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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerAille
Challenge NameA Soul Reaper on the Hellmouth 2
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anime > Bleach
DescriptionThis is the 2nd of my Bleach challenges. This is a YAHF, with Yasutora Sado (Chad) from Bleach. I've never seen this done.

When Xander gets to Ethan's to get his gun, the last one has been sold. Ethan talks him into getting a glove that goes all the way up to his shoulder in red in black. Telling him that the clothing that he's wearing right now would work perfectly for the character. Stuffed in the glove Xander finds 2 things, a necklace with a coin on it and a stuffed turtle. You can either have him leave the turtle at home or take it with him, but I'd love to see Noba pop in (so during or after the Bount arc) once the spell has been activated. Chad will not fight to protect himself, but will to protect others, which fits in well with Xander's personality. Chad is silent and stoic, which can make Oz look positively talkative at times, but with his ability to see souls and able to fight hollows, he'll protect Willow and Lady Elizabeth with his life.

You could have him mistake Vampires for Arrancar's because of their lack of a soul, even though they don't have a hole showing.

If the story continues after Halloween (even just into the next day) perhaps he could still have the armor for his arm and the strength/durability from Chad/Sado and he carries Noba around (though he doesn't tell anyone that the Mod soul is still in control of the little stuffed turtle in a suit).

I've been thinking of writing this one myself, but I'm horrible at completing my fics when I start them, so I wanted to add it here.

I know that Noba is only in the anime, however he is adorable in his shyness and should be a part of the Manga in my opinion.
Challenge Date9 Oct 13
Last Updated11 Oct 13

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