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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerJave
Challenge NameBridge between three worlds.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Aragorn
DescriptionAfter the battle of Middle Earth and Sunnydale are over a portal drags Aragorn,Arwen,Legolas and Buffy into another World. A World where they have to fight daily in arena’s as slaves ( Gladiator style), and when they escape they still have a long road ahead to find a way back home.

Pairings: Buffy/Aragorn. Legolas/Arwen

Time line: After ROTK and Chosen. (time travels slower in the dimension where they are, so 10 years there is about 1 week in LOTR universe)

10.Must have:

1. Someone from the powers granting Buffy and Aragorn temporarily immortality so that they can find a way back home without returning old and unable to rule Gondor.
2. Aragorn and Buffy hating each other at First
3. Arwen and Aragorn breaking their troth after Arwen realizes they don’t leave each other in the romantic sense anymore.
4. Legolas proclaiming his love for Arwen
5. Buffy does not want a relationship with Aragorn, but after she realized that she can never go back to her World ( it’s destroyed or she destroyed the balance pick something) she opens up to him.
6. Aragorn and Buffy marrying in the other World (maybe Eldarion)
7. Buffy freaking out after she finds out she has to be a Queen if she marries Aragorn
8. No Scoobies
9. Awen, Aragorn and Legolas where only missing for a week so nobody knows about the relationship twists when they return, so the twins try to save Arwen’s honor after seeing Buffy ( but in a funny way)
10. Legolas and Buffy bonding over slaying.

p.s you can change the title
Challenge Date22 May 10
Last Updated22 May 10

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