is from Sunnydale.

Meanwhile, back in Sunnydale, Willow attempts to stake a vamp and accidentally sticks her arm through its chest.

This is a post movie Hancock crossover and since they left the origin of the species completely wide open I'm running with the idea that Willow and Xander are a spontaneously generated pair.

Other pairs have probably grown up near each other, fallen in love and died together, never learning of their abilities. Blame it on the PTBs if you...
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Hermione Jane Granger thinks her parents are simple dentists, but when things begin to heat up in the magical world and they learn exactly what has been going on in the life of their 13 year old daughter (2nd year) they show her that they are far from ordinary.

Alex and Dawn Granger moved into semi-retirement so they could raise their daughter in peace and quiet, far away (a different universe actually) from the dangers they had faced in Sunnydale and beyond, but it looks like it's time to take up the axe and the stake again, as some mojoing morons learn... well actually I'm thinking ...
Harry Potter > Xander-Centered • Responses [2] • Date Added [22 Oct 08] • Date Updated [20 Jan 10]
Giles has been portrayed as having practically a split personality between himself and Ripper. Giles is the stuttering, tweed wearing, older man while Ripper is a strong, leather clad, force of nature, just a bit past his prime.

They are almost two entirely separate people.

Let's take that a step further...

In the 50's in New York there lived a man who knew the evil that lived inside the heart of every man.

He met and had an affair with an English woman who was out for a last grasp at life before being married to a stodgy British watcher.

Their chil...
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Instead of ending a Halloween episode with various Scoobs gaining skills and abilities, how about the people they were dressed as suddenly gaining their skills and abilities?

Imagine Jarod (The pretender) suddenly gaining all of Xander's memories and the knowledge that magic was real.

Imagine Harry Potter suddenly gaining an urge for Twinkies and the will to kill those that threaten his friends.

Imagine Luna Lovegood gifted with the ability of a Slayer or Anya's vast magical knowledge.

Imagine Ranko Tendo suddenly gaining the magical abilities of Willow....
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