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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuer(Current Donor)Feynor
Challenge NameInverse Halloween
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: Halloween
DescriptionIt have been touched upon before, but I still think it's an idea worthwhile pursuing.

What if, when the Sunnydale citizens costumes take over, it's not really a possession, but a mind swap?
Where any "powers" follows the owner so to speak.
And what happens in this case, when the costume is an amalgam, or completely made up?

Basically, by now we all more or less know what happened for all our characters in Sunnydale. But what about the other side of the coin?

I'm not sure that any powers or abilities obtained during the event should linger, but I'd say some fragments or faint memories of the possession should perhaps remain for a while.

Instead of following the hijinx in Sunnydale, we follow the kids into whatever universe their character came from. The character does not know what is actually happening in Sunnydale until they are returned to their own bodies.

The scoobies dress as a theme. Well, if they don't they will be alone wherever their minds go during the swap.

* What happens of the original body have been killed while possessed, or left in an unhealthy position at teh end of the possession (Example: Flying high above Sunnydale).
* What happens if the costume is an amalgam of different characters, or completely fictional (though I do think that last bit is rare, Halloweeners get inspiration form somewhere. (Example: Xander Heterodyne from "A spark of Genius").
* What happens if the costume belongs to a "real" person in the BtVS universe, original or crossed over? (Example: Xander and Buffy are coaxed into dressing as the President and the first lady...).

This challenge may hold some resemblance to JRabbit's "Challenge 3958: Challenge: The other side of Hallowe'en"
But 1. I didn't see it till after writing this one, 2. I'd like to think mine is different enough to warrant its existence anyway.
Challenge Date27 Apr 11
Last Updated27 Apr 11

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