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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author akat

Sam and Dean meet some interesting people in their travels. And why the hell does 'Sunnydale' pop up every now and then?
Stories [2] • Updated [7 Aug 11]
Buffy and Dean fell in love. Buffy and Dean got married. Buffy and Dean don’t know about each other’s secret lives as Slayer and Hunter. But nothing stays secret forever. *Response to Challenge 3541. A Mr. and Mrs. Smith rewrite with a Buffy/Dean twist.*
Stories [2] • Updated [15 Apr 12]
As it turned out, not all of Ken’s 'lost' souls went to his hell dimension. You might even say that some made a ‘Pit’ stop. AU Anne ep. Pre-SVM series. Drabble-ish.
Stories [2] • Updated [26 Aug 13]
A collection of (unconnected) BtVS/SVM stories featuring Buffy that I just couldn't get out of my head.
Stories [3] • Updated [28 Aug 11]
Faith didn't think much could surprise her anymore. Turns out, she was wrong.
Stories [2] • Updated [3 Jan 13]
Buffy and Dawn thought they knew everything. Turns out, they hadn't even begun. Who knew the journey started in Shreveport, of all places?
Stories [3] • Updated [17 Sep 11]
A Buffy/Sam Anders series
Stories [2] • Updated [4 Aug 11]
Giles vs. Sue Sylvester. And neither the Council nor Lima will ever be the same.
Stories [2] • Updated [2 Feb 11]