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Author Anneliese

Crossover with the Secret Circle - book or TV version.

When Buffy's mother get's kidnapped during the Cruciamentum, Buffy doesn't end up being able to save her. As a result, she ends up going to live with her only other relative (other than Hank who I think we all consider a write off) - Grandma Blake. Depressed and self destructive due to her inability to save her mom, she isn't much interested in making friends or moving on.

Buffy is clearly more capable when it comes to dealing with evil than the character of Cassie Blake that LJ Smith gave us so she is able to catch on ...
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This is for a crossover between the BDB by J.R. Ward and BtVS.

Buffy and Dawn find out the reason why Hank ditched them after the divorce ... he wasn't their real father and he knew it. After one of the girls confronts him and he spills the beans, they go on a fact finding mission to find out exactly who is their father. Seems like Wrath is having a few descendents come out of the woodwork lately, and Darius had a half-breed daughter (Wrath's mate) so it's a likely story. You can use whichever of the Brotherhood you'd like though. ;)

Once they make it to New York, the girl...
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Ok, this is a challenge for the Cassie Palmer and/or Dorina Basarab series by Karen Chance.

So here it is: ;)

Lady Phemonoe, or Agnes as Cassie calls the prior Pythia, get's a message to Cassie somehow, whether it's one of the times she ends up shifting time or whatever, to shift dimensions to bring Buffy (or Faith or Dawn, etc) to their world in order to help in this final war.

Shifting dimensions isn't something that has happened in the series, so deal with that as you would like.

Once there, there are some suspicion about the person(s) that Cassie brought...
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This is set after the season finale of BtVS.

The challenge consists of this:
Buffy finds a safe deposit box in LA in her mother's name with information regarding a Nate Ford ... a Nate Ford who happens to be her *gasp* (you guessed it!) real father. After some digging, she finds out that he's sort of an investigator and decides to hire him - to investigate who her real father is.

She can either tell him that she suspects he is her father or not tell him anything at all and let him figure it out on his own, but she must hire him whether she knows all the facts or not....
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Set post-season finale for BtVS, anytime during the Twilight Saga.

In this story, the Cullens have all kept a very detailed account of anyone who may have descended from them or their family members. In this case, Carlisle has discovered that there are some inconsistencies regarding his lone living relative - one Buffy Summers. The records said she died ... then how is she going to college part time in southern California while working part time as a high school counselor?

Deciding to bring the conundrum to themselves, the need for a high school counselor suddenly becomes v...
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According to the HP Lexicon, one of the characteristics of a veela is that they are guardians of nature. What if veela's have something to do with the origination of the slayer?

The challege is this: The blood of a powerful veela family has been running through the slayer line for eternity but the slayer has never before been a witch ... until Buffy.

Buffy must go to Hogwarts for a year to learn how to deal with her late blooming veela heritage, as well as learn the basics of witchcraft. While there, she meets her 'soulmate', whatever that means, and is very unsatisfied w...
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We've all seen stories where Buffy ends up in another verse because of something that happened in the BtVS verse (the portal, her death, Halloween, etc.).

This challenge brings Buffy (or any other BtVS character of your choosing) to SG-1 because of something that happened in that verse. Choose any AU episode of SG-1(200, The Road Not Taken, etc.) and have your BtVS character be a player in the SG-1 AU. You could even invent your own alternate reality for SG-1 to pop into and draw your BtVS character/s in. Even though the SG-1 people are in an AU for themselves I would prefer it if ...
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