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Star Wars • 297 stories • Updated 14 Dec

A long time ago... check. Galaxy far away... check. Large pile of unconscious storm troopers lying in the corridor before a young girl in leather pants... check. In our collection of Star Wars crossover stories, find out how the Empire copes with an influx of slayers and witches. Or see how the demon community of Sunnydale take to the arrival of Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi and friends.

These stories, read them, you will.

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Joyce Summers has a secret. She was not born on Earth. She and her daughter escaped the Jedi purge and hid on a backward planet on the borders of the unknown regions hoping that neither the Sith nor the Imperial Inquisitors will find them there.
- This story (or series of stories) should take ten to fifteen years after Episode III.
- Both Joyce and Buffy are force sensitive. While Joyce is a fully trained Jedi, Buffy has not been trained yet. But Joyce should start to train Buffy after Buffy has been forced into the role of the Slayer.
- Buffy is NOT the real Slayer, but the Watche...
Star Wars • BarbarossaRotbart • Responses [0] • Date Added [9 Oct 14] • Date Updated [15 Nov 14]
Sometime in season 6 of Buffy, Willow somehow makes a horrendous mistake and get's transported into the Star Wars universe when it's under the rule of Palpatine, she sort-of catches his eye and he tries to recruit her with the intention of taking over Earth in her time- with her as his puppet governor/governess, actually, considering her gender.
Might be written as a 'choose your own adventure'.
Length: can be any length, but at least a few good chapters long (and moderately long chapters).
In essence, His Majesty Palpatine is trying to recruit her while she's dark, and may imply t...
Star Wars > Willow-Centered • Vorchan • Responses [0] • Date Added [9 Mar 14]
The Cloners of Kamino are some of the most talented in the Star Wars galaxy. All they need is a bit of genetic material and they can grow a new clone to adulthood in mere months, and the cloned body can be "trained" in whatever manner that is needed. (i.e. piloting spacecraft, languages, fighting, slicing, and so forth.)

Your challenge is to kill off one of the Buffy crew in some way, shape, or form. Have the Force interfere in their journey to whatever Heaven or Hell they are heading to and insert them into a clone body in the SW-verse for whatever reason. This cloned body can be any...
Star Wars • HeatherSin • Responses [1] • Date Added [11 Feb 14]
There are many challenges that involve Buffy coming to AGFFA to become a Jedi/Sith/bounty-hunter/whathaveyou, usually becoming hip-deep in the efforts to save Anakin/the Republic/etc from the Dark Side. Here's something a little different.

Buffy and Giles somehow end up in AGFFA, specifically on Naboo, having been told that their services will be needed to help fight a great evil. However, when they arrive, they find that they're a little early (perhaps three to five years). With a lack of any other options, they settle in on Naboo and build a life for themselves there. Perhaps Giles ...
Star Wars > Buffy-Centered • AngelQueen • Responses [0] • Date Added [8 Feb 14] • Date Updated [24 Feb 14]
YAHF: Xander dresses as a Jedi Guardian, Buffy dresses as a Jedi Sentinel, Willow dresses as a Jedi Sage, Cordelia dresses as a Jedi Shadow when the night is over they keep everything but the force works differently in there universe then in star wars and has 1,000,000,000's of sides not just 2 so what do they do? They put a Scooby Spin on it and Name themselves The Templar Order.

Jedi Guardian= Templar Paladin, Jedi Sentinel= Templar Crusader, Jedi Sage= Templar Mage, Jedi Shadow= Templar Ninja

This is crossover between Buffy/Star wars/Stargate.
Star Wars • GodofChaos • Responses [0] • Date Added [18 Nov 13]
Ok we have all read these but I have never seen one like this. Make it as crazy of Sirius as you want. Does angel remain Human afterwards? Do they remain Force sensitive? Do they retain their memories and Skill? Do Angel and Xander remember how to build blasters, x-wings, droids, and Lightsabers?

Buffy Summers / Padme Skywalker

Angel / Anakin Skywalker

Xander / Luke Skywalker

Willow / Leah Skywalker/Organa

Giles / Obi-Wan Kenobi / Qui-Gon Jin

Joyce / Siri Tachi / Shmi Skywalker

And to make it Very fun

Snyder / Chancellor ...
Star Wars > Buffy-Centered • Compbrain • Responses [0] • Date Added [23 Jul 13]
Starwars/Btvs challenge
(Smart, Strategist, Powerhouse Buffy)

Rating NC-17-21

Buffy comes back from the dead very, very different. The Demonic Beast that lays within her helping her fight in battle against evil has, with the past Slayers as well, merged together in Buffy. She digs herself out of her grave a very different girl. Knowledgeable, powerful, and lethal her friends are scared of her. And Dawn? Dawn went back to being the key despite Buffy's sacrifice.

