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Challenge Issuer(Past Donor)KieriToews
Challenge NameThe Weird Must Run In The Family...
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > X-Files, The
DescriptionWhat if Joyce Summers isn't quite who we thought she was?

Once upon a time, she was better known as Samantha, younger sister to Fox Mulder. But unbeknownst to her family, young Samantha had a destiny of her own to fulfill- as the mother to the most successful (and longest-lived) Vampire Slayer in all of history.

Having foreseen what would happen to young Samantha if left with her true family, the Powers That Be's bosses decided to intervene. They manipulated events, so it appeared as though she had been abducted by aliens. An event which would become her big brother's life's mission.


The Challenge:

I want to see a crossover with these two fandoms, that is mainly Buffy-centric. Although it can include some or all of the Scoobies- both past and present. It must also have Alex Krycek in it; I would also like to see the Lone Gunmen included as well.

As far as both shows timelines go, I would prefer it to be post-Chosen for BtVS, but that isn't an absolute; and as far as the X-Files timeline goes, my only requirement is that Krycek has been introduced into the mix.

The Scenario:

Mulder comes across a case that involves the supernatural, and he goes to the New Watchers Council for help. While there, he and Buffy (and Dawn, if you choose to include her) meet, and he is stunned at how much she resembles his mother in her younger years. He becomes intrigued by this particular puzzle, in typical Mulder fashion.

What I Want:

A Buffy/Krycek pairing. We know Buffy seems to have a weakness for the bad boys. And that she is gifted at turning them to the side of Good, and helping them become Champions in their own right. As for any other 'ships, that is entirely up to the author.

I look forward to seeing what happens. Happy Writing, all!
Challenge Date28 Jul 10
Last Updated28 Jul 10

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