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Challenge IssuerOddshot
Challenge NameA Sci-Fi Halloween Challenge
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Stargate > Xander-Centered
DescriptionPremise: Snyder brakes up the cliques of Sunnydale High for the Halloween Children escort job , thus no Scooby gang members together , none of the Cordettes together , Etc Etc .

Janus the God of Chaos likes Xander due to his braking of prophecy saving Buffy from drowning by the Master thus causing chaos to both the forces of Light & Dark also forcing a change in the plans of TPTB ,Wolf Ram & Hart ,Watchers Council & Many others .

Pairing/s : Your Choice if you wish .
Crossover : with Stargate or Atlantis { As a after affect } either as Stargate / Atlantis are in the same Universe as BtVS or Xander's group is transferred to the Stargate / Atlantis Universe.
My story requirements are flexible so if you want to change a requirement that’s okay.
Story Requirements:
1) Story must be Xander Centric
2) At least 6 children escort teams of no less than 3 & no more than 5 Members { 1 Scooby ,1 Cordettes & 1-3 others ? }
2a) the others are class mates like Amy , Johnathan , Andrew , Larry & Freddy Iverson etc etc .
3) Each team must wear a common costume that match's to a Sci-Fi Tv Show / Movie or a Historic time period
3a ) Sci-Fi Shows should be ship based e.g. Star Trek either or STNG ( Tv or Movie Ship ) - DS9 ( Re: Defiant )- Voyager - Enterprise , Battlestar Galactica , Andromeda , Dr Who ( Tardis )?? , Babylon 5 ( White star )??
4) Some adults & non class mates to be caught up in the spell as well Ms Summers & Dawn ?? , Kendra ?? , Rupert Giles , Jenny Calendar .
5 ) Xander must be Commander of a ship from his groups choice of Series & Janus lets Xander's ship also manifest on Halloween Night .
6) Xander to contact all Sci Fi teams & moves them to his ship , Then when the spell ends all on the Ship keep there scifi characters memories , knowledge & skills also any physical changers the character required are now permanent .
NOTE : While both Ship of the Line: Sovereign by Zaion & Stargate Andromeda By mystic fill the above story requirements , I like the idea of a more mixed a varied crew from both Multiple series / Movies also a mix of class mates , e.g. Harmony and other Cordettes , cast like Larry ( Gay Football player ) & Freddy Iverson ( School Paper ), Amy ( the Witch ), Johnathan ( Short Nerd ) , Andrew ( Ultra Nerd ) and any others you decide to use .
Have fun writing as I will have reading
Challenge Date8 Sep 12
Last Updated8 Sep 12

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