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Challenge IssuerNightmarish
Challenge NameAn Unexpected Challenge
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered
DescriptionNow that The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has been released, it’s high time we saw some more dwarf-centric stories in circulation. And because adding Buffy makes everything better…well, you know.

I’ve seen Buffy as an elf only about five million times, Buffy as a woman, and even Buffy as a hobbit (absolutely adorable, write more of those too, please)…but Buffy as an actual dwarven lass? An axe-wielding, tough as nails slayer-dwarf with a love for the shiny and the beginnings of a truly handsome lady-beard?*

The challenge is very simple. Craft a tale – of any length and genre – that features Buffy as a proper LotR dwarf. The back story is completely up to you. It can be set at any point in time in either series. In accordance with TtH’s challenge posting rules 4 and 6, I have outlined some further prompts below, but nothing is required.

1. Gold-sickness.

2. Sexism in Middle Earth as a major theme. I’ve seen it suggested that since dwarf women are so rare, dwarves would likely be the least sexist of the races because they simply can’t afford to be. (Men are easily the most sexist.) Of course, you could turn this around and suggest that dwarves might be overly-protective of their ladies to the point of oppression. But I don’t really buy that, because I can’t imagine dwarf women being demur or obedient.

3. Alternative concepts of beauty, and cultural pride. Next to the elves, who are all so uniformly lovely it’s bland, the character design for the dwarves (if you take the movies as your visual inspiration) is fascinatingly unique and complex. There seems to be more individualism in their costumes, grooming habits, and adornments than any other group portrayed.

4. Professional treasure-seeking.

5. Dragon-slaying.

*Google “dwarf woman concept art” for some inspiration. Utterly fantastic.
Challenge Date4 Apr 13
Last Updated4 Apr 13

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