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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerFallenGods
Challenge NameA Good Goa'uld
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Stargate > General > Characters: Other
DescriptionThere are very few stories, even official episodes in which the Goa'uld are presented as anything other than cliché riddled Evil overlord drop outs. These are beings born with knowledge beyond any human. That can live for more than 25,000 years. Ba'al was the closest we ever got to a decent Goa'uld character, and even he failed to rise much above bond villain status. Why can't we have competent, thoughtful, cunning, cautious or insightful characters? Is the SGC filled with such incompetents that they can only defeat straw Goa'uld?

Well fine that's how they want to write their little show, to Netu with them. We are Fanfic writers we can do it better.

Your response should have a Goa'uld canon or OC as your main protagonist.

They can be good or evil but they must be intelligent and not just scientifically either they play people like Spike in 'The Yoko Factor' or just have plans and contingencies to put Batman to shame.

Any point in the time lines of both shows

Any reason for being on Earth hiding from a ruthless 'snake hunt' by rebel Jaffa and the Tau'ri, an accident or just exploring.

I would like to see either canon events from a non-human perspective being treated differently e.g. An unprovoked nuclear terrorist attack against a sovereign ruler and his servants, during the course of defending their world from aggressive invaders. Instead of the liberation of the Abydonians from a cruel and evil monster.

The usual 'Good Guys' such as the SGC, Tok'Ra or Rebel Jaffa can be shown as anything from racist monsters attempting genocide to an overly interventionist military program without proper guidance. However you use them try to stick to facts but adjust the interpretation as above.

You can add SGC personnel or not

You can have the Goa'uld as an ally or friend of BtVS characters including Scoobies or as an enemy or even as someone passing by but keeping distant.

Leave it on Earth or have something change and have your Goa'uld build their empire.

Use of human laws or moral codes to shield the Goa'uld while forcing the humans to look at their own actions and admit that they would otherwise fall short of those same standards could be interesting.
Challenge Date26 Mar 13
Last Updated26 Mar 13

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