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Challenge IssuerHMaxMarius
Challenge NameHot Chicks and Motorcycles - Lost in the Multiverse
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Theme: Friendship
DescriptionOkay... this idea just popped in my head. I may take a crack at it at some point but in the meantime:

Pick a location but it has to make sense that Sam Carter would be riding her motorcycle there.

There's a fight going on, Dawn and Buffy are involved (Maybe Dawn's been kidnapped or its an attempted kidnap). Willow isn't. Faith is on her motorcycle racing to join the fight.

Something happens, Dawn bleeds and a portal opens in the middle of the street, right in front of Sam and Faith and they can't react to avoid it. (maybe they're going opposite directions, maybe not).

Buffy and Dawn are losing and flee their attackers through the portal. Now what?


Post Chosen

Dawn can't just cast a portal to get home, because she has no idea how to find home... so kinda like the sliders, when she portals they're not sure where they're going to end up.

Sam does not automatically accept magic, but after seeing a few portals opened by Dawn's blood she begins to come around. Especially once she is able to confirm that they are in an alternate dimension.

The bikes: Sam is definitely a 'Harley' kind of girl... big huge hog of a machine. Faith? Crotch rocket city... Katana or the like.

Parings are optional but are neither required nor necessary.

They figure out some way to keep the bikes fueled (Sam or Faith could kit together a still... or Dawn could witchcraft a solution, much to Buffy's unhappiness... or both, considering the effects of alcohol on engines that aren't designed for it.)

Most importantly, Have fun with this!!!

Possible Options:

Show the Scoobies and Stargate Command searching for their missing people and crossing paths/swords in the process.

Bounce through an alternate SG universe... but because their universe destroyed the Quantum Mirror, they can't use it to get home.

Drop through Kortoth... either as the last step on the way home... or something happens and they have to run before they can figure out a way home from there.

Willow is attempting to find them, but always seems to be a step behind them... (alternatively, they can sense Willow's power looking for them, but they think it is whoever was after Dawn so they continue to hide and run.) You can even have Willow find them but they get separated again and forced to run.)
Challenge Date22 Apr 13
Last Updated22 Apr 13

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