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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author jedibuttercup

Firefly/Stargate Atlantis. In the fourth year of Atlantis' operation under Tau'ri control, the expedition had run into their most dangerous enemy yet.
Stories [2] • Updated [2 Jul 07]
Firefly/A:tS. "That's a fairy tale, Zoe. Story made up to frighten children."
Stories [4] • Updated [4 Aug 12]
Richard B. Riddick meets Buffy, erstwhile Vampire Slayer.
Stories [4] • Updated [15 Sep 13]
When aliens invade Earth in 1996, the lives of the Scoobies evolve a little differently.
Stories [3] • Updated [28 Aug 06]
Stargate SG-1 stories that take canon-as-aired as a jumping-off point. Slight AUs, but nothing extreme; some crossovers, some not.
Stories [15] • Updated [1 Jul 12]
B:tVS/Terra Nova. Control the past, control the future? Not on Buffy's watch.
Stories [2] • Updated [19 Aug 12]
"A Slayer and a demigod in the same family? This cannot be coincidence."
Stories [2] • Updated [8 Aug 11]
The Medjai and the O'Connells cross paths several times with other adventurous individuals.
Stories [5] • Updated [18 Jul 11]
It's been a long time since Lindsey McDonald and Eliot Spencer went their separate ways. That's about to change.
Stories [4] • Updated [8 Dec 11]
SG-1, CSI. Because they needed more gifted scientists who wouldn't freeze if they ran into armed aliens, of course.
Stories [3] • Updated [9 Aug 11]
B:tVS, CSI. Buffy Summers and Nick Stokes meet through mutual tragedy and decide to get to know each other better.
Stories [6] • Updated [25 Oct 10]
B:tVS/DOOM/Firefly. UAC and Blue Sun may be separated by several centuries, but they have three things in common: they tried to make people better; their efforts backfired spectacularly; and Buffy and Reaper will be there to see them fall.
Stories [3] • Updated [19 Aug 09]
A story of Wesley and Jonathan, fathers and sons, coming back from the dark side, prophecies, and twisty time paradoxes.
Stories [6] • Updated [13 Jul 14]
This is the collection point for all of my challenge ficlet collections, including "Five Things" and "Ten Things That Never".
Stories [11] • Updated [15 Jul 14]
B:tVS/SG-1. Buffy goes searching for a new Slayer and finds much, much more.
Stories [5] • Updated [17 May 12]
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