Buffy cleans up Sunnydale in her anger and frustration at the people around her. She feels like she s...
Star Wars > Buffy-Centered • DancingQueen • Responses [0] • Date Added [17 Mar 13]
It's all in the title. Glorificus and Darth Vader.

They can fight each other or they can befriend each other or they can team up against the scoobies or they can... any friggen thing you can think of as long as they interact somehow.

It can be set anywhere you want. Please try to keep it just star wars/buffy crossover, I'm not a huge fan of the mega-anyone-who-was-in-anything-is-in-this crossovers, but if you reeeally need another fandom in there that's fine too.

So, in conclusion: Glory. Darth Vader. This needs to happen.
Star Wars • TheTurnCoat • Responses [0] • Date Added [3 Feb 13]
We've all read at least one Halloween story, and honestly there are so many to choose from. I don't think I'm breaking ground here, but heres trying.

When Xander Harris worse dogtags and camo, he turned into pvt Harris or otherwise known as armyguy. When Willow wore a ghost outfit over her own, she turned into ghost Willow. Even Buffy who dressed as a noble women became lady Elizabeth, Buffy's 'real' name.

So the outfits, if you don't have a actual character in mind, turn you into a version of yourself as the outfit.

So heres what I want. Xander dresses in a costu...
Star Wars > Xander-Centered • MagnusXXN • Responses [0] • Date Added [19 Oct 12]
Scientists believe that a meteor crashing into the Earth was responsible for wiping out the dinosaurs. Demonologists believe the same event killed at least some species of demons. They're both half right: it was a crash, but not a meteor crash. Many millions of years ago, a ship from a far-flung galaxy got stuck in hyperspace, catapulting across the stars towards the Earth. Its systems automatically brought it to sublight speeds 65 million years ago when it entered the Earth's orbit, and then it crashed and caused a planet-wide catastrophe.

Either during the seven seasons of Buffy...
Star Wars • LegacyWeapon • Responses [0] • Date Added [9 Sep 12]
Pairings: Buffy and Anakin

(Season 3: Anne) Buffy runs away from home and she helps Lily and other runways from the hell dimension. Buffy gets rerouted to another portal to the Jedi Council where her biological father (Qui-Gon Jinn) is. Please note that Buffy is 17 but she did not (I repeat, did not) have a sexual relationship with Angel. You can make it that Dru and Spike found someone who could release Angel's soul. Please explain how Qui-Gon is her father.

Anakin is 19 years old and is married to Padme. I know what you're thinking that will not work but this is not suppos...
Star Wars • lilacsandroses • Responses [0] • Date Added [11 Jun 12]
This should be a rather straight forward challenge I have read and enjoyed many Xander centered star-wars crosses where he becomes a Jedi, bounty hunter, or even a Sith.
But what I can not remember seeing and would very much like to is Xander as Han Solo.

a few rules:
Absolutely no slash for Xander
no bashing of any of the core Scoobies other than Angel

some would like to sees but not required:
finding a way to give Xander the Falcon or some other ship that is at least as good.
someone building a life sized replica of R2-D2 and having it become real ...
Star Wars > Xander-Centered • (Past Donor)ridert • Responses [0] • Date Added [24 Apr 12] • Date Updated [28 Jun 12]
Andrew in his usual sci-fi geek glory, won't shut up about the latest Star Wars related book/movie/game/tvshow/convention.

Sick and tried about hearing the same topic for DAYS, someone tells Andrew to shut up. Andrew retaliates by WISHING they could understand his love of all things Star Wars.

Cue whatever character you want in whatever section of the Star Wars series. Personally I nominate KOTOR but the choice is yours.
Star Wars • souldriven • Responses [1] • Date Added [4 Mar 12]
It started out as a simple party after graduation. The Scoobies, Cordy and her Cordettes all have the same idea to go to Vegas to unwind. They even got Wiley to get them some fakes so they could have a REALLY GOOD TIME. After all they had stop the Mayor and saved the day (again) so what could go wrong.

Willow wakes up naked in a pile of alien female flesh as not only a slave girl, but somehow a Twi'lek as well and about to get sold to some Confederate.

Buffy wakes up naked as well next to Obi-Wan (who is also naked) in the Jedi Temple sporting wedding bands and sharing a...
Star Wars • shazamfan • Responses [0] • Date Added [14 Jan 12]
Set any time after the last episode of buffy season 5. Buffy is somehow (the how is up to you) transported to the star wars (at the timee of the Clone Wars) universe to the planet Mandalore. Once there she finds a home and life among the Mando people. it would be cool if you could have her fall in love with a Mando and be suspicious of the Jedi's and Palpatine. It might help you to read Karen Traviss Republic Commando Series. Good Luck!!
Star Wars > Buffy-Centered • dragondawn • Responses [0] • Date Added [2 Aug 11]
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