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Author phoenixqueen

I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan, so I decided to put this little challenge out for anyone who would like to see or try something a little different.

In almost all of the challenges that I have seen thus far, it is always one of the BtVS or Angel characters who gets sent back to Middle-Earth for some reason. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this premise, I propose a twist.

Of all of the LotR characters, one of the characters that stands out the most for me (and is sorely under-used, in my opinion) is Lord Elrond. As an immortal elf, he has seen both the best an...
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I have noticed that there are very few challenges and stories for the TV Show Numb3rs. So, given that I love that show, but don't have time to work on this particular bunny, I thought I'd post this and hope someone adopts it.

This is a challenge for Numb3rs/Angel

Set after Season 5 of Angel (all the gang survived except Wesley - unless you really, really want him there, then you can say Illyria saved him before the death blow, or the wound wasn't as mortal as she first thought - Wesley's had his throat slashed after all!)

After the destruction of Wolfram and Hart by...
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