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Author Selene


So I was thinking. Buffy, a Slayer, a warrior, was in Heaven. With all those warrior Angels of the Lord. Say she gets to know the warrior Angels. Seems more up her ally then all those peace loving people, and she meets Castiel. They fall in love, but then she gets pulled out by Willow. Castiel is not allowed to go after her off course, so the last few seasons of Buffy can play out like canon if you like, or edit out the Spike/Buffy relationship.

But with the Apocalypse to end all Apocalypses going on, she gets involved and meets the Winchesters. They are in the center of...
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So I originally only wanted to post a challenge pairing, seeing how the pairing is unusual enough that I've never seen it. But I tried and think up some plot to go with it.

The Pairing is; Buffy/√Čomer (if you've seen any stories with this pairing, please let me know)
Time line; Season 4, before Hush.

Willow believes Oz is her soul mate, and then he leaves. She is upset, does the whole depressed thing and then she thinks she's found the answer to her troubles. A spell that will bring her to her soul mate. She starts to preform it when Buffy walks in, Willow...
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