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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author drdeth

The Eternal Champion by Micheal Moorcock
A Multi Crossover Challenge by DrDeth

My name is John Daker, but I have gone by others over the years and they have been very long years as I search for my rest in Tanelorn.

To some I am Elric Of Melniboné to others Dorian Hawkmoon. I have had many names that dominate my dreams and my nightmares..... Jerry Cornelius, Roland, Graf Ulrich Von Bek, Harry Potter, Xander Harris to name a few.

Some that remember, some that never do and some that learn of the lives that have come before. My skills are many an...
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In a lot of fanfics writers have Xander dressing as a character from a game for halloween, he then keeps items/powers/skills etc from the possession. This is great but I wonder if anyone has done a fic where Xander keeps the game aspect after the night is over. I can see this going two ways:

1: Xander gains enough XP points just as the bust is destroyed and levels up, ie from killing Spike.
2: Xander dies and wakes up with the GAME OVER screen and the CONTINUE screen and as there is no Saved Games has to start from the day Buffy turns up.

Would love to see a fic done with...
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This challenge is for A AU of Season 7 of Buffy crossover with any King Arthur film.

What if Buffy can't pull the Scythe from the stone but Xander does?

Xander is the Once and Future King, what will this mean to the fight?

Any crossover that you like as long as Xander gets a relationship, but no slash please.
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This is a challenge for the Season Five Edpisode The Replacement.

The challenge is as follows:

When Xander is hit by the beam and split he isn't split into his postive and negative aspects. Instead he is split into his former possesions.

So there is a Hyena Xander, A Soldier Xander, etc.

For the crossover(s) you can use any Soldier eg Jack O'Neil etc.

Any other crossover you feel like is acceptable.

No slash please.
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This is a challenge to write a crossover between Buffy or Angel and the Peter O'Toole movie High Spirits.

The challenge is this:

One of the Gang from either Buffy or Angel or both inherits the Plunkett Castle and Ghosts.

Must have the new owner discovering the ghosts in an embarssing way. Whilst a New Big Bad tries to take control of the castle.

Any form of romance is okay.

You may include any other logical crossover eg Ghostbusters Etc.

If Faith is included I would like it if you could introduce her folks from True Lies (Taskers) or Predat...
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