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Challenge IssuerAlexanderMcpherson
Challenge NameThe World Is Older Than You know...
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Stargate
Description"The World is Older than you know" Speech. WE know how it goes. but here's the problem. The vampires were left behind as a Legacy. As in, they didn't exist, until those demons mentioned left and mixed his blood etc. And it is expressly said that the slayer has existed *as long as* the vampires did. Not Longer.

So who booted them off?

Here's the idea. It is one, several, or all of the scooby gang that ended up back in time and lead a human rebellion...

The Challenge is to write a one-shot in any particular style, so long as it ends with one of the scoobs telling the story to the Ascended Daniel from Season 5, having ascended to wait the day that he/she/they had gone back in time.

If Buffy: she has no slayer abilities exept any *knowledge* gained - her physical abilities are not enhanced, and only a smidgeon of fighting ability is left behind, simply from having been a fighter for so long but having relied on it being instinct (she did shirk training, afterall)

If Willow: Her magic is as strong as it had been pre-soulspell. She quickly realises that her magic was so powerful due to the part where she had done Necromancy, and all the influence such magic had on her was finally removed with the time travel thing, at the same time as binding/removing her core of magic. she has to slowly unbind/rebuild it through proper use.

If Xander: He would, compared to the others, have the most advantage, having fought with the same level all along and only has the exterior situation to adapt to. Side Idea: Somehow ends up in an asgard body, and eventually clones a copy of his original just pre-time travel to re-inhabit... he pretends to be one eyed from then on.

If Giles: Ends up being descended and has a family... and his son is named Arthur too. :D Has to put up with Comments from the Peanut gallery, whichever had joined him in the past, about comparisons to that show 'Merlin'.

Any other ideas are welcome.
Challenge Date9 Feb 13
Last Updated9 Feb 13

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