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Challenge Issuerpezgirl
Challenge NameThy Will Be Done challenge!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Stargate > Willow-Centered
DescriptionBuffy: season 4
Stargate: Any seasons after season three and before season eight.

Before Willow stops her 'Will Be Done' spell she makes another 'Will' and ends up appearing out of thin air in Teal'c's room where he is practising his 'Kel-no-reem' and stirs up trouble.
But after all the distrust, shock and suspicion clears up she realises that she's gotten what she 'Willed' for.

Pairing: None that I can think of.

Must Have:

Willow getting tired of her parents and friends neglect and Oz's abandonment and makes a 'Will'
"I just want to be with people who won't ignore me when I'm in pain, I want to be with people who knows what it is to be a team and a friend!"
Willow and Jack in a Father/Daughter relationship
Willow and Sam in a Older Sister/Younger Sister relationship
Willow and Daniel in a best friend/Brother/Sister relationship
Willow and Teal'c in a mentor/student relationship
Willow going off world and being a fifth addition to SG1.

Must not have:

Willow solving all the SGC's problems
Challenge Date13 Feb 07
Last Updated29 Jun 13

Challenge Responses

During her "will be done" spell, Willow wishes to be with people who won't abandon her to her pain and suffering, and know what belonging to a team really means. The next thing she knows she isn't in Sunnydale anymore.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Stargate > Willow-Centered > Theme: Friendship • RivanWarrioress • FR15 • Chapters [6] • Words [12,789] • Recs [4] • Reviews [48] • Hits [11,602] • Published [10 May 13] • Updated [29 Dec 13] • Completed [No]