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Challenge Issuer(Recent Donor)BuffyCharmed
Challenge NameA Tale of Two Superhumans
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Star Trek > Star Trek 2009
DescriptionYears before the Eugenics Wars, before the augmented humans took control and ruled over humanity, they lived and worked under the governments who created them. The life of one particular famed augment goes slightly off course when a young Khan Noonien Singh is out on a mission of some sort. He happens upon a demon attack, and the young, beautiful girl showing great skill in the field saves his life unexpectedly.

This girl is an equally young, more Wish!verse-like Buffy Summers, having lived her whole life under the Council's control. She's rougher around the edges, but the old Buffy is in there somethere, snarking and joking when she can manage.

Governments wanted desperately to have their shot at making a superhuman, but the council needs their Slayer to protect the world and hasn't parted with the secret to her power for millennia. They aren't about to now. And so, they found their own way of creating their own supermen and women, who, little did they know, would rise against them.

Buffy and Khan are pretty fond of each other after that first meeting (more than either is willing to admit) and over the course of years they have many more meetings, some coincidental, and eventually none coincidental.

Over the years, as they grow older and the Eugenics War rages, Buffy also found herself with a bunch of super humans after defeating the First with friends she never thought she'd have. By the time Khan rises as an Emperor, both have makeshift families to take care of and keep safe. While Khan may never see humanity as Buffy does, her influence has affected him and he's not as cruel a ruler as he once was, or as many other ruling augments are. So, Khan decides to propose to Buffy for mutually assured protection from both of their parties, and maybe, possibly because they're a bit madly in love.

Buffy would never truly agree with what's been done to humans, and it makes her sick thinking about it. But despite her best efforts she does love Khan, and this is the best way to keep the Slayers safe. They wouldn't have to fight humans, only do as they always have and protect Earth from demons.

And so, when Khan makes the decision to flee with his crew, he takes his beloved wife and slayer, as well as girls of hers that have become dear to his own people.

How this plays out is up to author.
Challenge Date8 Oct 13
Last Updated8 Oct 13

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