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Challenge Issuer(Past Donor)pinkhairedharry
Challenge NameSince when am I Jewish?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > House, M.D. > General
DescriptionI would like to see a cross over between House M.D. and BtVS. Most of the crossovers I've seen center on House being someone's father.

I want to see Wilson as Xander's dad and Cuddy as his mom. Wilson and Cuddy are both Jewish. Hence the challenge title.

Xander should have a normal enough conception, no demons involved, personally I would go with a really drunken one night stand. i.e. They were both so drunk they don't remember sleeping together. Cuddy was in med-school and Decided to give the baby up for adoption.

I want but it's not necessary for Xander to have found out he was adopted from his 'mom Jessica' after he left Anya at the alter. He checked the adoption record but it was sealed as all closed adoptions are. He didn't feel as if he needed to know the people who gave him up so he never asked Willow to hack the records.

I want to see Xander paired with Faith or Dawn.

Buffy doesn't need to be a part of the story.

I want Willow to be dating Dr. Hadley. The time she spent in 'jail' she actually was working with the Scoobies. Now that she returned to Princeton‑Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (PPTH) the au comes in to play.

I want Willow, Xander, Dawn and Faith to have moved to New Jersey so Willow could be near her girlfriend. Dawn could be a student at Princeton university. There could also be a spike in supernatural activity in Jersey to explain the move.

Xander, Faith and Dawn should really like Remy and be her friends as well.

The Scoobies visiting Remy should Set off House's need to answer a puzzle.

There is no minimum or maximum length. All responces are welcome.

I hope someone responds.
Challenge Date5 Aug 11
Last Updated7 Aug 11

Challenge Responses

House has a puzzle to solve. Thirteen's new friends make him look normal. Cuddy has a secret and Wilson's been friends with House way too long.
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